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Fantasmic! Replaces Fantasy Waters Dream


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  • Fantasmic! Replaces Fantasy Waters Dream

    So, I had a really funny Disney dream/nightmare last night:

    I went to an emergency MiceChat meet where we were all discussing something that innerSpaceman and Evil Minion had just found out: The suits at Disney decided to replace Fantasy Waters at the Disneyland Hotel with the long running Fantasmic! show. We were all stunned that Fantasmic! was ending and being placed at the hotel.

    Being that the decision was already made by the powers that be, we decided to look for bright sides to the decision. At least Fantasmic! would have a home, at least it's not gone forever, etc. So for the time being, we were okay with the idea.


    Then we found out from Dusty, through Al Lutz, that Disney had no plans to build a large stage for the production. The size of Fantasy Waters was remaining the same! The brilliant Pressler-esque idea for the show was to use the water jets and lights from the old FW show and just add the soundtrack on CD to the show.

    The best part was that the way they were going to portray the Columbia pirate section and the Mark Twain finale from Fantasmic! for the new show was by using the old remote controlled boats that they used to have at the hotel. They made a little miniature Columbia and Mark Twain for the show dressed with action figures of all the Disney characters. The idea was that during each show, a new child from the audience could pilot the boats... you know, to make it interactive.

    I remember laughing during my dream and I think I did so in real life, too. It was a very vivid dream (probably brought on by the fact that someone posted a thread about FW yesterday).

    Also, I remember that one of the perks of the new show was that a little mini Asimo-style action figure of Pocahontas on the Mark Twain would be a small animatronic that could actually wave while the other figures just sat there.

    In my dream, I kept picturing guests all huddling and hunching over the railing/wall for the new show trying to see the figures in the boats...


    Some imagination, huh?
    Last edited by Gemini Cricket; 09-26-2005, 07:26 AM.

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    Re: Fantasmic! Replaces Fantasy Waters Dream

    It's Horrifying!!!!!!!!

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      Re: Fantasmic! Replaces Fantasy Waters Dream

      OMG GC! That's just beautiful in all its horrific unreality! The part about using the remote controlled boats in place of the Columbia and Twain had be spitting coffee. I'm so glad you recorded the dream in its full glory here.


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        Re: Fantasmic! Replaces Fantasy Waters Dream

        I was worried posting this dream might give them ideas to do it for real!


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          Re: Fantasmic! Replaces Fantasy Waters Dream

          I wish they would do it for real! It would be a lot better than just a empty theater with plants in it. It was stupid in the first place to close down the FW show.


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            Re: Fantasmic! Replaces Fantasy Waters Dream

            I used to do a puppet show version of Fantasmic!, so this isn't too far off for me.


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              Re: Fantasmic! Replaces Fantasy Waters Dream

              It could be way neat


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                Re: Fantasmic! Replaces Fantasy Waters Dream

                Originally posted by Gemini Cricket
                Some imagination, huh?
                I think somebody needs to replace Carlos in the barrel for a while...


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