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April Trip (lots of pictures)

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  • Trip Report April Trip (lots of pictures)

    If any part of this Trip Report breaks forum rules, please let me now and I will edit accordingly.

    Meg asks "Can you find the hidden Mickey?"

    We all started our day the way most days should be started; with a healthy dose of McDonald's breakfast!

    We're at Disneyland!

    Indy is first, of course.

    Look out! Snakes!

    Oh crap... Megan's driving.

    Ahh, my good friend The Haunted Mansion.

    It's been a while, old friend.

    I have a feeling there won't be any crowd problems today.

    I think it's apparent how much my family loves The Haunted Mansion.

    Like... really.

    First visit, y'all!

    James says "Now what, yo?"


    "Imma ride splash!"

    So excited to ride and get splashed!


    James does not like the look of this.

    I'm pretty sure this is a genuine look of fear.


    "I'm never riding that ride ever again."

    Phamily Foto

    Oh my god, baby ducks!

    Yay, first coaster of the year!



    Megan is afraid of Monstro... I don't blame her.

    The idea of Autopia is interesting. Escape the crowded freeways of Los Angeles to ride car with as much traffic as the crowded freeways of Los Angeles.

    Meg got her license. TO KILL

    I got my license. TO DRIVE (which is essentially "to kill" anyway)

    Um, I don't think this ride is going anywhere...

    This is not a picture, this is a video.

    Well, we left and they gave us nifty passes to go and ride anything else later on.

    We seized this opportunity to give Megan and James their very first Dole Whip.

    Awwwww yeah!

    "It's a what?"

    The Dole Whip enjoyment pose.

    Alice and The Mad Hatter came by for a game of musical chairs.

    One lucky kid got to play, too.

    Go, James, go!

    He lost.

    The Mad Hatter wonders how one could be so stupid. This isn't a very merry unbirthday for him.

    We gathered up the cattle and headed toward the other park.

    Oh, yeah. Hi Walt!

    James knows the secrets to the Big O.

    Over at Soarin', I'm pretty sure this kid spit at me.

    That's alright. We're too cool for saliva.

    Mother says "If you get me on Tower of Terror then I'm going to have to have a couple of drinks."


    Would have been a nice picture if it weren't for that little brat.

    Haha, nice.



    "That was great! I almost died!"

    I wish I could say ToT made us crazy. But no, we were always like this.

    Oh god! There's an out of control bus headed right for me! Morpheus, get me out of here!

    James is disturbed by a mysterious lump.

    This little kid decided to end it all.

    "If you don't behave, you won't get to go drink."

    After Monsters Inc. James and Mother decided to go get some booze at Downtown Disney. While they were there they were offered free tickets to Queensryche at the House of Blues. So we probably won't see them for a while.

    We then became bugs.

    And we rode this ride..

    Four leafed!

    Would have loved to have ridden Screamin! but it was definitely not an option.

    Toy Story Mania it is!


    In a mutual agreement, DCA was declared lame and we went back to Disneyland.

    Hidden Mickey in Toontown.

    God, that whale gets scarier and scarier.

    We rode Mr. Toad's wild ride.

    "What do you mean that's the end? We were in hell and that's the end?!"

    Jungle Cruise time.

    The backside of water, of course.

    Our skipper said many funny and corny things.

    Then we did Indy again, because it's just plain awesome.

    By this time, the park was already starting to clear out.

    Also, people were turning into giant blobs, which clogged the exits.

    I'm not wearing this...

    Meg rubs her face in Pooh.

    Heading out, I get a call from Mother. She tells me my cousin James is drunk as a skunk and they won't let him in to Disneyland.

    Oh boy...

    Bye, Walt!

    There he is. Ridiculously drunk.

    James, your Irish is showing.

    I wish these photos could tell you how loud he was all the way out to the car. Constantly screaming "I'm drunk!"

    Then, as we were on our tram back to the car, James let out a mighty bit of flatulence onto the people behind us.

    Not only that, but there was a little girl who kept staring at James. As he yelled out "I'm drunk!" for the seventeenth time, he looked down at her and asked "What are you?"

    And fun was had by all.

    The End.
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    Re: April Trip (lots of pictures)



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      Re: April Trip (lots of pictures)

      :thumbup: excellent report you guys had tons of fun I could tell.
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        Re: April Trip (lots of pictures)

        Hilarious!! Sounds like a fun day, but maybe not so much for James.

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          Re: April Trip (lots of pictures)

          :lol: :lmao:

          Oh, I see the hidden Mickey in the first pic. Hah, took me a minute.
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            Re: April Trip (lots of pictures)

            Funny musical chairs shots. Great TR overall! Thanks for sharing!
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              Re: April Trip (lots of pictures)

              Awesome report!! Hilarious pictures!!!

              Originally posted by Director_Guy View Post

              Alice and The Mad Hatter came by for a game of musical chairs.
              HEY, THAT'S ME............. looking off in the distance, lol, :lol:


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                Re: April Trip (lots of pictures)

                Thank you for the pictures! Your cousin was seriously denied entry to Disneyland due to his intoxication? I'm not sure if I can afford to get that intoxicated at DTD, but that is good to know.


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                  Re: April Trip (lots of pictures)

                  Great report! Look lots of fun!
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                    Re: April Trip (lots of pictures)

                    Thanks for the kind words ladies and folks! Glad you all enjoyed my TR.


                    Haha, yeah I don't know if it'd be worth it. I don't know how much Disneyland means to James, but if it were me, I'd be devastated!

                    Dan - Tasmic!
                    Well, thanks for making a cameo in my TR! Hahaha, if that's you in the hat, I think you're in a couple of other shots as well.

                    I'll be moving out to California from Chicago this fall, so there will most likely be a lot more Disneyland Trip Reports from me, you know, if you guys are interested. If not, I'll still probably make them, haha.


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                      Re: April Trip (lots of pictures)

                      Very engaging Trip Report! It'll be nice to have you in California.


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                        Re: April Trip (lots of pictures)

                        Originally posted by Director_Guy View Post
                        Dan - Tasmic!
                        Well, thanks for making a cameo in my TR! Hahaha, if that's you in the hat, I think you're in a couple of other shots as well.
                        Yuuuuuuuuup, that's ME!! You are very welcome!! Can you send me pictures with me in them. Also, if you can burn those pictures, that would be grrrrrrrrrrrreat!!! LOL :lol:

                        You guys seem to be lots of fun to hang around with. I wish I can join you guys!


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                          Re: April Trip (lots of pictures)

                          Omgggg hellarious


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                            Re: April Trip (lots of pictures)

                            Now THAT was a great trip report! Two thumbs WAY up!!


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                              Re: April Trip (lots of pictures)

                              I feel sorry for that little girl. It must have been frightening to see someone so drunk. I don't see the point of going to DL and getting drunk but to each his own. Nice pics though. Thanks for sharing.


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                                Re: April Trip (lots of pictures)

                                ^I don't either, but in the case of James, he just turned 21 this year. So, he's probably using every excuse he can to legally imbibe alcohol. Haha.

                                I'm so glad everyone enjoyed my TR. I like making people laugh.


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                                  Re: April Trip (lots of pictures)

                                  This has seriously been one of the funniest and most entertaining trip reports I have read. Seems as if you and Kritter are in a class of your own.


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                                    Re: April Trip (lots of pictures)

                                    OMG!!! The most fantastic trip report ive read...EVER! I totally love your commentary and everyone looks so animated and happy! Cant wait for you to do another TR sometime

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                                      Re: April Trip (lots of pictures)

                                      nice. TR's like this make me excited for my trips!

                                      and they lived happily ever after


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                                        Re: April Trip (lots of pictures)

                                        fun trip report.