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Best Character Breakfast Location

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  • [Question] Best Character Breakfast Location

    So i am heading to Disneyland in mid July, and with the package that i bought, i get a character breakfast with it. What i was wondering is from your guys experience, what is the absolute best place to enjoy a character breakfast as far as atmosphere, location, theming?

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    Re: Best Character Breakfast Location

    I have now done all the character meals. I have two tied for my favorite - and for different reasons: Goofy's and Storyteller's.

    Goofy's Kitchen is noisy, fun, yummy and has great interaction.
    Storyteller's has great food, calm atmosphere and good interaction.
    I did not care for Ariel's Grotto at all. I personally would not go back.
    Plaza Inn was all right - but crowded and smushed together.

    Goofy's was also good for dinner - but expensive.
    Storyteller's had a great omelet bar. (Although I think they have that at Goofy's as well)
    If you are looking for lots of character involvement and don't mind noise - go to Goofy's.
    If you want a quieter meal - but still good food and character interaction - head to Storyteller's.

    Just my two cents...
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      Re: Best Character Breakfast Location

      We have had breakfast at Goofy's Kitchen and the Plaza Inn, and we preferred Goofy's. We met more characters at the Plaza, but we were stuck in a corner and were missed by about half of the characters, and we noticed that the characters outside did not come inside, which was disappointing. While waiting in line outside, my girls saw Alice and Captain Hook, but they never came inside the restaurant. And we had to track down a CM to get Minnie to actually come to our table as she passed us 3 times without stopping.

      At Goofy's, I agree that it is a bit louder and animated, and we liked that. The food was good, and we have the best picture EVER of the girls and Goofy. We had a lot of fun there!

      We have also had lunch at Ariel's Grotto, and if you like princesses, you are guaranteed to meet 5, without the 2 hour wait at Fantasy Faire.

      Hope this helps


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        Re: Best Character Breakfast Location

        The only one we've actually done is the Storyteller's Cafe, and I would highly recommend it. The food was excellent. The setting is beautiful and relaxed. The characters came around to our tables and spent a goodish time with us each.

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          Re: Best Character Breakfast Location

          The Lilo & Stitch Character breakfast is also really good and fun.
          We're going to try the Plaza Inn one this time since it's the only one we haven't done. We prefer Goofy's for dinner! WEELLLL GOOORRRSHHHHH

          Have a great trip!


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            Re: Best Character Breakfast Location

            I think that Storyteller's or Goofy's would be the best choice. Storyteller's is more for fuzzies, which is lots of fun, while Goofy's includes face characters as well. They are both amazing choices food wise, and they both just exude Disney magic My friends and I love them both to death.=) Goofy's would be the best choice if you wanted loud fun, and Storytellers is best because it's a bit less crowded. From my friends' and my experiences, we've found that breakfast at Storyteller's is the best for characters, just because it usually isn't as packed as Goofy's and the characters literally stop by your table 4 or 5 times. Goofy's is amazing fun, and you see a lot of the chatacters, but they are truly both amazing! I'd say you can't go wrong if you pick one of the two, they are both so so so wonderful. And the food is yummy, too; I think the options are the same in both places.
            I hope you have an amazing trip! You'll have to tell us alllll about it when you come home!
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              Re: Best Character Breakfast Location

              I am excited after reading this, we have booked Goofy's for dinner in June and looks like we will have a good time after reading the reviews!


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                Re: Best Character Breakfast Location

                Goofy's Kitchen.
                I think hands down.

                I have heard storytellers is good though.
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                  Re: Best Character Breakfast Location

                  #1- Goofy's Kitchen

                  #2- Lilo & Stitch

                  #3- Storytellers

                  In that order...


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                    Re: Best Character Breakfast Location

                    Im actually kind of surprised, because i was thinking that it would be the Mickey and Minnie place, but i really appreciate all your opinions. Looks like Goofy's Kitchen seems to be the favorites, so i will trust my friends here and go with that.

                    Thanks everyone!


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                      Re: Best Character Breakfast Location

                      Thanks for the lead. I did not know about this.
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                        Re: Best Character Breakfast Location

                        So...what kind of characters are at Storytellers? From what I've heard, you get Chip and Dale, and not a lot more. Of course, that was from someone who didn't exactly appreciate Disneyland (gasp!).


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                          Re: Best Character Breakfast Location


                          Yeah, we've been to Storyteller's a few times and you pretty much get Chip and Dale or Dale and Chip. LOL

                          Once, we did see a fox or something, but he never made it over to our table.

                          You can usually be assured of at least 6 or so characters at Goofy's Kitchen. Just don't make your Priority Seating arrangments within an hour of closing. Once it quiets down, they slip on out of there and don't return.

                          Those sly little devils! LOL



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                            Re: Best Character Breakfast Location

                            Goofy's is the best by far, with breakfast being better than dinner IMO.
                            Storyteller's has great food too but the selection is not as varied as Goofy's.

                            When we went to Storyteller's last year we saw Chip,Dale, Meeko and Terk. Sure, not the "headliners" by any means but they were fun and spent time with us even though we didnt have kids.
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                              Re: Best Character Breakfast Location

                              I didn't have a great experience at Goofy's kitchen. Won't ever go back, food was okay but it just didn't click with me. I had Baloo, Goofy, Prince Charming {who of course only focused on the women!}, Mad Hatter and... Dale. those mix of characters were not what I wanted to see but many out there would love this mix. And I only booked this table because I heard there was a chance I could meet a Prince in person and I did but he was just focused on the women, as he should be...

                              I also tried StoryTeller's Cafe. There we had Chip & Dale, That ape from Tarzan, That racoon, that girl in the yellow dress from Tarzan and that's all I remember. Again not my ideal character mix but I tried it and enjoyed it. Probably won't book it again, you know, cause I've been there done that feeling.

                              I also did Ariel's Lunch over at DCA and am very glad I did it before the makeover happens. Now that one was hella fun and the princesses were gorgeous! Super patient with kids, adorable, very much into character, each gave me 2 poses for my camera. Loved Ariel's that I wanted to do it on my last trip but opted out of it for Goofy's which I now regret. I wanted to dine outside on the patio at Ariel's because they venture outside and I wish I had photos of them outside with the park as the backdrop.

                              Now comes for another I regretted not booking. After me and my party left Goofy's kitchen we entered Disneyland during the first hour of operation. We caught characters running around FAST outside and playing outside over at Minnie's Character Breakfast over at Plaza Inn. We looked through the bushes to see Captain Hook, Mickey, Minnie, I think Smee, Daisy, and Pinocchio.

                              I was floored at this mix and that is the mix that I wanted. For some reason I didn't even think to book this breakfast or even looked hard enough on that it even existed! Man oh man we regretted not booking this character breakfast.

                              So again it just comes down to what mix of characters you think you want to enjoy. Of course characters due vary.
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