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Ever gotten stuck on a ride??


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  • Ever gotten stuck on a ride??

    Which ride(s) have broken down while you were riding? Did the ride(s) restart or did the CM's take you off and escort you out? What's your stories?

    Back in April we got stuck on HM. Our 4 yr old daughter wasn't sure she wanted to go on to begin with. We told her it would be fun and mommy and daddy would be right there with her. It stopped right in front of the grave yard. We sat there for 5 minutes before it started again. Thankfully she didn't freak out but did get a little spooked. Later in the day she wanted to go again. I guess she decided it wasn't so bad.
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    Re: Ever gotten stuck on a ride??

    i got stuck on splash last year for almost an hour.. we had to get escorted off by CMs.. it was cool.

    what had happened was that a barrier before the zip-a-dee doo-dah cave got stuck and caused a massive pile up of logs and it had gotten jammed. so we sat forever waiting and wondering when it would start going again but nope. all the lights turned on and CMs started to show up and started helping people out of the logs and we go to go backstage behind splash and pooh.. what a site..
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      Re: Ever gotten stuck on a ride??

      I have been stuck on Space Mt in Disneyland and got to finish the ride with the lights on. I have gotten to do the same for Space Mt. at Disneyland Paris.

      I was riding the Tomorrowland Transit Authority (WDW peoplemover) and Space Mt. was busted so the lights were on when we rode through.

      As a result, for all the parks that I have been to, I have seen the inside of Space Mt. with the lights on!
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        Re: Ever gotten stuck on a ride??

        This happened to me in the beggining days of Thunder Mountain. If you had to use a wheelchair they would load you into the ride on one side of the station and a CM would bring your wheelchair to the other side of the station for you to get off the ride. Well, the CM forgot to bring my wheelchair to the other side of the station so when my train arrived I couldn't get off the ride because I had no wheelchair. "Oops, sorry, just ride it again and we'll get the wheelchair right away". Okay, np and while I was riding again they brought the wheelchair over to the other side where I just was. The problem with that was that the train entered the station on the opposite side so again my wheelchair was not where I was. So you would think that they would've figured out the problem then but they didn't and we did the whole thing again. So to finish this long story, I got to ride Thunder Mountain a total of 5 time in a row before we finally got things in sync. I certainly wouldn't call it "stuck" on a ride because it was a lot of fun and wish it would happen again )

        PS - Once on It's A Small World they added boats to the ride while we were inside and it threw the order off of how the boats entered the loading/unloading area. That meant that I got stuck on that ride but fortunetly only had to endure it twice however the song went thru my head all day
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          Re: Ever gotten stuck on a ride??

          I got stuck and had to walk off of buzz lightyear it was like in may or something a kid got his pants stuck in the moving belt at the end.... then last time I went I got stuck on splash mountain 3 times in one sitting we got stuck on the lift hill for the drop and I guess we were too close to the other log once it started again so we stoped right at the top then we got down and we got stuck in front of Brier Rabbit singing for about 20 min. or so then got stuck again right where the owl is for about another 10 I was a little upset about that one!
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            Re: Ever gotten stuck on a ride??

            I got stuck on Space Mountain, Splash Mountain and Haunted Mansion. I've been walked off of Space and Splash but not HM. HM just started up again after 15 minutes or so...


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              Re: Ever gotten stuck on a ride??

              I was stuck on HM once in the attic right alongside the bride. The beating heart got a little annoying, but they got the ride moving again after a few minutes.

              The first time I went on the CarToon Spin it broke down and we were escorted off by a CM.

              I was also stuck once on Spaceship Earth at Epcot near the end when the cars are moving backwards. Again we were there for just a few minutes before they got the ride going again.
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                Re: Ever gotten stuck on a ride??

                My husband and I got stuck on Space Mountain back in 2002. The ride just stopped and then the lights came on. The CMs came and escorted us off. It was pretty cool to see the interior of the dome, but it wasn't that impressive. It was actually pretty boring.


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                  Re: Ever gotten stuck on a ride??

                  Summer last year while entertaining out-of-state relatives, got stuck on the Matterhorn (fantasyland side) ride at the uphill before the splash at the end. Had to be escorted out through the mountain. The inside looked like a giant boiler room, nothing impressive to write home about. Got Front-of-Line passes, which was well used for Splash Mountain that day.


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                    Re: Ever gotten stuck on a ride??

                    I got stuck in Pooh. Nuff said.
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                      Re: Ever gotten stuck on a ride??

                      Rocket-Rods, WAY too many times. Only had to walk off once.

                      Haunted Mansion, Splash Mtn, Pirates, and Thunder Mtn. Had to walk off each at least once.

                      I know it's another Park, but once at USH, we had a flat on the tram and had to wait for them to replace the tire, and another time we got stuck in the pond where they "split the waters". We had to wait for a truck to come push us out.

                      It all adds excitment to the experience (and they don't get to charge extra for it!).


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                        Re: Ever gotten stuck on a ride??

                        Of all the years of going to Disneyland I have been stuck on only 2 rides.

                        Small World- Only because the boat was overloaded. Some folks that post here were there. Not Afraid, General You, Evil Minion, Al and others. Al and couple other people had to get out so the boat would start through the ride again. If memory serves correctly, Al posted a picture of us in the boat from the bridge after you come out of the ride in one of his updates at a different site. Good times!

                        Alice In Wonderland- EM, me and someone else were comming out of the top part and were just making the bend to the decent when the ride shut down. We were stcuk up there for about 10 minutes and a CM came by to escort us off the ride.

                        I wish I would get stuck on Space so I could see the RockIT! mountain props!
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                          Re: Ever gotten stuck on a ride??

                          I've been stuck on HM at least twice. Once was 30 years ago, when I was on with my then 4 yr. old sister. We were stuck right as you turn backwards in front of the man with the skinny dog for 45 minutes(she was hysterical the whole time) before they turned the lights on and walked us out. The second time I can remember was a couple of years ago and again ironically in the same spot with my DD. Luckily that was only for about 15 minutes before it got going.

                          I too was in Space Mountain with the lights on. But I didn't like it. I don't like seeing how tightly wound that track is.

                          I was stuck on POTC for about 1/2 hour before it got moving once. Other rides were Rocket Rods, Peoplemover and everyone's favorite Superstar Limo (multiple times- my DD loved it and when it first opened it broke down every time we were on it). I think there are others, but those are the most memorable.


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                            Re: Ever gotten stuck on a ride??

                            The last time we went, 2yrs ago, we got stuck on POTC. It was just before the ramp up. They turned the lights on and I thought they were going to escort us off but eventually it started back up again.

                            Hmm... I don't think I've ever been stuck on a ride before that....


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                              Re: Ever gotten stuck on a ride??

                              Right when our Soarin' Over california flight was finished, our hang glider didn't decend. We were stuck at the very top of the building, with the lights on.. for about 1 minute or 2. It was pretty cool to be at the very top with all the normal lighting.


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