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SkittlesMcGee943's FIRST trip report:)


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  • Trip Report SkittlesMcGee943's FIRST trip report:)

    WARNING! There arent any photos in my report (for now) and it will be long!!! Sorry... REALLY LONG!!!

    Hi everyone!

    This is my first trip report.... So Im not good with the Pics yet....

    I just got home from a 5 day Graduation (8th grade) trip to Disneyland! yay!

    Monday was our first day.

    We arrived at the hotel and checked in, and we took a picture with the Mickey statue out in front and then with the statues inside the lobby as well After we got our room, we headed into the park. First, we went on Small World. It was my first time since the refurb, and I loved it just the same After that, we rode the matterhorn, then Buzz (my friend hates that ride, because i dragged her on it so many times.....) by then, we decided it was time for DCA!!! so we went in and went on Monsters, then Tower Of Terror!!! While in line for TofT, we overheard someone say that during the little "pre show" part, the little girl is holding a Mickey Mouse doll, instead of the Shirley Temple doll. Its true!!! Ive never noticed that. unfortunately, while on the ride 4 people were taking a video =P tisk Tisk.

    Next up was the Animation building. We drew Jack Skellington, talked to Crush, and Sang the Bare Necessities I love it in there!!! We decided to head over to Paradise Pier next where we rode Mullholland Madness and made a salute to Dinasaur Jack and the Corndog Castle. Our last ride at DCA for the day was The Maliboomer and when we were close my friend Quinn said Omg are those barf shields? and I said no and she said then what are they...? and i said Barf Shields.... it was just one of those moments.... are those things even barf shields??? We were the last group on, so then we headed back into Disneyland.

    In Disneyland, there was no line for Nemo, so we said why not? and rode it. we were in was great as always After that, we went on Buzz, then The Matterhorn and decided to call it a day.

    Tuesday was kind of a slow day... We took like a two and a half hour break to go swimming But during Magig Morning, we rode Space, Alice, the Matterhorn, and the teacups. We also went up into Tarzan's Treehouse, and on a cruise through the jungle. haha I love the "man eating piranha" line!!! "Please Keep your hands arms feet and legs inside the boat! those are man eating piranhas! Women aand children you should be fine" made us laugh for awhile

    Next we went on Pirates. The Donkey was missing, the crabs were missing, and there was so much flash photagraphy.... Made my eyes hurt really bad. After that, we headed to Mansion and Asked for a death certificate.... but they never have one haha And basically going down the line here, we went on Pooh next. We spotter the moose and everyone in our car thing "just graduated" except my parents. lol. Next we went on Splash and I was stuck in the front... I was so wet.... A wave of water casme over me and it was HUGE!!! i got laughed at... lol

    We went to the hotel and changed, then went into DCA. We payed a quick visit to Lightning McQueen and Mater, and the CM there saw my pins and asked me if i like the Jonas Brothers so i sCreamed YES! really loud and he laughed and I said sorry that was a little loud and then he said you wanna say it again? i dont think they heard you over in disneyland. Im guessing Nick is your favorite? so i said YES! again it was funny So then we used our soarin' fastpass, then went to watch the parade, we found a GREAT spot!!! Right across from Jumpin' Jellyfish so we went and rode that and i buckled my seatbelt and pulled on the yellow strap and it came right out.... hmmm wow

    The UP pre parade was great We waved at Russel and he waved back and blew us a kiss!! hehe then we waved at Dug, and he posed for us and said "Point!" then just kept saying Squirrel! it was cute, and the float was well made!!! I loved the Play parade Next we headed to Screamin' and there was no wait, so we got right on!!! yay!! We rode Toy Story Midway Mania, played some games, rode Grr, then headed back to Disneyland.

    Wednesday coming soon!!!!

    sorry its so long!!!

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    Re: SkittlesMcGee943's FIRST trip report

    I am loving your report. We are going for my son's 18th birthday on July 4th. We can't wait.


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      Re: SkittlesMcGee943's FIRST trip report

      Haha Thank you!!! Im glad you liked it!!!

      Wow! 18!!! Happy birthday to him

      My mom said shes NEVER taking me on the 4th of July no matter how long I beg...

      HAVE FUN!!!!


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        Re: SkittlesMcGee943's FIRST trip report

        Umm Continuing on

        Wednesday was a very Crowded day, there were LOTS of fieldtrips...

        We Went to Blue Bayou for lunch.....

        We spent most of the Day At DCA....

        I was part of the High School Musical parade. It was so funny.

        We went back over to Disneyland to Watch the Street Party.

        It was okay, in my opinion, i liked the Parade of Dreams better. But I was so happy because Peter Pan's float stopped in front of us We went to dinner at ESPN zone, then called it a day.

        Also, the preview for Magical was that night. I like Dumbo But not the fireworks themselvesd. Just my opinion, they were a little weak.....

        Thursday the park was closing early because of Grad Night, so we took a break and went to Seal Beach and Walt's Wharf restarant. It was a cute little beach, and really good food. When we got back we rode Screamin and Tower of Terror, the went to Naple's for dinner.

        Friday, our last day, was so much fun!

        It started out in a great way with mickey's Toontown Morning Madness. While walking towards Toontown I met TONY BAXTER!!! he was really nice, but it was a short conversation. It made my day! my parents didnt know who he was though, so they thought it was a littlke weird......

        Anyways then we went into Toontown, and rode Roger. Then we met Goofy and It was funny because he made a fart noise and blmed it on me and then told my friend Quinn that it was me. But he literally Said it!!! It was funny. Then we went to meet Mickey This was my day for looking for the characters. I really wanted to find Peter Pan!!! No luck =(

        We headed for Pixie Hollow, since there wasnt much of a wait. When we finally got to the front we talked to Silvermist and I said I liked her hair and she said Thank you! Its a lot of Water and Pixie dust can do! then we wewnt to Tink and she like my "lost things" because there were alot of her. lol

        Later on we saw Mr.Incredible and he wanted to Arm Wrestle with this one guy and he lost. It was sooo funny. then later we saw Sully and he gave me a kis on the hand! heeh

        Finally, we got in line for Indy at 11:15..... The ride broke down due to "Technical Difficulties".... It was really because someone got sick.

        we got in line for PETER PAN's FLIGHT at 11:45!!!! So we were in the fastpass line for 30 minutes at Indy!!!!

        Peter pan was amazing as usual

        I think Ill end my TR here

        It was a super fun trip! and once i figure out how the pic thing works... ill put up some pics!
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