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Upcoming Imagineering Projects


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  • [Rumor] Upcoming Imagineering Projects

    Mods: This does talk about all Disney theme parks, but also discusses Disneyland which is why I put it in that forum.

    From Theme Park Insider:

    Worldwide Disney Parks updates from Imagineering*

    By Roger Dodger
    Published: June 16, 2009 at 3:21 AM
    [Editor's note: It's a new name on the byline, but an old friend of TPI whom I trust, who is posting anonymously with permission for what should be obvious reasons. Anyway, have fun with this inside scoop, and remember, planning does not mean construction, so not everything these guys talk about gets built.]

    Update: See the comments for confirmation and details from Disney on the renovation of the Disneyland Hotel.
    The Imgagineers gave an update today about Disney's worldwide park/resorts/etc plans. I'll try not to be too wordy, but just give an overview. It's all from memory since taking notes wasn't really encouraged.
    1. STAR TOURS: As rumored, the rehab is about to start. And you know why? Because Tokyo Disney (Oriental Land Company) wanted their own version so they poured in some money. And George Lucas has been VERY involved. The new version sounds REALLY cool. Apparently, the original Star Tours was supposed to be updated every three years or so with a new film (ha!). So now, they're creating a new 3-D film (yes, everyone will have to wear 3-D glasses). The new film will be set in the time between Star Wars Films 3 and 4 (so, after Queen Amidala's death but before Luke finds Obi Wan and blows up the Death Star). But here's the cool part -- they're saying that the ride will now have hundreds of versions, so guests will never know what they're getting into....they're going to film about 25 openings, about 25 middles, and then 25 endings, so your ride will never be the same...this is one way to make sure it stays fresh for MUCH longer. I can't wait to see this.
    2. WDW's Fantasy Land (in the Magic Kingdom) is getting a MAJOR expansion (yes, expansion). And where will that expansion go, you ask? In Mickey's Toon Town Fair, a place that was originally designed to be only a 3-year entry. Apparently, Imagineers are adding "The Enchanted Forest," a place, according to the head story exec, where Princesses seem to always run into (to much laughter). So, yes, it sounds like it will definitely be a heavy does of princesses, but with lots and lots of room for kids and whole families to have tons of fun. Looks like it will include musical shows, story times, birthday parties, lots of character meet-and-greats (of course). We'll see if it turns out to be as cool as their promising. And the area between the castle and the Carousel is being transformed into a castle courtyard, complete with brand new themeing and shrubbery. This is definitely going to be a big change.
    3. As speculated, the LITTLE MERMAID dark ride is going into both Disneyland AND WDW. Yep, it's taking over the space once occupied by the Subs.
    4. The next major Disney theme park will be on 2,000 acres in Shangai. Which surprises me, considering the poor attendance thus far at Hong Kong. But, of course, Hong Kong's park is pretty small. The Shanghai project looks to be pretty expansive, with lots of lakes, hotels, etc.
    5. The Disneyland Hotel is getting a top-to-bottom rebuild. And the entire courtyard/recreation area is being torn down and rebuilt. Basically, Disney's almost rebuilding this hotel from scratch.

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