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An Evening At the DLR - Aiden & The Electrical Parade (w/Photos)


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  • Trip Report An Evening At the DLR - Aiden & The Electrical Parade (w/Photos)

    Pictures by aidensdaddy2k9 - Photobucket

    We've been trying to get to see the revamped Electrical Parade since they've
    brought it back. One night we tried to see it sitting in front of one of the shops at the front of the park, but we got there too late to get good seats and ended up being in an area for standing only. That evening decided to hold off until another night so we could plan it more.

    Last night we got there about 5-ish and were able to get seats along the parade route within the center area, where the fountain is, right across the area where our first attempt was. Becka got the food (including a bunch of junk food from the shop across the way). As time progressed, we found out that the only part where anyone can sit where we were at, was at the line at the very front. So we moved the stroller to the line and continued to wait.

    After a little time, as it started getting darker, I strapped the puppy leash onto Aiden (the infant harness - not an actual leash!) and let him walk and run around. At one point, he was trying to run around in circles, making me dizzy, until I figured out I could just use my arms and stand still. :lol: But as he was going around, I was catching eyes on him from just about everyone as we walked back & forth, passing others that were waiting.

    Finally, the parade arrived (check out the pictures below) and Aiden absolutely loved it! The parade started at Paradise Pier and ended back by Hollywood. It started at 8:45pm, so by the time the end got to us, it was almost time for the fireworks to start. Once the parade was over, along with everyone else, we rushed out of DCA as quickly as possible. The massive amounts of people coming out, along with the massive amount in the Esplanade made it slow and going to getting into Disneyland. Halfway between the parks, the fireworks started. There was no way that I was going to navigate through the crowd to get to the center of Disneyland. So we stopped in front of the stairs to the Main Street train station, and then the fireworks ended and the lights came back on. They then made the announcement that the fireworks had to be cancelled due to high winds. WHAT A GIP!!! Oh well, seeing Aiden's excitement at the parade was fine enough.

    We got on the train, which it's last stop was Toontown, which in itself was fine because I wanted to get away from the fireworks crowd now wanting to exit. We left that station and went to ride Small World which relatively no line. I tried to take some pictures on this, but every one came out a blur. I got some video, but they just weren't good enough. After Small World, we walked down through Fantasyland and made our way to Jungle Cruise. Not a good trip. We were at the back of the boat, so we could only hear the engine, but not the female skipper who had very little sense of humor. She had to be new, cause when we pulled to the station, she had to be reminded by a lead to turn her lights on. After this, we made a quick stop in Tomorrowland (made a green double ended lightsaber - not as good as they sound) and headed home.

    Hope you enjoy the pics!

    (camera flashes don't work well with these guys.)


    (another one that didn't work well with the flash.)

    Seems to be a giant rodent infestation. I've only heard about em, & thought it was just a myth!

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    Re: An Evening At the DLR - Aiden & The Electrical Parade (w/Photos)

    Oh! I can't wait until I get to see it live when I go in three days! Thanks for sharing!

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      Re: An Evening At the DLR - Aiden & The Electrical Parade (w/Photos)

      Great shots! Thanks for sharing!
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        Re: An Evening At the DLR - Aiden & The Electrical Parade (w/Photos)

        Yeah I forgot to mention that I did move Aiden in the stroller up to the line at the very front, so he got front row viewing for the entire parade. He went nuts as Mickey, Goofy, and Minnie on the train went by. (Mickey and train, best of both worlds for him.) And I was sitting right next to him, snagging the shots. Becka got it on video.


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          Re: An Evening At the DLR - Aiden & The Electrical Parade (w/Photos)

          i refuse to use flash on the Electrical Parade too many issues and not to the ruin other guests who are viewing the show love the shots but the bugs look ugly with the flash but not good shots awesome shots
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            Re: An Evening At the DLR - Aiden & The Electrical Parade (w/Photos)

            I just got a new digital camera, so I'm still trying to figure it out.


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              Re: An Evening At the DLR - Aiden & The Electrical Parade (w/Photos)

              What a sweet looking face. He is adorable. Im glad he got to see all the pretty lights and such . nice pictures to
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                Re: An Evening At the DLR - Aiden & The Electrical Parade (w/Photos)

                Thank you.

                He's usually a little devil. But today he's actually being an angel and behaving himself rather well.

                I guess he knows it's father's day. Cause he knows not to mess with papa bear on daddy's day. :lol:

                Like Bill Cosby said:

                "And from the age seven, my father established our relationship. He looked me and said 'You know I brought you into this world and I'll take you out. And it don't make no difference to me cause I'll make another one look just like you."

                :lmao: :lmao: :lmao:


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                  Re: An Evening At the DLR - Aiden & The Electrical Parade (w/Photos)

                  Nice pictures!
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                    Re: An Evening At the DLR - Aiden & The Electrical Parade (w/Photos)

                    Fantastic! Thanks!
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