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Upgrading a Summer Fun Pass?


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  • [Question] Upgrading a Summer Fun Pass?

    I looked a little and didn't see this asked or answered. Can we upgrade the Summer Fun Pass on the last day to one of the Annual Passes? And possibly having the difference of the two taken from the Annual? I want to get one for my friend's birthday so I can maybe go before 1 or 2 times and then go on her birthday and upgrade. We've talked about it and she wants to upgrade her birthday ticket to an Annual. I was going to do that with mine but decided to wait. So I was wondering if I could do that with this one so we can both get a pass. Thanks for any help you maybe able to provide.

    Edit: Scratch was on the website but not the card at the store. Would have been better if they mentioned that little bit on the card. But it says $35 more to upgrade to an Annual Pass which seems to be the Southern California Select Annual Pass. So new question, can I upgrade to a higher Pass? Or can I only upgrade to that one?
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    Re: Upgrading a Summer Fun Pass?

    You can certainly upgrade to any AP - the mention of the SoCal Select is just to encourage guests who think APs are more expensive than they really are.

    Just be aware that it will backdate to the first use of the Summer Fun Pass... So if you're upgrading at the end of the 45 days, you'll be losing most of those 45 days (unless you get the SoCal Select or SoCal, because they're blocked out for the summer).

    Hope this helps!

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      Re: Upgrading a Summer Fun Pass?

      Oh, thanks for replying! I never get my questions replied. haha. But how do I find out if the pass will back date or not? I wouldn't want that happening...having the pass start on the day I upgrade is would makes it so appealing to me.


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