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Disney Character Warehouse


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  • [Chat] Disney Character Warehouse

    So i've been living in CA for 22 years and I never knew or heard that a Disney Character Warehouse existed until I was bored and browsing around the internet. It was so exciting to hear. So for you all that have been out there, did you find good deals? (I know its cheaper than the park) Let me know about your experiences and items you have bought!

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    Re: Disney Character Warehouse

    FYI clothes are usually either really small, or really large... and there is no guarantee that they will have a particular item on a specific day. That said it is a great deal cheaper and deals can be found at any given time.
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      Re: Disney Character Warehouse

      I've bought pins, clearanced out toys and books. My mom purchases clothes, mostly of the jacket / tshirt variety. They also have postcards for cheap sometimes.

      It varies really... there are times when nothing good is there (thanks to the great designs that shouldn't even be sold at clearanced prices let alone full theme park retail price).

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        Re: Disney Character Warehouse

        The one in Pomona seems to have more clothes..atleast when I go.


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          Re: Disney Character Warehouse

          Here is a link to the current locations of the Disney Parks Outlet locations...

          Asset Management and Sales - inventory liquidation sales management.

          And here is a link, courtesy of that has a 10% off coupon for the Fullerton location.

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            Re: Disney Character Warehouse

            Basically the stuff that is sold in the Character Warehouses are items that could not be sold in the parks, and could not even be sold at the company store to cast members at a discounted rate.

            The Disney Character Warehouse (which is run by an outside company) buys up all that merchandise that Disney couldn't sell, and tries to sell it for cheap. That being said, most of the stuff there is not the best stuff in the world. Last time I was there (in Fullerton) there were a lot of kids clothes, shoes, and a lot of 50th mickey ears.


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              Re: Disney Character Warehouse

              I've found it to be mostly hit and miss at the Character Warehouse. I've gotten a few things there, but not much. There seems like there's more kids' stuff available. The one thing I mainly get are cheap pins for traders at the park, but even that they've raised the price on, so it's not worth it.

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                Re: Disney Character Warehouse

                I went to the temporary one in Vacaville, CA this weekend. They mostly have High School Musical items and children's clothes.

                I went to another temporary location a month or so ago. Both temp locations seemed to have a lot of Tarzan on Broadway tshirts, WDW items, and many non-Disney (primarily Napoleon Dynamite) shirts. And they had golden 50th anniversary earhats galore! The Fullerton location is almost entirely Disneyland merch.

                The most interesting single item they had in Vacaville was a limited edition gold DL 50th anniversary ladies wristwatch marked down to the incredibly low price of $1,499! Had to pass on that one. It may still be available...
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                  Re: Disney Character Warehouse

                  The one on Orangethorpe between Ball and Lemon used to have better bargains 3 or 4 years ago. And you were more likely to find better merchandise. Over the years, it's just been much more unlikely to find anything worthwhile. And they just don't have that great of a discount on much of the merchandise.

                  As for the temporary locations, If you hit them the first day that they open, you might just find some ok deals. The better merchandise will go pretty quickly, so you gotta get there the 1st day or two they open. And the prices aren't really that great, unless it's an item that was WAY overstocked.

                  I used to talk up the locations, but not anymore - they just aren't usually worthwhile taking time to go there. It's kind of sad, because I could usually find a great deal or two . . . . those days are over.
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                    Re: Disney Character Warehouse

                    The Warehouses are at their best at the end of a major celebration specializing in lots of merch.

                    That's why when 50th ended, the stores were flooded with unsold discounted goodies galore. Right now, since there hasn't been anything major, only really unwanted stuff like the horrible Disney Parks merch has shown up.
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                      Re: Disney Character Warehouse

                      It is hit or miss but we have gotten great deals at times. We bought a Snow white dress for $20that was almost identical to the one sold in DLR for $65. We have gotten some pins and some t-shirts. We always stop there first before we go into the park. The one in Fullerton is only a 10 minute drive from DLR. We are going to DLR this weekend as it is my son's 18th birthday on July 4th. Can't wait. We leave Thursday night.


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                        Re: Disney Character Warehouse

                        I agree with other posters, it's hit and miss. There does seem to be a LOT of kids clothing and other novelties. I agree that adult sizes are almost always x-small, small, or XL and up. There are never any mediums, which is what I wear... Being a pin collector, I can usually find a couple of good pins that I would have considered buying in the park. Nothing amazing, just some decent park attraction pins (including some I've already purchased). That said, I've had some occasional AWESOME finds. They include:

                        @ Fullerton
                        - Midway Mania Ballcap (opening day too)

                        @ Phoenix area (temporary locations)
                        - Disneyland: Yesterday, Today and Forever (coffee table book)
                        - Pirates of the Caribbean (coffee table book on the attraction)
                        - retro 50th wine charms
                        - Mickey Mouse/Sleeping Beauty Castle bowling shirt
                        - tote bag
                        - Halloween candle votives/lantern
                        - novelty coffee mugs
                        and the best...
                        - Mickey's Pin Odyssey Limited Edition 8 pin set (ret. $80 for $25)
                        - Mickey and Walt on Mainstreet jumbo pin (~$8)

                        I would agree that the best merchandise goes first, so you might want to call ahead and ask if they've gotten a shipment in recently (for permanent stores). At the Fullerton one, I was told they get a shippment roughly every 3 weeks and it's usually Tue-Thur. The temporary locations seem to have slightly lower prices (I'd imagine so they don't have to truck the stuff back), and if you get there first thing, then you're one happy camper. Also, the most recent December 2008 temp location had a second shippment because business was so brisk. I had come in several times, and the manager recognized me and directed me to the Mickey's Pin Odyssey set. So, don't be afraid to ask questions and familiarize youself with the staff.

                        Finally, if you've never been, it's good to go at least once to check it out. Think about the type of merch that you normally buy at the park. If you buy higher-end or LE speciality items (i.e. event items) then you many not enjoy the experience. But if you're looking for more of a souvenier, or gifts for friends and family, this place may just have something for you.


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                          Re: Disney Character Warehouse

                          I nabbed the Frontierland & Main Street USA big figs for less than $200 combined @ the Disney Character Warehouse.

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