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Lincoln Preshow, pre Walt Disney Story


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  • [Question] Lincoln Preshow, pre Walt Disney Story

    Ok, here is a toughy. I want to find out exactly what the preshow was at the Disneyland Opera House's (not the world's fair)production of Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln, before the Walt Disney Story moved in, circa 1965. Was it the same "Illinois Story" that played at the fair, or was it something different. Was it similar to it, but altered. Was there no preshow at all. Can anyone confirm the answer to this. The reason I ask, is because it is curious to me why the "Illinois Story" would be shown in California, as a promotion for Illinois, when the exibit was not then being shown in a pavillion sponsored by the state of Illinois as it was at the fair.

    Does anyone else out there want to know this? It has been bugging me a long time.

    Also... I have the CD of Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln. Can anyone explain what segments were part of the main show slide presentation that was shown before the final speech, and which were exclusive to the album. For example, I am pretty sure the Gettysburg segment was not shown in the theater. I could be wrong, but can anyone verify exactly what the show intailed, what segments were used and/or not used, and in what order. Both the 50th anniversary collection and the new World's Fair set does not include this material (disappointing) The sound quality is very poor on the CD of Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln. It would be great if this could be digitally remastered and sold as a special edition for the upcomming 45th anniverary of the show's Disneyland premeire. (too late for the 45th at the fair, and the 200th anniversary of Lincoln, oh well)

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    Re: Lincoln Preshow, pre Walt Disney Story

    The Lobby of the Opera House was very different during the original Disneyland run of Lincoln. The first section(where the emergency doors that lead out to Main Street) was much smaller. The second door that was removed to make way for the Disney Visa window was originally Town Square Reality, an actual reality office for Apple Valley.

    When you entered into the lobby, the area that was the Cast video/Walt Disney Story video was actually made to look like a window and the Capital model was located in it. The model was removed for the Walt Disney Story switch and didnt return until 1980's for the Lincoln update.

    the rest of the lobby was in no way like the Illinois exhibit - especially since the worlds fair exhibit was still running at the same time. Lincoln was the first attractionto run simultaniously on each coast.

    The back screen of the lobby was The Lincoln Story... other than that i have no clue of any other exhibits.

    The Lobby was also divided into the different sections and had curtains that would keep the flow of the guests... the curtain idea was carried over to the Walt Disney Story switch, but only the first curtain section. In fact the curtain system was still in place as of the closure of the "50th" presentation.
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      Re: Lincoln Preshow, pre Walt Disney Story

      Thanks Alpoe, Does any one know what the "Lincoln Story" preshow consisted of?


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