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    I really liked the Mulan parade. Always great to watch the acrobats from China! I also did like Light Magic. I think it just needed a pretty major overhaul, not get completely scrapped! What a waste of money.. oh well..


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      Didn't that shoot confetti from the rooftops in Party Gras? That was a great parade.
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        You know - - Party Gras isn't the "balloon parade" I was thinking of after all - - the one I remember premiered at the same time as the New Fantasyland in 83 and had beautifully sculpted "inflatable floats", such as snow white's cottage, the brooms from Fantasia, the dragon from sleeping beauty and the Mad tea party - - It was quite spectacular. anyone remember the name of that one? It replaced MSEP for a season, running day and night.

        Oh, wait - - the name was "Flights of Fantasy" I believe...


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          Definatly Light Magic.



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            :bow: Lion King Parade...when the floats stopped the first time and performed in was pure theatre magic!


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              That's easy- the Electrical Parade.


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                Because Mulan is my favorite Disney movie and Mulan is one of my favorite characters, the Mulan parade is on the top of my list.


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                  Originally posted by merlinjones
                  Happy Birthday, Donald Duck
                  They're using the birthday song from this parade for the Happiest Birthdays celebrations at the Plaza Inn.


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                    hands down, Fantasy On Parade... SO much better than the current Christmas Fantasy parade.


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                      Originally posted by Emelius_Browne
                      I remember Party Gras! That was fun...there is a picture with me and my cousin when I'm about eight or so and I'm walking down main street with beads around my neck.

                      Hey!!! I was there too and about the same age!! I thought you looked familiar!!!! he he he
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                        Verry Merry Christmas!


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                          Lion King Parade. There is no second place. All parades should strive to be as good as Lion King Parade.

                          I liked the Electrical Parade, since it drew crowds away from the rides.


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                              Whatever happened to those pre-parade single floats they used to send out to promote the latest animated movies? Anyone remember? Such as characters from Oliver and Company with "Why Should I Worry?"

                              My favorites:
                              Party Gras, for the incredible song arrangement, beads and confetti
                              Totally Minnie (c'mon... I was five...)
                              Blast from the Past - I remember the greasers with their dipsticks

                              And of course, the Lion King Celebration! My favorite float was the drummer float toward the end. I saw that parade so many times over its run, that I became friends with some performers... I was 14 and I waved from the sidewalk... a LOT.

                              WOW that would be swell, but that would be wishing too hard and asking too much =0(
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                                I loved the Parade of Stars. Mostly because I was in the parade...Dancing with Flick or as the children of disneyland that day called him "Hey look, HI! Bug's! Life!"
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                                  I despised Eureka! It was a disaster of epic proportions. The only way the parade could have been less subtle was if they announced it with an air raid siren. Gaudy, obnoxious and tacky! Blech!
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                                    nothing beets the biggest draw ever for a parade The Lion KIng Celebration nothing has ever come close to the numbers that this one brought in


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                                      I echo everyone who loves Party Gras (Remember the giant Minnie Mouse with the fruit hat?)

                                      I remember this one because of the beads they threw out and everyone wanted them1 My mom actually caught a few but this huge lady tackled her and grabbed them away

                                      Later that day, I was in line for Star Tours when this little british girl had a who neckful of them gave me one and it made my day!

                                      But then as I was leaving, I walked over a grate and the necklace fell off right into the sewer

                                      So it wasn't meant to be, I guess.

                                      I actually liked the parade of the stars (also because I was in it The idea was a novel one that wore out its welcome- the fact that the actual parade didn't have anything to offer but the guests being in it (and a pretty cool pin) hurt it. It would have been a great "filler" parade, but not 5 years!

                                      Hooray for a new parade- hope dreams is good.
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