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Has anyone seen a Charles Phoenix show?


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  • Has anyone seen a Charles Phoenix show?

    I thought this might be of interest to Disneyland fans. Charles Phoenix is a performance artist & pop culture historian who gives wonderful presentations from his massive collection of vintage photo slides from the 50's & 60's (a self described "histo-tainer"). If you have never seen one of his shows, it's a real treat! He does a great deal of research and gives historical perspectives... but also a running commentary that is hilarious. He gave a "Disneyland" photo presentatioin at last year's GayDays weekend.

    Well, his next event (October 16) is an "architectural tour" with a special theme: it's a "Disneyland" tour of Downtown Los Angeles, where he shows the similarities between "real" L.A. architecture and Disneyland!

    "YES, REDISCOVER DOWNTOWN THE WAY I HAVE...IT'S JUST LIKE DISNEYLAND!" says your tour guide Charles Phoenix. "In fact, the similarities are staggering." Your imagination will be inspired and your spirit will soar!

    Experience the charm of MAIN STREET USA, exotica of ADVENTURELAND, wilderness of FRONTIERLAND, magic of FANTASYLAND, and future of TOMORROWLAND – in the heart and soul of our city. You will never see downtown the same way again!!
    Here is is website with more info:

    It's sure to be a real fun time, I just know that his shows are very entertaining. If you haven't guessed, he's a huge Disneyland fan himself (you might have spotted him in his paisley dinner jacket at the SHAG cocktail event if you went!). I'm hoping to go if my schedule allows; I thought some other micechatters might be interested.

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    Re: Has anyone seen a Charles Phoenix show?

    Is that next week? I really wanted to see that. My mom has been a Charles Phoenix fan for years.
    Did you hear about the three blondes who were driving to Disneyland?
    After being in the car for hours, they saw a sign that said "Disneyland left" so they turned around and went home.


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      Re: Has anyone seen a Charles Phoenix show?

      I haven't been to any of his shows, although it's certainly on my to do list. I am, however, on his email list and highly recommended it to everyone. Every Friday he sends a different ephemeral picture. The most common subjects are everyday life and Southern California popular culture in the 50s & 60s (e.g. Googie, Suburban Kitsch, etc). I think you can sign up at the site Jonathan provided a link to...


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        Re: Has anyone seen a Charles Phoenix show?

        Yes - - His shows are alternately fascinating, hilarious and moving. Well worth it. Charles entertained the troops with his vintage Disneyland slides at the SaveDisney event in Philadelphia last year. He's wonderful.


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