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Your Original Attraction


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    Re: Your Original Attraction

    Here's my idea for Tomorrowland (possibly to replace Innoventions, although we would have to put another building outside.)

    The line for this attraction will be themed to a space center (think Houston) preparing for a launch. You will board a Rover vehicle (actually an EMV like the ones from Indiana Jones), which goes up an elevator with windows that make it look like you launch into space and land on Titan, one of the moons of Saturn. Your mission is to explore the moon, and bring back anything unusual you find. You begin to drive across the dark side of the planet at high speeds, bouncing off rocks and trenches, before finaly entering a cave. After driving around for a while, the vehicle's lights short out, and you are forced to continue in the dark. There will be many sudden stops in this section to simulate crashing into a wall. Eventually, you will emerge in the light, but you are not outside the cave yet. You have discovered an alien civilization inside a large cavern. Unfortunately, the aliens are not friendly, and don't like strangers. The car makes a sharp turn back up another tunnel, where the aliens have set up ambushes and traps for you. You finally make it back to the surface and your space craft, but the aliens are about to destroy it. You barely beat them to it, and (in another elevator ride) blast off for Earth, where you leave the vehicle and go back to Tomorrowland.


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      Re: Your Original Attraction

      Great ideas!

      For my part, I always envisioned a new Frontierland attraction, somewhat based on the old Stagecoach ride, but amped up to 11.

      Back beyond Big Thunder Ranch, a path leads you a ramshackle depot- possibly a converted barn or storehouse. Emblazoned on the side, yet parched and faded by the sun, reads the words: "Frontier Express". Evoking thoughts and visions of a Pony Express-type mail delivery service.

      Once inside the depot, small groups are drafted to become new drivers/delivery personnel for the Frontier Express' fleet of aging stagecoaches. They are given a quick briefing on their destination, route, and the importance of the cargo (in this case, dynamite for the Big Thunder Mountain Mining Company). They are then ushered in to the loading area, and board their stagecoach with their over-the-hill instructor! Once underway, things go terribly wrong- the horses go crazy, and the old-timer loses the reigns!

      What follows is a rip-roaring, bump-filled, out of control wild ride through a painted desert, a mysterious cavern of rainbow lights, and a country filled with bears and other critters- all with the eminient danger of blasting caps and TnT sticks blowing the stagecoach sky high!

      However, some last-minute heroics by our not-so-feeble driver saves the day, and we are safely delivered to Big Thunder Depot on the back side of the mountain. We exit back out onto Big Thunder Trail, ready to hit the Mountain, or join up again with the Frontier Express!
      I'm making a note here: HUGE SUCCESS.


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        Re: Your Original Attraction

        For this idea for WDW's Adventureland, a new plaza would be built called the Arabian Bazaar, allowing the removal of the Arabian theme from the existing Adventureland plaza. The Arabian Bazaar would import the Magic Carpets ride, have several small shops and a restaurant reminiscent of Epcot's Morocco pavilion, and would receive this big-budget original E-ticket.

        This attraction, for which I don't have a title, would be a part-sailing, part-flying ride through the stories of the 1001 Nights, with a focus on the relationship between Scheherazade and the Sultan. The queue building would resemble an ancient (non-Islamic) Middle Eastern building (1, 2), although with some Islamic influences like a blue dome or horseshoe arches. The queue itself would be themed to a street in an Arabian town in the evening, as guests imagine they are approaching a palace. Guests would then board their ships in an river leading to the palace. The boats, resembling dhows (1, 2), would appear to float in the water for this part of the ride, although the boats would really be pulled by a bar Peter Pan-style, by a mast concealed by the sail. The boats would slowly approach the palace through the town and then through the palace grounds, as the sun sets in the background. In palace gardens, guests see some AA parrots and would be leered at by some lion statues... while they hear the sultan discussing with his advisors that he has failed to find a suitable bride, and that he is upset because his first wife betrayed him. The guests then hear a guard announcing that a woman has arrived, and the sultan orders the guard to send her in. A huge stone door in front of the boat opens, and the guests quickly sails in to see an impatient sultan sitting high on his throne, as the boats stop to watch the action. A silk curtain opens in the background, as an AA woman walks in, bows, and introduces herself as Scheherazade. The sultan introduces himself as the great Sultan Sharyar, and asks her what incentive she has to be his bride. Scheherazade explains she is poor, and offers only her stories. The sultan says he has no interest in stories, and orders her to leave by sunrise, but Scheherazade persists, and the curious sultan allows her to begin. One more veil opens as she begins her first tale, and as the boats approach it, guests see the river ends in a waterfall. Instead of going down the waterfall, the music begins and the ship flies off into the sky, with only a small dip before takeoff. The ships fly quickly but smoothly, like a fast Peter Pan or a real-life Soarin'. The guests experience each tale as Scheherazade tells it, each story compacted to one or two scenes, Great Movie Ride-style. Different stories might range from the familiar, like Ali Baba & the Forty Thieves or the voyages of Sinbad, to the lesser-known, such as the Kalendar Prince or Noureddin and the Fair Persian, with Scheherazade narrating by speaker the whole time. The ride would be very visual, with lots of AAs abd special effects, like wind, mist projections, and holograms, and would be rather surreal and faster-paced than life, somewhat like Spaceship Earth, for the entire ride is themed to represent the Sultan's dreams at night and imagination. Occasionally, the ships would land in water, anchoring to the real world, as the sultan interjects or asks a question, but each time she would continue and the ships take off again. At the end of the ride, the ships takes one final drop into the water, and we see the Sultan lying happily underneath a window, as Scherezade sits in the window-sill finishing her last story, as a sun rises in the background. As the music resolves, it is clear the two have fallen in love. Guests would then exit the boat back into the bazaar.

        I think there all sort of issues that could prevent this ride from happening, There nay not be enough room, the right may get bogged down in issues of political correction, or TDO might want it tied into Aladdin. But I think this ride would be a high-tech update in the story-telling dark ride tradition. Any thoughts?


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