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Comic con 2009

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  • [Question] Comic con 2009

    Who is going to this year's Comic Con down in San Diego? and what days? I'll be there all four days! :]
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    Re: Comic con 2009

    I responded to this same question in the other (more apropriate) forum.

    Yep, we'll be there Saturday.


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      Re: Comic con 2009

      I will be drawing at the Cartoon Art Museum booth at the SDCC 2009 for their 3rd Annual Sketch-A-Thon.

      The 2009 Sketch-A-Thon (3rd annual) at the San Diego Comic-Con is a fundraiser where both pro and up-and-coming artist donate their time to help raise money for the Cartoon Art Museum of San Francisco. There will be artist scheduled though most of the day Thursday through Sunday of the convention who will be on hand to create original art for a donation to the museum.

      Some of the artist scheduled for this year are Bobby London, Scott Shaw, Batton Lash, Lisa Ann Wilson, Rick Parker, Mike & Doug Gray, R. Sikoryak, Ted Naifeh, Jeff Keane, Debbie Huey, Susie Cagle, Ron Yavnieli, Jason Thompson, Dirk Tiede, Derek Kirk Kim, Karen Luk & Brian Kolm.

      We’re located at table #1930 (which is conveniently located near the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund’s booth). So if you are going to the SDCC, come on by and help this unique institution and leave with a piece of original art.

      Visit [link] to find out more about the museum.
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        Re: Comic con 2009

        Let's direct all future posts to this thread that has already begun:

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