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Where is the best place to sit for Fantasmic!


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  • [Question] Where is the best place to sit for Fantasmic!

    Ok so me and my friend are going to Disneyland and we want to see Fantasmic! but where is the best place to sit and how many hours before the show starts do we have to be in that spot??
    So after 2 full days in a row of walking around disneyland and a four hour practice, I finally understand why my doctor told me to take it easy on my knee I still cant wait to do it again


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    Re: Where is the best place to sit for Fantasmic!

    Oh that's easily a front row seat in the Riverbell Terrance seating.
    One, you get a good spot to eat dinner and wait for the show.
    an' Two, it's a little farther than a front row seat alongside the river edge, where you'd HAVE to stand once the show starts.
    Only problem is that with the crowds now-a-days it's a 3 hour Max wait. Then also you have to put up with rude guests that WILL shoot you dirty looks if you're not eating while sitting there. Also there's another bad possibility that some VERY rude guests in the standing area at the river's edge will put their kids up on their shoulders, blocking your view. Especially if they manage to stand right in front of you when they should keep moving to the right or left.

    My tips is to bring snacks to look like you're eating before dinner rolls around. Once you're finished with dinner try and get something small, or munch on your snacks again. As long as you're eating, the rude bugger can't complain that "you're just sitting there..."
    Also, if you want to ride something, make sure you have someone with you. Otherwise as soon as you get off your seat...10/1 someone will make a move for your table once you're five feet away from it.


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      Re: Where is the best place to sit for Fantasmic!

      Q: Where is your favorite place to sit for Fantasmic!?


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        Re: Where is the best place to sit for Fantasmic!

        I like to stand just to the right of the control booth.


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          Re: Where is the best place to sit for Fantasmic!

          The only place to sit and see the show would be along the riverfront unless you have reserved seating or, like the above poster mentioned, you have a spot at the River Belle Terrace (I don't know what the rules are for that area regarding Fantasmic viewing, so I won't say anything). Generally, anywhere along the river provides a good view as long as you're not too far to the side, but the absolute best place to find a spot is right in front of Pirates of the Caribbean. If you want to catch the 9:00 show, you may have to show up anywhere from 6:30 to 8:00 to sit there depending on what the crowds are like. This being the case, I'd highly recommend attending the 10:30 show instead. Simply arrive at the river after the fireworks (usually 9:40-9:45) and head in as the crowd from the first show heads out.
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            Re: Where is the best place to sit for Fantasmic!

            Originally posted by 413x View Post
            an' Two, it's a little farther than a front row seat alongside the river edge, where you'd HAVE to stand once the show starts.

            You are mistaken, my friend! The front tier of seating, the one that goes right up to the fence by the water front, is sitting room ONLY. People bring blankets and sit there all the way through the show. Strollers must be folded down and are usually stored in the very back by the roped off walkway.
            Now, the wheelchair area and other areas off to the right side by the water, directly in front and to the right of Riverbelle Terrace (when facing the RoA and TSI) may be standing room because there are no tiers behind them. But in the center and to the left, the front tier is all sitting.
            I highly recommend the front row center in the sitting room, if you have no problem sitting on the ground. It's really one of the only places I watch it; it affords the best view of all special effects. I've watched from the Riverbelle, and while I enjoyed it and it was comfortable to be in a chair at a table, it was not as good of a view.
            For the first showing, at 9pm, you would want to be entering the sitting area at about 7. You can still get within the first 3 rows of audience at this time, generally. Earlier can't hurt, as you could sit right up against the fence, which is nice, and a little later isn't the end of the world as there will still be room in the back fo the sitting area.

            For the 2nd showing at 10:30, which is what I usually watch, it can be less of a wait if you use the "bumrush" tecnique (i just like to call it that, haha). This consists of waiting on the path between Tarzan's Treehouse and the Riverbelle Terraces just as the first F! showing ends (get there about 9:20). When it's over, many people will stand and leave, and as they do, hold hands tight with your companions and weave your way into the crowd. Try to get as far left as you can, as part of the crowd on the rightish will be moved away by crowd control before the show starts. You will likely be standing in a crowd with the sitting people in front of you; you will watch the fireworks show this way! Fireworks is almost right after the F! ends, and the RoA is a pretty great place to watch it. After the fireworks, MORE people who were there will leave, and the people who just arrived for the 10:30 show (including you) will be able to move farther towards the front left and sit down to wait.
            I've used this technique to catch the 2nd show many times, often times landing in the 1st or 2nd row of people back from the waterfront. The bonus of it is that you get to watch the fireworks and F! on the same night, and by the time the fireworks are over, you only have 45 mins or so to wait for F! (as opposed to 2 or more hours you might need to get a good seat for the 1st show). Just bring a book, game, pack of cards, or even a memo pad and pen to pass the time (my favorites include disneyland hangman and celebrity 20 questions). be warned though, it won't work as easily with a huge party! like if you have 6 people, you might want to split into 2 groups of 3 until after the fireworks to avoid being an extra-long crowd snake.
            I have been meaning to try this same technique on the far left of the viewing area, over by haunted mansion, as I suspect there are less people on that side waiting to try and catch the late show. It would just involve crossing over into critter country at the finale of the 1st show to wait to enter the crowd from that side.

            I'm curious, is it possible (and has anyone tried it) to watch from the eating area of Cafe Orleans? What about just standing by Pirates in the street of NOS? There have been times I've entered Pirates before the show, and come out in the middle of it and been able to watch the last half just loitering about up on the street in NOS (like by the parasol cart), and it wasn't very crowded up there and had a decent view. As long as the walkway was clear (it waw, as it's quite wide as it opens up), the crowd control CMs didn't seem to mind.
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              Re: Where is the best place to sit for Fantasmic!

              If you don't want to wait for a long time before the show and it isn't too crowded, I've always found that right behind the Tom Sawyer Island raft loading area gets a great view of the show, plus the ships and rafts come a lot closer there than in the front of ROA.


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