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Disney Gallery/Dream Suite courtyard photos?


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  • [Question] Disney Gallery/Dream Suite courtyard photos?

    Hey all! Sorry to bug ya, but I'm currently working on the cute little courtyard of the former Disney Gallery in my 3D model of the park, and I need some help. I have been scouring the 'net for reference photos and videos of the courtyard, and I've found pretty good shots of most of it...but I could use some more. If any of you have any, I would enormously appreciate them being posted here!

    Any and all shots are welcome, but what I especially need is coverage of this area:

    I really need higher-res daytime shots of this area, specifically the roofline. See that brick wall up there, how it turns the corner on the left side? I really need shots of that wall, including shots of the roofline up to the left of this shot. In other words, it would be like this shot, but with the camera tilted down and to the left a bit:

    Or to the right of this shot:

    Or, for those who are more inclined to visualize things from the air, check out this aerial photo. Anyway, it can be from the Disney Gallery era or of the current Dream Suite; doesn't matter. If you've got anything that seems like it might even be slightly helpful, I would be so appreciative of your assistance. Panoramas are also useful. Thanks so much in advance!

    (Also, deepest apologies to the photographers responsible for these shots...I've collected so many photos, and I'm not sure where these three were from! )

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    Re: Disney Gallery/Dream Suite courtyard photos?

    oh, dear data, i would like to help, but i don't know where in the world i would find shots of this!
    "And all I ask is a tall ship and a star to steer her by" (John Masefield)


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      Re: Disney Gallery/Dream Suite courtyard photos?

      Haha, it's all right...I'm just hoping one of our site's many fantastic photographers has happened to capture this particular part of the courtyard at some point. It's amazing how certain little parts of the park are almost never photographed!


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        Re: Disney Gallery/Dream Suite courtyard photos?

        Meh...never mind. This shot by our very own dustysage is good enough. Thanks, Dusty!


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