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Capt Hook's Trip Report (Princess,Pixies and surprizes) 2.0


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  • Trip Report Capt Hook's Trip Report (Princess,Pixies and surprizes) 2.0

    This really started on Sat. July 18th at night. Dan had saw a message from me about going to Disneyland on Sunday. So we where to meet at the entrest to Disneyland by 10:30 when I got there a few mins after 10:30 we when to do are avdents with the characters. The first place we headed for was Pixie Hollow when we got there we saw how short the line was which was about a 20 to 30 min wait. We had though that we will see them in a little bit as we walk by I saw Fawn in Pixie Hollow so we where on the way to PFF to see the Princess send we figure it be a long wait in line for them. When we got there the line was big but it didn't really take that long it was like 45 minutes in line but with the heat it seem like it was 2 hours in the line. When it was are turn to go in the first Princess we saw was Ariel. She had ask us how are day was and if we had been on any rides. Dan said he did but I told Ariel that I just got to Disneyland. Here are some photos with Ariel.

    So after a quick photo with Ariel we move on to the next Princess which was my love. She saw me and said hello again you didn't ware your Aurora shirt. I said not this time she said Mickey is ok to have on as well. When I got close to Aurora to get in postion I acttin {ms} step on Aurora's foot I told her that I was sorry she said that's alright.

    After I gave Aurora a hug me and Dan move to the 3rd Princess Jasmine like Dan we both had meet this Jasmine last Sunday but as do I we really didn't like this Jasmine that to much she wasn't a real talker like Ariel and Aurora was even with the people before us she wasn't to great with.

    After we leave we move on to Pixie Hollow (Part 1). When we got there the line still wasn't to bad it was like 20 minutes when we got there we the first Fairy we met was Silvermist. Dan was asking Silvermist if she could get Disneyland to cool down cause it was really hot like getting closet to 95 I would say. Silvermist said that she's been trying to cool it down but her Pixie Power wasn't working to well.

    I took this photo of Silvermist when she was talking to Dan.

    So when it was my turn she saw my blue shirt and said you got my favorite color on again. I said yes I do. I also carey on with how hot it was and Silvermist said well you could go on Splash Mt. I said no not really. Then she said then on Pirates I said no to that and I told her why I will not go on there and she said why. I told her and the photopass member that I have a fear of highs and I get scare on there.

    This was taken when we where talking about rides. Silvermist ask me then where do you want to get cool off. I said how about Small World. She was like ummm Small World would be good but any place that has a roof on it.

    She then said how about some pictures taken. At this time Dan had move on to Tinkerbell. So here is some of more photos with Silvermist.

    So after the photo Silvermist said it was good to see you again and hope to see you soon. I said I hope to see you again my Princess Fairy. This is the only Silvermist that I give the nickname of Princess Fairy. She forgot that I had say that to her once before and said oh yeah that's right my nickname. I hear the photo pass girl said oh how sweet to say that. So next was Tinkerbell for me I have met this Tink before but up until now she wasn't one of the Tinks that had become a friend to me. So when I got up there she said it's good to see you again. Like always I said nice to see you to Tink. Here is one photo with me that we had done before.

    Then Tink ask me if I know of a new poss I would like to do. It took me a few seconds to come up with this....

    So then Dan and myslf where starting to leave Tink said do come back again. I said we will late today. So when we got out Dan wanted to get some water we where starting to go to Tomorrowland but then Dan spotted my name sake Capt. Hook so we when over by Snow White's wishing well where Hook was at. Dan was first to Hook showing him his book of Peter Pan to him then it came to my turn. I said your my favorite villian out of all villian and your better then Maleficent he turn to me and with his right hand rase it up as saying yeah.

    After the photo Hook tap my shorder and he shake my hand so then we where going when I saw Fairy Godmother in the same place but Dan wanted to get some water so we where off. I was walking and putting my camera in my bag but when I had loss Dan from the crowd so I though he when to the Terrace so I when there and didn't see him so I look over on the back side of Star Tours and he wasn't there. I was trying to figure where he when to when I turn around from the water fountan from Star Tours Buzz Lightyear came out so I when over to get a photo with Buzz.

    So after Buzz I when to the hub where I ran into some people from this place (Well more then just some I meet alot of new people.)

    ?, Coheteboy,Aashee's Daughter.


    So when I was at the meet and talking to Alex,Aashee and the others I also was trying to fine Dan send I was sopost to hanging with him today. As I was looking for him I happen to see a Character that I haven't seen in years. I told Alex and the other excuse me I be right back. I ran as fast as I could to get this guy.

    After I got Mr. Penguin's photo and AG I when back to the meet I show Alex a.k.a Rocker my photo of him he had ask me if I was going to eat with him and the others again. I told him not this time cause I wanted to fine Dan. So when they where leaving I when over to Critter Town cause I had told Dan early I wanted to see Brer Fox. So I when over there and when I got to the Hunted Manison and Splash Mt. there was Brer Fox.

    Reason why there is 3 of the same the person I gave my camera to couldn't really see if he got us cause the sun blocks the view of my screen so it was hard for him to know. After got Fox and couldn't fine Dan I when on to Manison then after got off I when over to DCA to see what characters I could fine. When I got there HSM3 was going. It seems like every time I go there that show is going Well anyways I was on my way to Hollywood Backlot when I happen to see Max. Now I have never had Max in his DCA form before so I when over to him and got a photo with him.

    When got done I did go over to HBL and when I got there only ones I saw was Goofy and Mr. Inc. I had ask one of the handers for Goofy if the UP characters are going to be out. She told me she didn't know if they do meet and greets. She had ask one of the photopass people if she knew. She had look on here list that she took out and said she couldn't fine them on so then that means no UP characters. I wasn't to happy to hear that. So I sat on the beanch that I always sit on when I see what new characters come out. After Goofy leave about 20 mintues later Goofy came back out. So when I saw him come out I got up and leave so I when over to the Pilot to have lunch and I figure that it was getting close for Musical Chairs and I figure that is where I would fine Dan. So when I got done having my BBQ Chicken sandwhich I started my way back over to DLR.

    Last edited by Capt Hook; 07-20-2009, 05:42 PM.

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    Re: Capt Hook's Trip Report (Princess,Pixies and surprizes) 2.0

    Great pictures as usual! Thanks for sharing them with us.

    ^clicky clicky^


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      Re: Capt Hook's Trip Report (Princess,Pixies and surprizes) 2.0

      That's the back of my head! Nice meeting you yesterday Hook!
      Last edited by ttrocc7007; 07-20-2009, 04:58 PM. Reason: typing too dang fast!
      First Visit at the age of 12, July 17, 1968.
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        Re: Capt Hook's Trip Report (Princess,Pixies and surprizes) 2.0

        Nice to meet you to sorry I leave fast there. The next time I'm there on a sunday it will be for the Mice Chatters this time. I just wanted to hang with Dan this time. So Aashee,Rocker,Pezz,7007 and everyone else sorry about what I did.


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          Re: Capt Hook's Trip Report (Princess,Pixies and surprizes) 2.0

          Nice new pose with Tinkerbell. Keep thinking of new poses Captain! These are great pics!
          Home away from Home.


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            Re: Capt Hook's Trip Report (Princess,Pixies and surprizes) 2.0

            It was a nice surprise seeing you at the meet Capt! Thanks for showing me the pictures you had taken, and like I said ... that pose with Tinkerbell is a great picture.


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              Re: Capt Hook's Trip Report (Princess,Pixies and surprizes) 2.0

              Why are the ariels always so dang hot.


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                Re: Capt Hook's Trip Report (Princess,Pixies and surprizes) 2.0

                Capt, you manage to get more pictures with characters than anyone! Well done!


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                  Re: Capt Hook's Trip Report (Princess,Pixies and surprizes) 2.0

                  Thank you all part 2 will be coming up real soon. Oh by the way I just took a long look on my LOVE Aurora and I just found out that this is my second Aurora. I can believe I didn't recurinz [ms] her at first. I think it's her hair that may her change alot.


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                    Re: Capt Hook's Trip Report (Princess,Pixies and surprizes) 2.0

                    Great photos Captn! It was great seeing you yesterday


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                      Re: Capt Hook's Trip Report (Princess,Pixies and surprizes) 2.0

                      You got a picture with max! I'm so jealous! You always have the best trip reports! I hope I get to see you at DL one day, it'll be like spotting a celebrity!!

                      I'm going for my B-day on July 31st, maybe i'll see you there!
                      I :love: Donald Duck!


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                        Re: Capt Hook's Trip Report (Princess,Pixies and surprizes) 2.0

                        Great pictures. It looks like you had a great time again.


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                          Re: Capt Hook's Trip Report (Princess,Pixies and surprizes) 2.0

                          Great seeing you again Jeffery! No worries about leaving early, now that you are comfortable with the chatters, you can come to as many meets as you like!


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                            Re: Capt Hook's Trip Report (Princess,Pixies and surprizes) 2.0

                            I took this photo of Silvermist when she was talking to Dan.

                            Great picture Cptn! Dan seems to have that effect on face characters.


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                              Re: Capt Hook's Trip Report (Princess,Pixies and surprizes) 2.0

                              Part 2.

                              So now I'm on my way back to Disneyland hiding to Coca Cola Corner for Magical chairs when I got there sitting on a chair was Dan. So when I saw him I said sorry that I lost you I told him what happen and so after the talk we sat and weighted for Musical Chairs when the game was going I took these pictures of Alice and Mad Hatter.

                              Every time I try to get Hatter he kept facing the other way.

                              After the game was over I when in line to get a photo with Mad Hatter.

                              So after the photo with Hatter Dan ask me what I wanted to do I told him we can do Pixie Hollow and the Princess again so we when off to Pixie Hollow (Part 2) when we got there the line again was very short. This is kind of a good thing but also a bad. The good is it gets you up to see the Fairies faster but having sush a short weight it gets to wonder how well Pixie Hollow is doing at Disneyland. Anyways when we got there I saw my favorite Fairy Fawn. I forget what Dan was telling Fawn but when I got up there I when my favorite fairy of them all. She said good to see you again and thanks for the kind words.

                              I forget all I said to her right now but I did said to her that I have a shirt of her. She said you may a shirt with me on it. I said yeah. I told her it's green with her flying and I think it has one of your animal friends on it. She told me I have to see it next time. I still I will have it on. So afterI said goodbye to Fawn I and Dan move on to Tink and she said you guys are back again. I told Tink I told you I be back. Dan was first to get her picture again and when it was my turn Silvermist just came out from Tink's house and Silvermist said your back my friend. I told her and Tink if I can get a photo with both of them.

                              I think this is one of my favorite pictures of both of them together. So when Silvermist when to take Fawn's spot and Dan when chasing after Silvermist to get some photos with her. I got nother new poss shot with Tink.

                              After the new photo Tink once again said come back soon. I told Tink I be back for the night time shots. So then Dan and me when off to PFF for the second time when we got there the line wasn't to bad I think because this was the time when the Celebrated Parade was just starting. So when we got to the front Ariel was there and she said to both me and Dan you two are back again then the cast member that was doing the line came and told Ariel that we where talking about her Prince and the other Princes. She said oh yeah what about. I told her that I had met every one of them but Prince Eric and she said well he is always working on his castle. I thing ask her well we see him over at DCA once your new meet and greet gets made. Ariel said we may see him there one day.

                              After talking to Ariel we move on to Belle this time. She ask me how my day when I said pretty good. Then we took a photo together.

                              Then after her we when to see a bonus 4th character in PFF which was Princess Minnie. I when up to her and said my hellos.

                              The 3rd Princess that was in there was Jasmine but both Dan and myslef said we didn't want to see her again so we leave to go on Buzz Lightyear after we got down I needed to get water myself and when I we gotto the Terrace we saw the Jedi show I took some of these photos when we where there.

                              After the Jedi show we when back to the castle for a little bit before the Celebrat Parade for 6:30 came by then we move from the castle back to Pixie Hollow (part 3) We where just watching who was out there Dan saw Iridessa and wanted to see her but she was leaving and Fawn came back out. So we where watching them and when Fawn turn around I had notes that this was a different Fawn from today and rand to tell Dan and he saw and we both said lets go see her. Now the first picture with her is not a picture but my very first time doing a viedo with any characters hope you all can see this. It's only 17sec. of it.

                              [ame=]YouTube - Fawn the 3rd[/ame]

                              After I got my camera back Fawn had ask me if I want a picture this time so I change my camera back to picture taken.

                              After I said goodbye I when to see Tink and Dan told me that this was a different Tink then early in the day.

                              Once we got done we when back and weighted until Iridessa came out when she did we when back in line for our 4th and final time for the day. When Dan got up there Iridessa said to Dan I remember you and Stitch and when he got his photo it was my turn and Iridessa said I remember him but not you. I was kind of laughing there cause for the first time someone didn't remember me.

                              After Iridessa it was Tink again Dan said something to Tink that may me laugh so bad that Tink and the photopass person was also laughing.

                              After that I had to leave so I said my goodbyes to Dan and then met up with my family and leave. So this is it. Hope you like my report. The END


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