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Amazing Disneyland Birthday Trip Report! 7/12-7/19


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  • Trip Report Amazing Disneyland Birthday Trip Report! 7/12-7/19

    Ahead is my Disneyland trip report, from when i left on the 12th, to when i returned home on the 19th. But mostly the joys of Disneyland.

    To start, it was a 5 day Disneyland vacation with me, my girlfriend Melissa, my best friend Ian, and his girlfriend Nicole.

    It was an extremely amazing trip, and even though it was 5 days at Disneyland, it was not nearly enough, and im already beginning saving money for the next Disneyland vacation! (you So. Cal residents are so lucky to get to go as you please!)

    Day 1:
    So a not great, but funny now that im looking back at it story. The person that we had set up to stay with in San Fran for the night to help the drive, bailed on us the DAY BEFORE we were leaving. So the day before we had to scrap together and find some places to stay. On the way there, we were able to stay in Klamouth Falls, OR, which was about 11 hours from Disneyland.

    So we headed to Klamouth Falls from Portland, OR, and it was a pretty unexciting drive. When we got there we stayed with my friend Nicole's Grandparents, and had a BBQ and played with her Uncle's air cannon, which was pretty cool. Other than that, pretty unexciting, but still a nice getaway.

    Day 2 (7/13):
    The next day we woke up, and began part 2 of our 995 mile drive to Disneyland (which ended up being like 1050 miles due to our detour).

    It started with me driving, and look, me going 80 mph, without looking at the road! .

    Thanks to Datameister, i knew the filming location to Dunder Mifflin of the Office, which is one of my favorite shows! We drove there on the way to Disneyland

    It was very awesome to see the place that you watch on TV in person. Thinking about all of the great office moments that happened right where i was standing. Like Merideth being hit!

    It was pretty awesome! As you can see, i was excited and happy to see it.

    Next we drove to Disneyland and checked into our hotel, which was the Hilton. It was pretty nice, not a bad walk. The best part about the hilton was the bed. It was SO comfortable! which really helped after a long day in disneyland.

    Day 3 (7/14):

    Today is our first day to venture into Disneyland, the start of the REAL magic!

    The day started off with our 7:30 am character breakfast reservation at Goofy's Kitchen. Thank you Micechat for recommending Goofy's Kitchen, since most people said that it was the best place to go, that is where i went. It was amazing. At 7:30, it was pretty dead, so we got a lot of interaction with the characters. The food was also really good.

    We got to see Goofy first, which was really awesome! He walked around quite a bit too, so we got to see him more than once.

    Next Belle came by, and i've got to admit, it must be very hard to be a face character, and stay IN character the whole time. Especially when you are around people your own age, but she was really nice, and really great!

    Chip was hitting on my girlfriend!

    Since it was my birthday that week, they gave me a special birthday cupcake and sung for me. It was really cool, but i didnt actually eat the cupcake because i was so full. I will say though, the cupcake that was on the lower right hand side with the pink frosting was the BEST cupcake i have ever had in my life! Next time i go i am going to Goofy's Kitchen just so i can have a few of these cupcakes. They were amazing. Anyone know what kind they are, and any way i could get some of those here?

    Next we headed over to Disneyland to start the best part of our trip!

    HELLO DISNEYLAND!!! You cant see it, but i am JUMPING for joy outside this photo.

    Our first Splash Mountain photo, and it was so fun. Didnt get as many chances to ride Splash Mountain as i wanted, but i will say that quite a few times that i did the water was REALLY high. Anyone else notice this?

    A group photo of us in Critter Country.

    Heh, i was the only one who remembered where the photo was taken, so i was the only one ready.

    This is our not so sexy "Bruno" photos. .

    I AM celebrating!

    That sums up day 3, it was a great start to an amazing Disneyland vacation.

    I will continue with this as time allows. Days 4-8 coming soon!

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    Re: Amazing Disneyland Birthday Trip Report! 7/12-7/19

    Nice TR!
    I've got to say, I'm not big on cupcakes, but that does look pretty darn delicious.


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      Re: Amazing Disneyland Birthday Trip Report! 7/12-7/19

      Great TR! Great photos and a great time it looks like!

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        Re: Amazing Disneyland Birthday Trip Report! 7/12-7/19

        The Chip picture is priceless. Just the look on your face. XD


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          Re: Amazing Disneyland Birthday Trip Report! 7/12-7/19

          LOL, :lol:, what fuin you guys seem to have!! Can't wait for more!! Keep it coming, good job!


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            Re: Amazing Disneyland Birthday Trip Report! 7/12-7/19

            good to hear that you all made it home safely.

            great trip report, look forward to seeing the next part.


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              Re: Amazing Disneyland Birthday Trip Report! 7/12-7/19

              Great pictures, thanks for sharing with us, I'm really glad you had a great birthday, I know how excited you were!


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                Re: Amazing Disneyland Birthday Trip Report! 7/12-7/19

                Great pics and TR so far! Also Happy belated Birthday!
                Always looking for new Disney friends.


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                  Re: Amazing Disneyland Birthday Trip Report! 7/12-7/19

                  Great report so far, and happy birthday!


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                    Re: Amazing Disneyland Birthday Trip Report! 7/12-7/19

                    Awesome pix man. I cant wait till I can go again.
                    Not anxious to die Sir, just anxious to matter.


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                      Re: Amazing Disneyland Birthday Trip Report! 7/12-7/19

                      Day 4 (7/15):

                      This day started off with a pass into Toontown Morning Madness, and i have to say, it wasn't quite as cool as i expected. We were a little bit late, and we arent the target age group im sure, but all there really was were some lines to take photos with the characters, that were actually longer than they ended up being 3 days later when it wasnt morning madness.

                      We first rode Roger Rabits Car Toon Spin. Then we grabbed fastpasses for Car Toon Spin since it is on an independant system. . We never actually used them.

                      After that we got pretty bored of toon town quickly, so we decided to go ride a couple of rides until 10 am, and then we headed over to California Adventure. I will say this though, i think i appreciated California Adventure more this time than i ever have before.

                      We first rode Grizzly River Run because it had a short line, then after that we went on Mulhullen Madness as seen in the photo, which is still one of my favorite rides in California Adventure. Even though its kinda dinky and not much to it, i think its fun.

                      Next we rode Screamin', which of course is always a good ride.

                      After that though, i had my first glimpes at Toy Story Midway Mania, and i was very impressed. It was very fun and very active. My arm was definatly hurting afterwards. I got like 115,000. My only beef with it is that there is no picture like buzz lightyear astro blasters. And they only show your score for a second. There was a group of 4 of us and by the time we all got together we forgot half of our scores.

                      After that we were getting very hot and tired, so we decided to head back to the hotel for a little bit to take a lunch break.

                      After that we headed back to Disneyland to ride the essentials. Since my girlfriends camera was acting up we didnt get any photos of that night.

                      I'll try and get some pictures up from it a little bit later.

                      Day 5:

                      This day we entered the park and headed straight for Fantasyland. We hadn't really visited it at all yet so we decided to go over there and let the girls pick what to ride first... they chose Dumbo... .

                      Taking some photos in front of the Castle.

                      Riding on dumbo. I think it was my first time riding it since i was like 6, so it was pretty cool. I didnt know that you could move it up, i thought it just went automatically. I will say that it seemed like it went too fast though.

                      Next we ran over to Tomorrowland to ride Space Mountain a couple of times since the lines were like nothing.

                      Us goofing off during the photos. By this point, we were staging our photos together.

                      This one just cracks me up. We were all trying to look scarred, and Nicole looks...well... different. Haha!

                      Next we had to REPRESENT! Partner statue photo with our Portland Trail Blazers basketball jerseys! Beat LA!

                      Next we headed over to my FIRST ever ride on the Mark Twain!

                      It was really awesome. Although i wish i would have also got to ride Columbia, i was just never around when they were boarding for it. But it was really cool to go around the Rivers of America.

                      After we headed over and rode Indy. I also had Bengal BBQ skewers, and i was unfortunatly not very impressed. The meat seemed very poor quality, and although the sauce was pretty good, they didnt really show you what you were buying, and didnt include and veggies in the skewer itself. I would have liked a little more to it, and would have been willing to spend more for it.

                      Next i got a picture with Aladden and Jasmine, which was very cool. The line was very short and they seemed very nice. They looked PERFECT for the character!

                      Next we headed out for lunch.

                      After we got back, we headed over to California Adventure, and got fast passes for ToT. We next rode on the Monsters Inc. ride. I thought it was VERY cool. I was pretty impressed in it. I didnt really like the flooring on the line though. It looked like a school flooring, but i can see why they did it.


                      Next we enjoyed Muppet Vision 3D. It was a really great show. Much better than the outdated HISTA.

                      After we rode ToT. I was pretty nervous but it was really fun. Fastpass really helped on this ride.

                      Then we started heading to Screamin and Midway Mania, and stopped on the way for the electrical parade.

                      I didnt realize that California Adventure closed at 9pm. For some reason i thought it closed at 10, and i still think it should be open till at least 10, if not 11. California Adventure is beautiful at night, especially with all the new lighting. What is the use when it closes 20 minutes after it gets dark. Didnt it used to close at 10pm?

                      After that we decided that we should head to the hotel and go to sleep. We had had 3 full days of Disneyland, and were getting really worn out. Plus it was my birthday the next day, and i was going to enjoy it to the fullest!

                      My birthday (7/17) to the end of the trip coming soon!


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                        Re: Amazing Disneyland Birthday Trip Report! 7/12-7/19

                        Freaking sweet Trip report!


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                          Re: Amazing Disneyland Birthday Trip Report! 7/12-7/19

                          I think DCA closed at 10 before but can't remember. I honestly would prefer they open one hour later and stay open later too.

                          Great report!

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                            Re: Amazing Disneyland Birthday Trip Report! 7/12-7/19

                            It looks like you guys had a great time. You are such a cute couple. I can't wait til my next trip to Disneyland.... And seeing trip reports makes the wait time more enjoyable.


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                              Re: Amazing Disneyland Birthday Trip Report! 7/12-7/19

                              looks like you guys had fun, and yes DCA use to close at 10 but now they are doing some new thing with the hours
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