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How to get Morning Madness or early entry


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  • [Question] How to get Morning Madness or early entry

    We will be going soon and staying at DLH & booked with travel agent through Walt Disney Travel co., but I couldn't figure out how Morning Madness works, do we show our hotel key? They give out tickets when we check in? And is early entry the same thing? I heard Sun, tue, and Thurs are days when toon town is open for guest of the hotels but haven't figured out how that works out.

    Also if we have appt. at Plaza Inn at 8am and the park opens at 8am, can we get in early or do they assume we are coming in part at 8am?

    I wanted to schedule a breakfast a either Carnation Cafe or again at Plaza Inn on a early entry but does that open with the park or is it only Toon Town? and does the train work when the park opens to go to Toon Town on those days?

    Any info would be great. We leave in less than 2 weeks.

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    Re: How to get Morning Madness or early entry

    Most of the information that you are asking for will be given to you upon checking in at the DLH. They will make sure that you are fully informed for your stay.

    We stay there quite often and do enjoy the early entry when we can.

    Also, you should call Disney Dining @ 714-781-DINE to make priority seating arrangements for your trip.

    Unless you like to be turned away or told to wait an hour before you can eat...



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      Re: How to get Morning Madness or early entry

      Oh yeah, when you are checking in at the hotel, be sure and ask for the complimentary personalized/autographed character pictures for the kids!

      Balloons too!

      Have fun!


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        Re: How to get Morning Madness or early entry

        We booked through the WD company and arrive tomorrow :yea:Our packet came with a booklet that had a coupon for Morning Madness and small tickets for 1 early entry. It was all intermixed in our paperwork. If you didn't receive it, they should have it at check in. When you make ressies for breakfast ask them about the time, they may assume you'll be late due to entrance or they may only have 8:00 tmes on early entry days, I'm not sure. I'm confused on times for Morning Madness and am planning on asking when we get to the park since we aren't doing that for a few days.

        have a great trip!


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          Re: How to get Morning Madness or early entry

          Magic Mornings are offered Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday.

          The perk comes with the purchase of most 3 day or longer ParkHoppers.

          Due to the Walt Disney Travel Company wanting the "exclusive" rights to promote the Magic Morning program, the Disney owned Hotels will not tell you anything about the program until you check in, at which time Disney will tell you that showing your Hotel Key at the turnstiles on the dates printer on the Hotel Key will get you in for Magic Mornings, no matter what type of Ticket Media you are using to enter. Yes, you have to have a valid ticket/AP to enter the park
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            Re: How to get Morning Madness or early entry

            Sorry didn't realize the older threads. I guess having early entry and morning madness just confused me. I am just trying to cover all my bases, since I realized last week they had forgotten my airport transfers for the 5 of us, both ways, and had to wait another week for that paperwork to show up. And I was thinking about this thread and wondering what other stuff my agent forgot to tell me.

            I am still a little confused on why weren't assigned seats for airline. She said bulk air they determine it later. Really nuts. I hope we will be able to get seats at least together, get all of our additional paper stuff and the trip goes without a hitch.

            I am crossing my fingers and if we miss morning madness or early entry, oh well. I just want to be in Disney already.

            less than 2 weeks until we are in a Happy Place.


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              Re: How to get Morning Madness or early entry

              If you are traveling with little kids, just ask at the Gate if you can board before the cattle-call happens.

              They usually announce for folks that need assistance before they start their boarding process.

              Sounds like your travel agent isn't too handy with the details...

              I bet they didn't forget to ask you for the payment!!!


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