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Jan/Feb Opening/Closing Times and other questions


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  • [Question] Jan/Feb Opening/Closing Times and other questions

    I hope I posted this in the right area.

    Heading back to Disneyland for the first time since Aug '88, and seem to be having trouble finding the opening / closing times for both parks during the time I will be there.

    As well as finding which attractions will be closed during this period. seem to be selling tickets on vaild to early Jan, since I plan on arriving around the 29th Jan, when do next years ticket prices normally get released ?

    And I take it the free entry on my Birthday will be finished by then ( 10th Feb )

    Thanks in advance for the help.. )
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    Re: Jan/Feb Opening/Closing Times and other questions

    I'm trying to remember the opening and closing times during that time of year... the Disneyland website usually only has info about 3 months in advance... I know that since its off season, the midweek hours are shorter, but weekends still are open later, but not as late as during the peak summer months. (Yeah, thats really clear and helpful. )

    I think DCA doesn't open before 10 AM pretty much year round. There might be exceptions during holidays. Disneyland I think opens around 9 AM and closes around 11 PM. I'm sure there is someone else on the board who will have more accurate info on this!

    Ticket prices have already been raised for the following year. So what the prices are now, should be what you will pay in Jan/Feb. Again, Disney doesn't release info on what will be closed that far in advance, but you can check out our project trackers for each park here to get a basic idea:

    And yes, the birthday promotion ends Dec. 31st of this year.

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      Re: Jan/Feb Opening/Closing Times and other questions


      Thank you very much for the links and the reply.

      I suppose there is no hope that "World of Colour" might soft open that early?


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