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Quality Mickey/Minnie dolls??


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  • [Idea] Quality Mickey/Minnie dolls??

    With all of the merchandise surrounding the mouse (vinylmation, plushies, etc.) why hasn't Disney ever thought to create a quality Mickey or Minnie DOLL?

    As in soft, black, thin fur covering a solid shiny skin.

    Think Blythe only Mickey/Minnie. Perhaps their eyes could blink.

    Basically, why don't they make a quality miniature doll of the REAL mickey that roams the parks and make it worth around the 50-100 range??

    The cheap plushies just don't cut it.

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    Re: Quality Mickey/Minnie dolls??

    I also feel that the new plushies don't have the quality of the old ones. I don't want to say that it's because I'm older and not buying plush toys, but I still have my old ones and they look and feel better than the ones they're selling at the parks now.

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