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1st TR 8/25/09 - Bday, lots of photos


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  • Trip Report 1st TR 8/25/09 - Bday, lots of photos

    Today was my girlfriend's birthday and we took a trip to Disneyland to celebrate. Since its our first trip report, we took a lot of pictures (well, for us it was a lot of pictures!), so we'll post them in two separate posts.

    So to start, here's part I.

    Starting Point: Long Beach - about to leave for Disneyland

    Getting in the car, getting on our way. About 10:15 a.m.

    Around 10:40 - When you see this exit sign you know you're here - and so we are!

    Gotta always make sure you remember where you parked!

    On the tram headin' in!

    Before we went into the park, my girlfriend wanted to get Minnie Ears hair clips so we stopped off at World of Disney - while I was standing in line waiting to pay, I snapped a picture of the stained glass above the register.

    And here she is with the Minnie ears - how cute!

    I've seen this done so many times before, I just couldn't resist.

    No trip to Disneyland on your birthday is ever complete without picking up the mandatory button at City Hall. Thanks John! And let the "Happy Birthday!" greetings begin!

    Someone's ready to start celebrating!

    Figured we'd start our trip in Tomorrowland.

    First stop, Fastpass for Space Mountain... we'll be back.

    It was a hot day so we decided to cool off at Innoventions for a little while.

    Even Yoda appreciates the a/c

    When we stepped out of Innoventions, we saw this great view and decided to take a picture, although it didn't turn out too well, I still like it.

    I miss the Peoplemover...

    I REALLY miss the Peoplemover...

    After the cool down, the birthday girl decided it was time to blast some aliens. Here I am waiting in line ready to do the same.

    I don't like the idea of her with a laser gun sitting next to me.

    After I saved the universe. my girlfriend took all the credit and the reward, of course.

    We had enough of the future, so we decided to venture into the jungle to see what we could find.

    Who would have thought we'd find a cruise in the jungle?

    This may be a longer trip than we prepared for...

    So this is the end of the first part of my first trip report post. I'll add the rest in a little bit...
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    Re: 1st TR 8/25/09 - Bday, lots of photos

    Very cute pictures here! I love the Minnie ear clips! And that picture of her grabbing the award is classic.

    I've seen that Yoda before at the Star Trader and always thought it was hilarious. Do you have any pictures of him actually riding on your back??


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      Re: 1st TR 8/25/09 - Bday, lots of photos

      So here I go with the rest of my trip report, pt 2....

      Still traveling on our wonderful cruise through the jungle, we continued to see wild animals at every turn.

      Backside, still funny.

      After we finished our exciting cruise through the jungle, it was time to head over to the Haunted Mansion, with a quick detour to grab an Indy fastpass on the way.

      We lingered in the back, and after everyone left the elevator I snapped a quick picture.

      From the Haunted Mansion, we made our way to Pirates, a favorite for both of us. Before we went inside, I took this picture to kind of show what the crowds were like during the day.

      I bet the map really leads to treasure.

      With the pillaging of the pirates behind us, it was time to head back to the jungle one more time.

      I told her I had a bad feeling about this!

      Funny how it looks so peaceful on the outside.

      While we were leaving the jungle, we saw this friendly fellow wishing us good luck on our travels.

      We got all our gear packed up, and our expedition through the jungle was ready to head back to Tomorrow Land.

      Waiting in line for Space Mountain once inside is so nice with the a/c on a hot day. Wonder if those ears will make it through this turbulent roller coster.

      Ready to leave the park and head over to Storytellers Cafe and get some lunch.

      I am both tired and hungry, and so glad to be sitting down.

      Yoda was having a great time, he thought the Cafe had a good feel to it.

      I think every birthday girl loves being sung to.

      Now for the good stuff!

      After we finished our lunch, we decided it was time to head home for the day and get some rest before we go back to work tomorrow. On our way out we stopped at the World of Disney store again so I could get my girlfriend one last Bday gift.

      Waiting for that last ride at the resort.

      The one sign you want to put off seeing as long as possible every time you go to Disneyland.

      Driving home to Long Beach, with some great memories on my girlfriends birthday.

      For Goover - this is actually the only picture I have of Yoda on my back. I think I need to make a point of taking one next trip.


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        Re: 1st TR 8/25/09 - Bday, lots of photos

        Great TR!
        Good morning, son
        In twenty years from now
        Maybe we'll both sit down and have a few beers
        And I can tell you 'bout today
        And how I picked you up and everything changed
        It was pain
        Sunny days and rain
        I knew you'd feel the same things...



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          Re: 1st TR 8/25/09 - Bday, lots of photos

          :thumbup: all the way....just by the pics..tell what good time u had..thanks for sharing )
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            Re: 1st TR 8/25/09 - Bday, lots of photos

            Nice report! What was the last birthday gift?
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              Re: 1st TR 8/25/09 - Bday, lots of photos

              I was also gonna ask what the birthday gift was. We are all curious, so dish.
              My birthday was August 14th. I wished I was at Disneyland. It looks like you both had a good time. Happy Birthday to your girlfriend.


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                Re: 1st TR 8/25/09 - Bday, lots of photos

                Looks like you guys had a great time!


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                  Re: 1st TR 8/25/09 - Bday, lots of photos

                  Great 1st TR! Looks like you all had fun! Happy B-Day to your girlfriend!
                  Home away from Home.


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                    Re: 1st TR 8/25/09 - Bday, lots of photos

                    Originally posted by KB1ankenship View Post

                    This is my favorite shot... with Yoda just sitting back there all creepy like.

                    great TR!

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                      Re: 1st TR 8/25/09 - Bday, lots of photos

                      Great TR!
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                        Re: 1st TR 8/25/09 - Bday, lots of photos

                        Thank you all for the nice messages. I put this up last night before I went to bed, and just got home from work, so this is the first I've been able to log on.

                        As for the gift at World of Disney, it wasn't much. I got my girlfriend a Nightmare before Christmas blanket, and an "Its Easy Being Green" Kermit t shirt.

                        We had a great time at the park, for me and my girlfriend, there is no better place to celebrate.


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