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DL parking garage collapsed?!!!


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  • DL parking garage collapsed?!!!

    My dad said that he heard something on the news saying that due to some of the heavy rain California has been having, some of the structure on the parking garage collapesed. Does anyone have any further information on this?
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    I havn't heard anything of the sorts ... tried searching yahoo news and didn't find anything there ....
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      That's why I always use those hotel valets and get a validation. Can you imagine being parked in Chernabog and returning to see your car flattened? That garage is a nightmare anyway.
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        I searched and searched and found nothing about this...


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          Me neither...???
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            Huh. That's odd. I asked him again, and he said that they said a piece or section of it fell off. Perhaps they were exadurating and it was just a couple of pieces of concrete that broke off.
            Hail Matt Ouimet, the savior of Disneyland!


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              Nothing heard here...


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                Mickey and Friends didn't collapse? Darn! :lol:

                I hate that parking lot.


                • #9
                  They had a power outage on Monday, and there is some small damage that has been blocked off, but nothing major.....
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                    All I hear on the news lately is about the "Day after Tommorrow" type of weather starting to develope on the west coast, that the all time rain record is about to be broken and has already surpassed even Seattle as far as the totalls so far for a years time.

                    Looks to me like socal is going to become tropical. More like the weather of a climate more southern.

                    I hope the DL upper company is aware of what could happen if the climate swings dramatically to a more wetter extreme.

                    Maybe the Disneydome isn't such a bad idea....
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                      Even though the parking garage didn't collapse, from the sound of how the weather is going down there I wouldn't be all too surprised if I found out that it did.
                      Hopefully, nothing will be collapsing down there any time soon.


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                        Was there yesterday, no collapse, but there are places that are taped off and not being used for parking. It looked more like a huge water leak between the floors so there must be some cracks forming.

                        That parking structure does creep me out sometimes when I drive on it. Especially the areas which have settled and has made the drive feel like a mini-coaster.


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                          Originally posted by lyd
                          Was there yesterday, no collapse, but there are places that are taped off and not being used for parking. It looked more like a huge water leak between the floors so there must be some cracks forming.

                          That parking structure does creep me out sometimes when I drive on it. Especially the areas which have settled and has made the drive feel like a mini-coaster.
                          They have had problems before with the concrete cracking off in little chunks at the expansion joints on the aisles (where it gets beat up by many thousands of cars passing over the exact same spot), and the loose pieces fall on the cars and heads on the next level down. They chip it back and patch it, and all is well again.

                          The Mickey & Friends building isn't one big monolithic block of concrete - it's like 6 or 8 seperate parking structures sitting in a cluster 3" apart, with expansion joints to cover the gaps between them. Though in the summer afternoon heat they're probably only 2" apart, and in near-freezing temperatures 4"... If it was all one big piece the seasonal and daily thermal expansion & contraction alone would slowly crack it to pieces, not to mention earthquakes...

                          Anjd the "mini-coaster settling" of the floors isn't settling at all, the slight grade is deliberate - they have to slope the floors for water drainage, especially on the roof level where they have to deal with the rain water. If you look, there are floor drain grates near the columns at all those low spots, even on the ground floor.

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                          • #14
                            I remember an old article of Al's about all kinds of problems and shortcuts to the stucture when it was being built. yep, he predicted trouble down the road, and he was right again!
                            We stay across the street, so we don't have to park there.
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                              Express Ramp Is Closed

                              I was at the DLR on both Saturday and Sunday and the express ramp over Ball Road has been closed. The yellow plastic sticky poles that are used to guide traffic are in place at both ends of the ramp, ensuring that no one uses it.

                              I expect that DLR expects the ramp to be closed for a while because similar poles that used to force traffic down to one lane where the north end of the ramp meets Disneyland Drive have been removed, thus allowing both north-bound lanes of traffic to now go through since there isn't any conflict with the traffic coming off of the ramp.

                              I asked a CM why the ramp was closed and he acted like he didn't know anything about it. Being paranoid by nature, I usually get a little worried when they start acting like nothing is wrong when something clearly is.


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