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The Capt. Hook trip report you been waiting for


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  • Trip Report The Capt. Hook trip report you been waiting for

    Yes you read the title right this is the one you all been asking about and it has come.

    This really starts on Sat. Aug. 29th when I was sopost to go to Disneyland but with the fires and my dad's heath we had to postpone it until next sat. But on sat night my dad when and check on his work schedule and when he found out he didn't have to work on Monday we though it be good to go to Disneyland on Sunday. So when I found out that we are going I call Dan up on Sunday telling him I was going down there around 12:30 or 1pm. He had told me he just got finish seening Fawn and Tink and told them I wasn't coming. So this may it more fun for me to surprice both of them. So I got to the park a little late cause of traffic got there by 1:40pm. As I got in I when to Disneyana for I can get a statue that I saw last time I was there that was for 75.00 I was a statue of Aurora which you will see later in this report. When I got it I knowest the sign said Limit edison so I just hope I can get the other two I want later which is Ariel and Belle. After I pay for it I when to call Dan telling him I be at Pixie Hollow when I got there he was already there so no call. He told me that Fawn and Tink that I want to meet is in there right now. So we got in a 10 minute line. When we got to the front Dan was first and he told Fawn. Look who I bumb into just now. I walk in and Fawn was really surprice she told me Dan said you where not coming. I told her my family had change plans. So after Fawn and Dan did a fly poss the best way Dan could do it was my turn. She ask me how I want to poss I told her it's up to her cause I couldn't come up with anything. So Fawn had look around and she said how about around the mushroom. SO we did some shots by the mushroom.

    Dan took this pic not me.

    Fawn told me it was great seening you again and can't weight to see you again. I told her that I be back on Sept. 20th she said wow that long I said yeah she then said I will have to put it on my calader. Oh btw Fawn saw my shirt and she ask me who is my first I told her Aurora. She gose so your going to see them next I said yeah. So after getting my stuff I said goodbye and then next was Tink she as well like Fawn was shock to see me. She said the samething I then told her I had a gift for her. She said a gift and well here is the video of it.

    [ame=]YouTube - Tink's gift[/ame]

    So after giving Tink her gift and I got my photo taken from Photopass which you will see later. ME and Dan when off to PFF to see if Ariel was there. When we got there the line was about an hour long when we got there we saw Cinderella.

    Sorry everyone about my shirt beening wet like that it was soooo hot there yesturday I was just soke. After seening Cinderella came Snow White which I haven't seen Snow for a very long time now. She saw my shirt and she said who is my first favorite I told her it is Aurora. She then said do you have different princess shirts and order you like them in. I told her I only have three Princess shirts Aurora,Ariel as you see and Belle. Then I told her the order my favorites where I told her AURORA,ARIEL,Belle and then I was kind of stumming because I didn't know how to say it to her that Cinderella was fourth and then you and then Jasmine. She said it's ok I know it's hard to like all of us.

    This photo is where I'm telling her my favorite Princess.

    So after talking to Snow White I when to Aurora and when I saw her face I knew which one this was. It was my second favorite Aurora. I wanted this photo to be video tape but it didn't turn out so there is no video for this. When it was my turn Aurora saw me she said that's an interstive shirt you have there and she said so who is your first. I told her you of chourse. She said I knew that She told me I can't weight until Christmas so I can see your Christmas shirt of me. I said I will have it on.

    So after getting my stuff and starting to walk out I said goodbye to Aurora and blew her a kiss. She said goodbye back. As I leave I forgot to show Aurora my statue of her so I had to go back to PFF later to show her it. But I was getting hungry so me and Dan where going off to the Palase (Don't no the real name it's the place where it's Minnie Mouse's birthday party is at.) So Dan and me had to go around the Matterhorn cause Celebration was going I told Dan I just wanted to see who was in Pixie Hollow so we both when there and it was both Tink and Fawn. Fawn had turn around and saw both of us. There was nobody in line at the time to see them so Fawn then was talking to me she ask me if I saw the Princess I said yeah but Ariel wasn't there she was sad to hear that but I told her I did she my love Aurora. She said that's good. Then I told Fawn that I slip things up with my favorites. With the Princess it's Aurora,Ariel and Belle my favorite Princess but with you fairies it's You and Silvermist she said aww thank you I like you very mush as well. I really have make a good friend out of Fawn hearing her say that to me really may my day. Fawn had to get back to work cause she had geuss coming up to her. I told her goodbye and when I turn around Dan was walking to the front of the line so we then when to have dinner which I had 3 peaces of Chicken,Mash Potaote,Roll and vegablet. After dinner I wanted to go back to Pixie Hollow to see Fawn again but when we got there it was my Tink and Iridessa. So we waited for almost the time Pixie Hollow close wild weighting Tink saw me and wave back at me. I did the same. So it was like around 4:45 and Iridessa was still there so I said to Dan lets go in anyways so we did and by the time we got to the front it was 5pm we wanted to be the last ones in but didn't work out but we did have some fun in Pixie Hollow. We got there and Fawn came back out she ask me what poss this time and I said a dance with a fairy and well here is a video.

    [ame=]YouTube - Fawn the dancing Fairy[/ame]

    We also got couple of new pics taken.

    Next came Tink but this was my third Tink I know and I got two viedos with her.

    She ask me what poss I wanted and I said a dance poss like how Belle and Beast dance.

    [ame=]YouTube - Tink 3[/ame]

    [ame=]YouTube - Dancing with Tink[/ame]

    Got some photos with her.

    This next one came out weird. Dan some how got it to turn sideways even thou he didn't turn the camera around.

    After saying my goodbye Fawn said I will see you on the 20th. She said see I remember. I just laugh and said yeah you did. So Dan and me when to PFF for the last time of the day. We got there and the Princess we saw where Mulan,Aurora and Cinderella. When I saw Mulan wanted me to do a fighting mode so I did my best Kartay [ms] kid poss.

    Mulan said you keep your blands good. I told her thank you even though I can't hold that poss for long. Next came Aurora but this wasn't the same one I saw early but I had show her my statue of her.

    She had ask me what dress I like better blue or pink I said Blue she then said Merryweather would be happy to hear that from you. Dan ask me to ask her why she dosen't wear her blue one anymore. She said some about Flora is in charge of her looks that's why. So after seening came Cinderella.

    So this is the final of my trip report. I really did have fun yestuerday best day I ever had.

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    Re: The Capt. Hook trip report you been waiting for

    I love the videos! You should take more with the characters.

    Great pictures as well.


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      Re: The Capt. Hook trip report you been waiting for

      Capt you are the man....wonderful report and Im so glad u had a good time..:bow:
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        Re: The Capt. Hook trip report you been waiting for

        The Presentations - In Pictures:

        Fawn Takes A Look:

        The Gift


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          Re: The Capt. Hook trip report you been waiting for

          Glad you were able to have a good time Cptn.


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            Re: The Capt. Hook trip report you been waiting for

            Your shirt is charming.

            Nice photos too.


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              Re: The Capt. Hook trip report you been waiting for

              Great pics Captain!
              Home away from Home.


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                Re: The Capt. Hook trip report you been waiting for

                Very nice pics and the dance videos were awesome.


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                  Re: The Capt. Hook trip report you been waiting for

                  That's pretty awesome! Thanks for the awesome trip report :]
                  sigpic...After a YEAR I finally was able to figure out my password again! I'm baaack! Woohoo!(:
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                    Re: The Capt. Hook trip report you been waiting for

                    Thank you all. I really had fun with when I gave Tink that scrapbook she really did like it alot. Now the thing is I got to come up with something for Fawn she ask me where her's was at.


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                      Re: The Capt. Hook trip report you been waiting for

                      This was really cool.
                      Not anxious to die Sir, just anxious to matter.


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                        Re: The Capt. Hook trip report you been waiting for

                        Looks like you had a great time! Thanks for sharing!!


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                          Re: The Capt. Hook trip report you been waiting for

                          Fantastic TR as always Capt. I laughed i cried, two thumbs up :thumbup:
                          Marquis d'Bod of the RCMC... always and forever


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                            Re: The Capt. Hook trip report you been waiting for

                            I'm so glad you had a great time. This trip report was really cute and I'm happy Tink liked her gift! (:


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                              Re: The Capt. Hook trip report you been waiting for

                              I will have to wait to get home from work to see. Only one picture showed up here at work. I can't wait to see Tink get her gift..


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