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Ways to get to DL without a car?


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  • Ways to get to DL without a car?

    My friends are trying to make a trip to DL. They live in LA and don't have driver's licenses, let alone cars (for some reason I know a lot of people, myself included, who only ever bothered to get licenses from Autopia). Any suggestions for realistic ways to get there? I know they could take Amtrak at 5am, then catch a bus, but they're students with no money who aren't likely to succeed in getting up that early. Any unconventional suggestions?

    Incidentally, I'm in San Diego, and I'm always looking for good ideas too

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    MTA or Amtrak are the most budget minded way to get to Anaheim from LA. Don't even think of hitch hiking. They could try a hungry taxi or limo driver. If there are a large enough number in the party it could work out to be very reasonable. We've done that in San Francisco to the airport many times and it was cheaper than public transport.
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      Originally posted by crinklebat
      Any unconventional suggestions?
      Sweet-talking a mom. It works (soon to be worked) quite well for me.
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        MTA is a good idea.. Yes, the LA transit does go to Knott's and Disneyland. Bascially they have "special" stops, and a deal with the Orange County Transit (OCTD).
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          Amtrak to Fullerton Station, Bus down Harbor Dr to DLR. Piece of cake. I did it form San Diego one morning. Only took 4 hours and $23.
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            Check the hotels in your area. Usually there's a shuttle to and from DL. Even if you're not a hotel guest, it might be cheaper to ride one of these shuttles than public transportation.

            Also, if you can get to LAX, then maybe you can take a shuttle from there to DL, or a shuttle to a hotel in Anaheim and catch a cab from there.


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              When my wife and I lived in Santa Clarita, we had no car and Metro information line was absolutely worthless.

              We eventually figured out that we could catch a bus to the Van Nuys bus station. From there we took a bus to LAX. LAX has several options from a bus, to priavate shuttles that will get you to the park.

              Certainly not the most efficient way, but it did the trick.

              So if your friends can get to LAX, they'll be fine.


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                It will depend on where they're coming from. L.A. is a big place.
                And, if they don't have any money to get there, how are they planning to get in?


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                  Originally posted by sediment
                  It will depend on where they're coming from. L.A. is a big place.
                  And, if they don't have any money to get there, how are they planning to get in?
                  Let's say UCLA...and admission is expensive enough that they're trying to save on transit.


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                    I live in LA and don't have a car either and I come to DLR all the time. Catch the #460 Metro Bus at the corner of 7th Street and Flower, buy a Day Pass for $3.00. You will still need to pay another $2.00 for Freeway transit and Orange County tariff. You will only pay $1.00 additional to come back. Total for the trip per person, $6.00.
                    You can even save $2.00 on this by taking the Blue Line to the Green Line, then Green Line to Norwalk station and picking up the #460 down there. The bus stops right in front of Disneyland.
                    Do the reverse to come home.
                    An alternative is to take Amtrak from Union Station to Anaheim Station. From the station walk over to Katella and catch the #50 Bus down Katella to DLR. Cost of the train, $6.00, bus is $1.25.
                    Hope this helps.

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