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Watermark on Disneyland Annual Pass

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  • [Question] Watermark on Disneyland Annual Pass

    Hey guys,

    I just realized that there is a watermark of "Disneyland" logo on the back of my annual Pass. It is next to where it displays my name.

    You can't really see it until you look very hard.

    The reason why I know about the watermark is because when I was riding any Dark Ride at Disneyland. whenever I pass under the blacklight, the "Disneyland" logo magically appears in the middle of my annual pass. it looks really neat and awesome too.
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    Re: Watermark on Disneyland Annual Pass

    I kinda figured that the aps have water marks or some kind of identifying markings. the logo like you mentioned, under normal conditions does seem to stand out of the rest of the design.

    I wonder if all of the other ticket media (day tickets, hoppers, twofers, etc) have the same (or similar) watermarks?

    and:::::: are the watermarks a copyprotection device? you know, to prevent counterfeiting?