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Tony Baxter's Reimagined Tomorowland


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  • [Rumor] Tony Baxter's Reimagined Tomorowland

    "And yes, once DCA proves itself and Tony Baxter gets the green-light for his BIG BUDGET RETHEME of Tomorrowland, the Astro Orbiter will return to its rightful place atop the PeopleMover station."

    I thought it would be interesting to speculate what is in store for a BIG BUDGET RETHEME, but PRACTICALLY speculate what this retheme will be.

    Things that most likely will stay:
    Star Tours 2.0 (For all intensive purposes not part of the retheme)
    Space Mountain (Fan Favorite)
    Submarine Voyage (Relatively New)
    Buzz Lightyears Astro Blasters (Relatively New)

    which leaves us with space near Starcade, Innoventions, Observatron, and old Peoplemover tracks.

    Now Al has talked about the Astro Orbiter getting placed back up on top and we've all kinda speculated on a peoplemover...but can that really be all of a BIG BUDGET Retheme? What else PRACTICALLY can be done that Tony has up his sleeve to make this big budget?

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    Re: Tony Baxter's Reimagined Tomorowland

    I think just moving the Astro Orbitor alone would be a HUGE chunch of money.


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      Re: Tony Baxter's Reimagined Tomorowland

      The repainting, new attraction (keep in mind they have a lot of room if they wanted to add another showbuilding backstage to make a ride. New atmospheric effects....

      Give me some money and I'll show you...


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        Re: Tony Baxter's Reimagined Tomorowland

        Originally posted by Eric5675 View Post
        keep in mind they have a lot of room if they wanted to add another showbuilding backstage to make a ride.
        I wish that were true. =/ Tomorrowland wraps around a pocket of backstage between it and Main Street. It's a fairly small bit of land, about half the size of Pirates, and it's being used for other stuff. It'd be difficult to put something in back there. However, I can think of a fair number of attractions in Tomorrowland that could be replaced...


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          Re: Tony Baxter's Reimagined Tomorowland

          How realistic is it to demolish the carousel theater? And if so how much space will that free up? Can you fit two attractions in that space?


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            Re: Tony Baxter's Reimagined Tomorowland

            and also was it tony baxter who said if a peoplemover incarnation was to be brought back that he wanted the kitschy early 60's music the old one had? Cuz that would be super cool.

            I want the lineup to somehow look like this
            Space Mountain
            Star Tours 2.0
            Finding Nemo Submarine Voyahe
            Buzz Lightyears Astro Blasters
            Captain E.O. (or whatever new film they can come up with)
            Astro Jets (On the platform)
            New Peoplemover
            Mission: Space (Taking over the starcade or the pizza port)
            And taking over the demolished Carousel Theater space:
            Adventures Thru Inner Space (updated version with new technology)
            some type of TRON attraction

            That would i think be a pretty good tomorrowland
            Last edited by Titanfreak46; 09-08-2009, 01:19 AM.


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              Re: Tony Baxter's Reimagined Tomorowland

              If TRON Legacy is a hit.. it might have enough juice to carry a themed attraction.

              a Mission to Mars - Mission to Space update would be cool.

              simply bringing the PeopleMover platform back to life would change tomorrowland. it just sits there in the dead center... collecting dust.
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                Re: Tony Baxter's Reimagined Tomorowland

                Oh wow. My number one topic in the world.

                Since the Rocket Rods officially closed in Sept. 2000 .. that's when I began to wonder if WDI began to seriously look at their botched effort they called "The New Tomorrowland:1998".... and do something about it !!

                The way reports come in (and I've been keeping tabs between here and LP for quite a while) .. I think it's safe to say Baxter has been working quietly away at ideas since around 2002-2003. And seriously for the last 3 years. And it's amazing how very little has been leaked out.

                That could mean either one of two things:
                Either they have some special things in mind .. and don't want to let out the fun any earlier than it should.
                Or ...
                Nothing is getting set in stone ...
                and is an endless pile of changes and procrastination.

                We can tell what's due to go .. and what's staying.
                That's easy.

                - Space Mountain
                - Submarine Voyage
                - Monorail
                - Buzz Lightyear's Astro Blasters

                Those Four are here to stay!
                They may get a facade makeover, but that's it.

                Then the obvious "returning, but improved" attractions:
                - Astro Orbitor (hopefully returning to it's 1967 perch)
                - Star Tours (2.0)
                - Autopia (Here's where we've been speculating, they could go - All electric, Sponsored by Honda .. as HKDL's is.)

                Then the "All New" attraction line-up.
                - A totally new concept for the Peoplemover track.
                (I'm hoping a redesign of the 6-9mph Peoplemover)
                - Something on the level of an "E Ticket" in Innovention's spot
                (This could be Tron related, maybe Wall-E related, or maybe even better than that - Something totally ORIGINAL!)
                - A replacement for "Honey, I shrunk the audience"
                (This is a hard one to contemplate. Instead of a third installment for this theater, maybe demolish it, and replace the theater concept for something totally different.)

                So .. the way I see it .. there you go - 3 possible ALL NEW attractions.

                Now there's another element to all this:
                It's been mentioned in one form or another .. to expand Tomorrowland beyond the DLRR perimeter .. by running showbuildings right up against Harbor Blvd. I have no idea how they'd pull this off. There's a chiller plant right behind Redd Rockets Pizza Port (to the best of knowledge. Not an easy thing to relocate!) (Next, is a system of pipes for the Submarine Voyage. Probably a chlorinated water system. How and where do you relocate that?) Then of course .. there's the dioramas for the DLRR. So .. who knows what they could do. If possible .. it could change the entire section of TL from the Autopia wrapping around to the Star Trader Shop .. as we know it! Re-arranging and EXPANDING more than we can imagine! Which could open the door for room for possibly 2 MORE attractions, maybe more!

                Then .. lets not forget the idea of Double-Decking the land.. which has been something imagineers have wanted to do ... since designing TL:67 .. and the TL:2055 plan that included a 2-decked land layout.

                I really hope Tony Baxter is able to pull this off .. and do justice .. as his TL:98 WAS a flop .. and needs a chance to serve the land justice.

                Many possibilities here. But what Tony has to his arsenal to the pencil pushers making budget judgment calls ... is TL really, really, really, really needs to be addressed properly .. as this has been going on for a QUARTER CENTURY. We know the joke that debuted in 1998. We also know the failed attempt of TL:2055 that was in development in the late 80s .. with a Jan. 1992 construction start date .. just to be canned in the summer of '91. But ANOTHER failed attempt few here ever mention - the 1984 Remake that was thrown into the office "scrap heap".

                So .. Tomorrowland has gone in circles in terms of seriously planned overhauls .. just to be dumped, or mismanaged ONE TOO MANY TIMES!

                Add them up:
                1984 Renovation Plan - canned
                "TL:2055" Renovation Plan - canned
                1998 TL: "Imagination & Beyond" - botched.

                1984 to 2009 = 25 years of Tomorrowland Rigmarole !!
                Last edited by Tomorrowland_1967; 09-08-2009, 05:08 AM.
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                Dear Peoplemover Fans, If you want to see a new attraction that at least mimics the 1967 Peoplemover in a future Tomorrowland remodel, you need to write to the powers-that-be, and let them know. If you don't - Then the next time Tomorrowland is remodeled, you will see a land barren of any "Peoplemover" type attraction.


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                  Re: Tony Baxter's Reimagined Tomorowland

                  I had mentioned in another thread I had this strange dream where they brought the People Mover back by building bypasses to a couple of tunnels. I wonder if they've ever looked at that as a way to bring it back?


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                    Re: Tony Baxter's Reimagined Tomorowland

                    All they really need to do, in my opinion, is:

                    - Eliminate Star Tours (it's not even a Disney movie, fer xsakes, and it doesn't take place in the future!)
                    - Reconstruct Adventure Thru Inner Space in its rightful home
                    - Get PeopleMover going again
                    - Take out Innoventions and put the Carousel of Progress back in, with a modern-day show segment (iPods, Internet, GPS, etc.)
                    - Put Skyway back in
                    - Make a new film for the Magic Eye theater to replace Honey I Shurnk the Audience - the 3-D effect is still cool
                    - Add a major attraction based on WALL-E, in the area formerly occupied by Flight to the Moon/Mission to Mars and further back if more room is needed

                    If they would do all those, they could return Tomorrowland to a state of glory.


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                      Re: Tony Baxter's Reimagined Tomorowland

                      Originally posted by Titanfreak46 View Post

                      which leaves us with space near Starcade, Innoventions, Observatron, and old Peoplemover tracks.
                      And HISTA.

                      And maybe the land once used by the Motor Boat Cruise (though that might possibly become a fairies attraction).

                      And maybe some space from administrative offices, if they are really moved across the way.

                      And maybe some space from backstage.

                      What I mean is, there is space there.


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                        Re: Tony Baxter's Reimagined Tomorowland

                        I don't think DL will get the Peoplemover.
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                          Re: Tony Baxter's Reimagined Tomorowland

                          Another thing that has been mentioned by people in the know is an update to Autopia. At least to the cars once the Chevron deal expires and Honda takes over.

                          Innoventions seems to be doomed to be beheaded on the chopping block of Yesterland.

                          I would assume that a complete repainting of most of the land will take place. Especially with Astro Orbiter getting such a dramatically different paint job from the rest of the land.

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                            Re: Tony Baxter's Reimagined Tomorowland

                            I think just little things like painting the whole land and repaving everything, along with new lighting and water effects it could change the land into somthing great again. Along with the PM coming back, a Tron attraction, New Star Wars, Captain EO returning for a couple of months every year, and a new 3-D Walle show. The land could become much more tommorrowland than yesterdayland.
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                              Re: Tony Baxter's Reimagined Tomorowland

                              Ok so here's my plan:

                              -Space Mountain-Obviously staying it's probably the park's most popular attraction. The outdoor terrace will be enclosed and well themed as Space Station 77, AKA 'Space Mountain'.
                              -Star Tours 2.0-Updated queue on par with Indy and brand new show and technology.
                              -BLAB-Not a huge fan but hopefully with the new TL we'll get an update.
                              -FNSV-Lot of negative reviews but they spent too much money to get rid of it.
                              -Autopia-It's a classic and we may get the HKDL one and I think we'd be happy with it.
                              -Monorail-Goes without saying.

                              New or Rebuilt
                              -The PeopleMover-I outlined my PM idea here
                              -Adventure Thru Inner Space-Totally new updated version with state of the art technology that will replace the Starcade and, if necessary, the Magic Eye Theater.
                              -Mission:Space or Mission to *Galactic Location*-This goes in the Carousel theater. Innoventions is going for sure, and either of these work IMO. America Sings is outdated and it'd need all new animatronics anyway, and the CoP is unnecessary which I will explain in a moment. Mission to "" goes here Pizza Port is TL's only decent restaurant and it needs one so MtM's old stomping ground is taken.
                              -Rocket Jets-Return to their rightful place on the PM platform.
                              -In addition, the Grand Canyon diorama will be relocated between the NOS and TT stations. The Primeval World between TT and TL. In between Tomorrowland and Main Street, U.S.A will be an updated version of the Carousel of Progress, but in reverse. Starting with a 2055 family, then present day, 1980s, 1950s, and turn of the century. This will better acclimate guests to the feel and time period of Main Street.


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