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Half Marathon Hotel Hopping Labor Day Report


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  • Trip Report Half Marathon Hotel Hopping Labor Day Report

    My Wife ran the half marathon this weekend and so we planned a whole mini vacation around it. At first we planned two days, the first arriving on Saturday and staying at the Travelodge International. Then moving over to the Disneyland Hotel for Sunday night. But as luck would have it, I got Friday off as well, so we booked the Paradise Pier( It was our first time there). We headed out of San Diego at about 6am so we could get there in time for Magic Morning. It was already 75 according the thermometer we saw on the freeway. Got to the Pier at 7:30 and our room was already ready. We got the park view as this was the only AP rate availble. We were glad we did cuz we had a great view.

    View at 7:30 am

    Then we headed out to the park. I love Magic Morning!!! It was one of the best memories I had as a kid and take every oppertunity I can to use it when we stay at the resort hotels. I think if there was an option on AP's I would buy it.

    The people in front of us got turned away.

    Almost empty Castle

    We decided to hit up Fantasyland first and enjoyed the walk on lines.
    A walk on!!!!

    We made a wrong turn

    You can do it Dumbo!!

    Rode both sides

    After a pretty much walk on to the subs, it still took 30 minutes to get on and ride, which ate the rest of our Magic morning time. After the Subs, we went on Space and Buzz which had no lines. Then it was starting to get warm so we made our way over to Splash. It had a really short wait.

    Beautiful day from the top

    I knew he'd get away

    We had a flasher!!!!

    Stoped in at the Mansion

    Then ate lunch at the Billies

    After lunch we decided to go on Midway Mania and then go back for some swimming.
    On our way out we saw the band

    And celebrated

    My wife found a hidden Mickey and she was SO happy!!!

    After a stroll through California and some Ice Cream, we found Mania closed for technical difficulties althought they were still letting people on the ride. A little confusing. So we headed back to the hotel.

    Up next....Part 2
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    Re: Half Marathon Hotel Hopping Labor Day Report

    We went swimming after we got back from DCA. The pool was Ok, but it did have a waterslide which was cool. There was a lot of concrete and not enough theming I think. And they had a bar and food, but it was disconnected from the pool which I think killed it. After the pool we went back to the room and just enjoyed our room.

    We thought we could watch the fireworks from the room but we did not have the firework channel on our tv. So we called down to the front desk and they said our room could not see the fireworks. I didnt believe them but we ended up watching them on the 3rd floor where they had a firework viewing area with the soundtrack. It was a decent spot.


    After the show we headed out to get our first glimpse of Murphy. It was pretty busy for the 1030 show. I guess a spiffy new dragon will do that.

    My Murphy Best

    After a quick ride on Indy and Space we headed back how disney hotel guests should travel...via the Monorail.

    After a long day, it was time for bed.

    Up next Part 3


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      Re: Half Marathon Hotel Hopping Labor Day Report

      Day 2 started like this:

      And here's a couple shots of the room

      PP concept art everywhere. Especially the sun. I wonder if they are going to change that out once the makeover is done?

      Then it was check out time and off to the Half Marathon Expo at the Disneyland Hotel. We picked up our stuff done in the under ground parking of the hotel.

      Mickey was fast...all that was left was his shadow

      Praying she'll make it that far

      The Expo was held in the Grand Ballroom of the DH.

      Last minute info

      Last minute massage

      After the expo we headed off to lunch at our favorite offsite place...Mimi's Cafe. By then it was 3 and time to go to our next hotel, Travelodge International.

      The hotel is on Harbor at the end of the resort district. Its an ok hotel, for the same price, we payed $45, I like the Super 8 more. It is a long walk to the parks as well. After a quick nap we went to the Olive Garden in Westfield Mainplace in Santa Ana to get my wife's carbo load and the endless pasta special. We had to get up early, 330am, so we went to bed early. Unlucky for us, our neighbors decided to have drunken karaoke at 2am. Turning up the air condintioning luckly drowned them out.

      Day 3 and the race up next
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        Re: Half Marathon Hotel Hopping Labor Day Report

        Excellent!! More, more, more, please!


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          Re: Half Marathon Hotel Hopping Labor Day Report

          So I woke up at 330 am because my wife was trying to get me to run the half marathon, so instead I volunteered. The meeting spot was near the Honda Center and there were a lot of perky high schoolers all ready to go.

          Getting ready to organize the volunteers.

          I was a course monitor, whatever that meant. And since I was there first I got my choice of assignment. I picked Angel Stadium.

          We left for the stadium at 6am so we ended up sitting and waiting for 2 hours but once we got there it was well worth it. My spot on the course was right behind home plate. It was great. The Angel Girls were there, as well as the PA for the Angels announcing runners as they ran past. In the seats were local boy and girl scouts. It was pretty exciting. I never got any real explanation of my role, but I found I was to be unofficial photographer for the runners who wanted a photo of themselves on the field. It was GREAT!!

          THe tunnel down to the field.

          Me monitoring the course before the runners came

          The Angel Girls

          My wife stopping to take a photo as she ran by

          All in all it was a great time. I got really lucky were I was placed. It was fun to see all those people run by and it seemed everyone was enjoying themselves.

          Up next, a runners point of view of the race.


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            Re: Half Marathon Hotel Hopping Labor Day Report

            My wife got up at 330am for race day and got a free ride on art to the resort. Before the race, they kept the crowd active with some trivia. There was some dancing, stretching and gearing up for the race. My wife was in corral E. Then it was race time

            The start line

            Mickey to wish runners luck


            Woody Jessie Bullseye


            Singers on the streets of Anaheim

            Almost half way there

            The Honda Center

            Fans at Angel Stadium

            Angel Girls

            She found me

            Cheerleaders heading into the tunnel

            Heading backstage by the TOT

            Stoped just short of the finish line to get pic of the crew

            At the finish line with the medal(It's heavy)

            SHe had to walk to the Hotel

            The race was so much fun with characters, cheerleaders, bands and spectators cheering you on. Just when you think you can't keep going someone will yell out your name. The miles went quickly and can't wait to do it again!!

            She finished in 3 hours 6 minutes, 1073 in her age group Great job for a first time runner

            Next up the Disneyland Hotel
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              Re: Half Marathon Hotel Hopping Labor Day Report

              These pictures make me want to start training for next year's half marathon! Make sure to give your wife an extra "congratulations!" from a fellow novice runner!


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                Re: Half Marathon Hotel Hopping Labor Day Report

                What a great TR! And congratulations to your wife :clap:

                Delta Mu Chi Alpha ΔΜΧΑ


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                  Re: Half Marathon Hotel Hopping Labor Day Report

                  Congrats to your wife! Awesome!

                  Can't wait for more!
                  Home away from Home.


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                    Re: Half Marathon Hotel Hopping Labor Day Report

                    Congrats on the run!!!!

                    Can't wait to see the rest! This was my first half and the one thing I regret is not taking a camera with me. Thanks for taking the time to post all of these.
                    Glory, Glory Man United! And the Reds go marching on! On!! ON!!!

                    I survived my first Marathon. Got my Mickey at WDW after 6:22:08 of "fun" on the course. Not happy with the time, so I will go back and be getting Goofy next year!


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                      Re: Half Marathon Hotel Hopping Labor Day Report

                      Last part of the report. On Saturday at the expo, Disney gave the runners a goodie bag of stuff. Besides the free pizzokie from BJ's, we also got the premier edition of the D23 Magazine. I thought it was a nice touch, also great marketing with the expo only a week away.

                      After my wife got back, it was check out time and time to move on to our 3rd hotel of the trip...The Disneyland Hotel. We stayed there once when we got engaged and won an upgrade to a suite during the YOAMD. We got to the hotel at about 1130am and our room was ready. We had some great luck checking in.

                      Our arrival

                      Our room was in the Wonder tower on the 5th floor facing towards the inside of the hotel overlooking the wedding pavillion and waterfalls.

                      View of the parks from our room

                      Some of the details of our room

                      After checking out our room, we went to the ESPN Zone for lunch. I really like all the TVs in the dinning room. Now it wont matter if your in the bar or dinning room on game day.
                      Proudly wearing her "I did it shirt"

                      After lunch it was time for the pool. It was pretty busy. But so refreshing.

                      After our dip, we kinda watched a wedding from our balcony

                      Then it was time for the parks. We went to DCA and went on TSMM and ate dinner. It was a short trip cuz we wanted to get back to watch the fireworks from our room.

                      This guy was playing in front of the jazz kitchen...he was great!!!

                      We found we had a little time before the show, so we went to the pool again

                      Magical was great. We could even see Tink and Dumbo.

                      After the show, we went to DL to see Murphy again. He was just a spectacular the second time!! Then we went on one final ride on Splash and we called it a night.

                      The next morning we took it easy and enjoyed the view from our room. We got our statement from the hotel and they were offering for one night only a special rate of $129 to stay an extra night. Too bad we had to work the next day. After we checked out, we took the oppertunity to get in some more swimming. It was a lot less busy than the day before so it was nice.

                      It was so sad to go. After finishing our swim, we went on some rides at the park and left pretty early to head home. It was a great trip and nice to take it easy. Having access to a pool on a hot day was nice too. The DLH maybe isnt what it could be, but in my mind it is still a great hotel to stay at, especially if you want to be apart of the magic the whole time. Well thanks for reading.

                      One thing I did notice when we left the PPH and DLH parking areas is that both times there was no one in the booth checking tickets. I wonder if you were just going for the day, this could be secretly used for free parking? After the fireworks, I did notice someone was at the booth checking, but maybe if you leave at non peak times?


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                        Re: Half Marathon Hotel Hopping Labor Day Report

                        What a fun-filled trip! Thanks for sharing the TR!
                        Home away from Home.


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                          Re: Half Marathon Hotel Hopping Labor Day Report

                          Amazing trip report..

                          Congrats to your wife for finishing the half-marathon.. I'm in the process of training for a 5K but with bad knees.. it's a little difficult..

                          My goal is do a Disney run before my knees give up on me completely..

                          Thanks for sharing the pictures of the various hotels and of several parts of the run.. made me feel like I was was right there with you!

                          DISNEYLAND: It even makes science geeks look cool!!


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                            Re: Half Marathon Hotel Hopping Labor Day Report

                            Your TR makes me want to prepare to run for the 1/2 marathon next year!! it seems fun. Were there other characters out cheering you guys on???


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                              Re: Half Marathon Hotel Hopping Labor Day Report

                              There was only characters inside the parks. There was Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Chip and Dale were at the start or finish line. I saw Flick and the princess and Lilo and Stitch and the Ratatoille chefs on stilts in DCA. At Disneyland I saw 2 floats from
                              C!ASP, Woody, Jessie and Bullseye on the golden horshoe saloon. There were others that I didn't get a pic of and ran right by. I think there were a few others but I forget who they were already!

                              Once you are out of the parks there aren't really any disney characters other than the runners dressed up! There are bands, cheerleaders, dancers, boy and girl scouts and lots of spectators cheering you on. It's great because your name is printed on your Bib so they yell out your name as you run by them.

                              You should do it....It was sooooo much fun!


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