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THE 2009 Half Marathon Trip Report, etc.


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  • Trip Report THE 2009 Half Marathon Trip Report, etc.

    2009 has been a year of great things. Many may doubt that, concerning themselves with the state of the economy, the drought, or the fact that the space shuttle program is nearly toast...but we have to look ahead, with positive hope, for we are the FUTURE!

    This trip report consists of Disneyland, DCA, Universal Studios Hollywood, 5K and Half Marathon, and some random shots of my posse and I. I will have to do little sections at a time as there are so many photos! Enjoy!

    What is this? The OC Register headlines with Murphy? Alas, sweet, sweet press coverage of the great reptilian Imagineering feat!

    I quickly grabbed Monica, my fiance, and best Boyguna Surf Club t-shirt and jumped in the car.

    At first, I thought we were driving to LA, then I realized we were actually on Tatooine (it looked better in person)

    Two travelers accompanied us, Peevs (sock monkey) and Cocoa (bear)

    Only a couple exits to go and we're there!

    King in his castle (Borat)...just kidding, this is the Red Lion. Not too bad. Similar to the room renovations made to a number of Las Vegas hotels.

    First thing we see is a couple of hooligans storming Space Mountain through a hinged opening...

    Needing to speak with someone in charge, we went straight to the dean. Mr. Sklar and others were busy making a Disney salad and advised we ride some rides and assured us the matter would be handled.

    This sign brought to me a reminder of a past visit where I went missing to my family for nearly 10 and sad at the same time; I made note to stay close to my fiance as to not repeat one of history's oldest lessons.

    To the house of haunts! Apparently death certificates are hard to come by. Each time we inquired the basket was's like they really don't care to meet their quota?

    Bears made of wood, classic Critter Country

    Ahoy! We spotted some Brer friends on our way to the log ride who insisted we spend our first vacation day at a patch of briers.

    Ah, FYI, we are newly engaged!

    The amazing detail of this attractions exterior still makes me blush

    Me so thorny! A slightly different vantage point than most of the photos you see.

    A bear resides here

    Here are his pumpkins which you can get for a price

    Now, I am no photo-shopper as you can clearly see, but try and get a shot like this with your 'can't-get-wet' cameras!

    These swampy fellows played a tune while we danced a jig of relief. The patch wasn't so bad after all!

    Something seemed a little off about this fellow...not that's there's anything wrong with that

    A large yellowish-orange bear insisted that we take a photo with him.

    A similar occurrence took place with a hare. A trend seemed to be building.

    Then a sneaky fox showed up, motioning about like he was going to make the rabbit into his lunch...

    Another photo op. Just when we think it is safe to go on another ride, a character butts into our biz and wants a photo...

    But a cute one he was, so we agreed to a few frames.

    "I'm giving you a raise, and I'm making you my partner" -if you can guess what Disney film that line is from, you will win the big prize!

    Hello children!

    Donald insists that the camera get Monica's engagement ring. I don't blame him...not too shabby!

    *more photos to come tomorrow, stay tuned Mice Chatters, this is a big one!
    Ah, how strange! The molecules are so active now!

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    Current Anderson (left), Future Anderson (right)...makes sense, right?

    I spotted this spud playing games

    That's what she said...

    As always, Disney in the details


    I'm a spray and pray kind of guy (right)...COD4!

    Hey Griswold, a few of them lights aren't twinkling...

    Do you know what this is a picture of?

    Miracles from molecules!

    These seahorses look different than the ones at the Monterey Bay Aquarium

    I'm throwing an artsy one at ya'

    Love the color scheme

    He smells like brine!

    I'm sorry, but this rendition of D. Duck just cracks me up - what a hoot!

    Enjoyed a glass of their finest and a warm panini

    This must be where they got that Nor*Cal logo from?

    Thousands of tourists were on edge, just waiting for their chance at this shot

    ...and a magical morning it was!

    First the camera catches a very frightened BoygunaSurf on the mountain in space...then I realized the smallest photo was 15-bucks!

    A favorite hangout of mine, providing platform to Jedi's, Sith's, Storm Troopers, and the occasion teen-aged Journey cover band

    A small reminder of the races to come!

    Now do they water the ferns inside these bowls? Or do they take them out, water them and let them drain with pure freedom, and then return them?

    I was dared to push some of these buttons, but declined, as I am not an idiot.

    We are about to probe depths seldom seen...(Nemo)

    The fluted clam shell

    Let me save you all from a TERRIBLE MISTAKE. Do not get the crab legs at Anaheim's Red Lobster. As a matter of fact, do not eat there period. Good night, and good luck.

    Why can't we just go on the cars?!

    What Disneyland looks like to a rodent...with a human eye

    I never take a trip to DL without sending a postcard to those who wouldn't make it

    Walk to the nose and leeeeean

    Zoom Zoom!

    The crazy thing here is, it only asks "please"...oh okay, just this once, next time I'm coming in!

    Uh Hyuck!

    It's funny, this picture just reminded me of a song by John Rich...

    "Well, my old man's been working in that plant most all his life.
    Now his pension plan's been cut in half, and he can't afford to die.
    And it's a crying shame, 'cause he ain't the one to blame.
    When I look down to see his calloused hands --
    Well, let me tell you, friend, it gets me fighting mad. . . ."

    I got to see this guy live in a 75-person venue, blown away.

    Something wicked above there waits...

    Speaking of wicked...I have heard many a ghost story about this little spot. Inquire for my dets!

    Pa, the wells run dry! Think its about time we call that running water company we keep hearing so much about?

    French market...tweetel eetle et et, tweetel et et, tweetel eetle et et, tweetel et et, rock in the tree tops all day long...wait a second, that's not a Robin...
    Ah, how strange! The molecules are so active now!


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      Re: THE 2009 Half Marathon Trip Report, etc.

      Great pics man. And congrats on the engagement. Can't wait to see the rest!
      Glory, Glory Man United! And the Reds go marching on! On!! ON!!!

      I survived my first Marathon. Got my Mickey at WDW after 6:22:08 of "fun" on the course. Not happy with the time, so I will go back and be getting Goofy next year!


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        Re: THE 2009 Half Marathon Trip Report, etc.

        I can't believe none of us have come up with a name for this guy yet! I am thinking Hair-Duck!

        So the expo was packed and poorly organized, so here is a picture of the D-clip for our shoes to get accurate times posted in the half marathon and some of the best and most Ray Bans on the planet!

        Oooh bad deal, it's not Disney's fault, completely. It is the jack*** that owns the contracting company hired to do the additions to the GCH.

        Can't get a much better day than this...

        It was so nice before the crowds and 4-wheelers got there!

        This is no ordinary lamp! It once changed the course of a young mans life...a young man that was more than what he seemed...

        This is actually a really cool little area

        Yes, I am a watch collector. This Wall-E watch is one of many rare specimens you may see along the way...

        Jasmine appears to have been a little spooked...

        Should I lie like a lounging lizard...

        ...or should I sing like a bird released? Every where you go, you always take the weather with you. Thanks Jimmy/

        I probably should have put a watermark on this one, best. picture. ever.

        House of Spooks was better than ever!

        Hurry back...hurry back...does anyone feel like that female ghost's voice at the end of the attraction is more seductive, less spooky?

        A classic arrangement of cemetery trees

        Anybody want to tell me what these things are for?

        This guy looks a lot like my neighbor, who now, come to think of it, I have not seen in a couple of weeks...

        I hope you've enjoyed your trip around the rivers of America!

        Stroke, Stroke, Stroke....

        You folks in them last cars be ready, she a'threatnin' again!

        This little guy was bashful when we first saw him, even though taking the photo was his idea...

        He livened right up when he found out we were from Northern California, immediately assuming we had trail mix
        Ah, how strange! The molecules are so active now!


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          Re: THE 2009 Half Marathon Trip Report, etc.

          Very nice!! Congrats on the engagement. You two look like a cute couple!


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            Re: THE 2009 Half Marathon Trip Report, etc.

            Congrats on the engagement. That's a neat picture of the both of you with the "A". Great TR!
            Home away from Home.


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              Re: THE 2009 Half Marathon Trip Report, etc.

              I am really getting into this style...while I have not perfected it like ZTicket, I'm workin, I'm wokin....

              As you may or may not know, we were backstage for the par-tay! Even still, when we came back on scene, we were reminded to be all smiles!

              Wasn't there a South Park where Michael Jackson dressed up as...never mind. This guy was a great actor and did a splendid job.

              Quick pose before be bounded off again to search for his shadow. Great act if you can catch it.

              Hey, Mr. Crocodile, do you like codfish?

              A lantern to light your way, Mr. Feely? No thanks kind sir, I shall find it my self!

              T-minus one day until the 5K!

              I have made my decision. Should I ever find myself employed at DL, I will strive to be a Skipper. The glitz, the glamor, the earth tones, absolute!

              I thought about letting you in on this little secret, and thought, hey, everyone should have the right to learn the banjo. So if you like Roy Disney and Bob Gurr, get your ancient butt in that door and learn how to pick! Three quick knocks and one foot tap, that's the password.

              Know where this is?

              Wooden ships, and iron men!

              We needed some exercise after those bread bowls...if only every park guest physically able to get into a canoe, by DL rule, had to paddle one time around the river, we would be a happier, healthier America.

              I was getting nervous as apparently these small crafts were not affixed to tracks.

              Got a couple great pics at water level

              Our canoe consisted of four swimmers, 6 runners, and a couple of European women that had never held a paddle. Despite the set back, we managed to pass two canoes on our way to victory...something rarely done, we were assured

              On account of our flat hull...

              I swear those tips aren't frosted!

              Hang on to them hats and gla...ah who cares, whatever they loose, I keep!

              I've seen a needle that winked his eye...

              Warning! PDA!

              Off to the races!

              We are actually in a still elephant, taking a break in the shade. Some lady streaked by grabbing my camera, took the photo, and ran into the bushes. The camera was later returned to Lost and Found with a note that read:


              One Disney-Dollar to the first person who can tell me what this says!

              Free ART passes for those running the races, one of the ONLY benefits of running this year...more on this subject later.
              Ah, how strange! The molecules are so active now!


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                Re: THE 2009 Half Marathon Trip Report, etc.

                Nearly impossible to get a sharp photo without the flash and without a tripod, this is the best I could do

                These construction workers need to be on a rotation where work is being done 24/7! I want me Carsland!

                A glimmer of hope that the Sun Wheel line would move a little faster!

                Here you leave the Red Lion and enter a world of Runners, Walkers and very few characters.

                Monica's Brooks

                My Asics

                Team Tie-Dye!

                So thanks to the reliable transportation, we got to the starting line less than 5 minutes until take off! We weren't planning on winning this one, but still, trying to pass people who were running 16-minute miles can take a while.

                Best moment was when a young man of the age of 10 was asked by his father, "Josh, we have been running for three solid minutes, do you want to walk now, or press on?" His response? Contrary to popular opinion, was "I think I will press on, Dad."

                Ladies and gentlemen, this is the champion.

                Mickey and his posse

                So I finally get up there, "Mickey, I'm late, where do we go?" He pointed the way and shouted, charge!

                The swarms reminded me of the man-eating fish on that River Adventure ride.

                Monica cruising her way to a PR

                Hold onto anything you would like to keep in this dimension...

                Really, this backdrop? A little on the weak side.


                Man, I never know where to position my hats...

                Monica's first breakaway

                They better get that finished

                Hi Disneyland!

                Banner over Mainstreet

                Disneyland's Bravest

                One more

                Started to get excited, back stage coming about

                Now, there are a number of ways you could take this...
                Ah, how strange! The molecules are so active now!


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                  Re: THE 2009 Half Marathon Trip Report, etc.

                  a little backstage action regarding trains. I actually got to go on a tender ride around the park one night, AMAZING! Yes, it was awesome, we got to ring the bell and everything. New respect for this aspect for the DL park.

                  all good guys

                  A round house kick to the fa...concentrate on the race!

                  Data, I'm not sure if you still need backstage shots, but here is another one for ya...

                  Monica making the hills he strength coming out of Toontown.

                  Repairing going on in those deep, dark, tunnels of fantasy

                  A gutted CJR train...there were a lot of these that could be seen in the backstage area we ran during the half also, I just didn't bring a camera on that run, that one was for speeeeed!

                  Nearly there!

                  Hey, thanks guys! But to all you chatters, the rumors are true, there were very few characters on the route at all. Nothing like last year. This needs to change. Write letters, I'm going to.

                  5K down, 13.1 miles to go!

                  Favorite Disneyland tree

                  Favorite girl

                  Say goodbye to those letters

                  Do any of you remember the guy dressed as Minnie from last year? He wore Minnie in the half again this year, but was some kind of fairy in the 5K!

                  I didn't realize they had special line leaders for each ride. This one is for Peter Pan's flying adventure time.

                  There she is. A tricky relationship I have with this queen. At one time, scared. Now, spellbound. I've got the ORIGINAL art to prove it!

                  I heart Peeper Pan! And no, there is no innuendo there, that is what I called the ride in my earlier years!

                  I had never seen this guy before, Smee, good character, important character...and loved it!

                  In line for a whipped Dole

                  A land of mystery, and enchantment!

                  All the birds sing words and the flowers...

                  The Tiki's play the drums

                  I'm the one who's really sad!

                  Every cloud has a silver lining!
                  Ah, how strange! The molecules are so active now!


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                    Re: THE 2009 Half Marathon Trip Report, etc.

                    "I'm giving you a raise, and I'm making you my partner" -if you can guess what Disney film that line is from, you will win the big prize!

                    Mickey's Christmas Carol. Where is my Big Prize?:imtheone:

                    Best Trip Report ever!!!


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                      Re: THE 2009 Half Marathon Trip Report, etc.

                      Originally posted by Zticket View Post
                      Mickey's Christmas Carol. Where is my Big Prize?:imtheone:

                      Best Trip Report ever!!!
                      Great work ZTicket, you get the Great Work Award in the form of a small plastic statue!

                      There are about 150 pictures to come throughout the day - be ready! And thank you all, for the great replies! Renthead, great run to you as well, heck of a feat to be signing up for the full!
                      Ah, how strange! The molecules are so active now!


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                        Re: THE 2009 Half Marathon Trip Report, etc.

                        Originally posted by BoygunaSurf View Post

                        Anybody want to tell me what these things are for?

                        They are for getting the muck off your shoes/boots... You find them at older houses.. You put your foot in and scrape off the muck on your shoe.. Nice TR!

                        Disneyland: 1998, 2005

                        Disneyland Paris: 1992, 1996, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011


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                          Re: THE 2009 Half Marathon Trip Report, etc.

                          Congrats BS on the engagement

                          One of the best TRs I've seen in a long time!


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                            Re: THE 2009 Half Marathon Trip Report, etc.

                            Great TR! Congrats on your Engagement!


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                              Re: THE 2009 Half Marathon Trip Report, etc.

                              I was going to answer both the Mickey's Christmas Carol and boot scraper questions, but looks like I was beaten to the punch. Great report, wonderful pictures! I'm glad someone got pictures of the roundhouse. I was floored when we ran by it (especially the engine that seemed to be under construction), but haven't found a comfortable way to carry a camera while I run.


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