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Anyone miss the Swiss Family TreeHouse?


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  • Anyone miss the Swiss Family TreeHouse?

    I still have that Organ music drilled into my head. The Swisska Polka. That Treehouse was truly exotic to me and i dreamed of getting top stay there overnight, even though the beds were "scaled down". A full on Martini Bar up there with a bamboo themed Tivo and a wireless Mac. I'm good to go. The Swiss Fondue Jacuzzi among the Soul kitchen and all the plastic fruit on would be great for entertaining. Anyone else miss the ol' dump? I sure do.
    "As usual he's taken over the coolest spot in the house"- Father re: Orville 1963

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    Do they still have it in WDW?


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      Yes and in Paris and TDL..unless they Tarzaned it.
      "As usual he's taken over the coolest spot in the house"- Father re: Orville 1963

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          I can watch it anytime I want on Swiss Family Robinson Dvd, in the Bonus features..

          Walt gives the whole Mill's family a tour of it.


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            Originally posted by Malibu Minion
            Walt gives the whole Mill's family a tour of it.

            That whole hayley thing rocks. the bracelet. Walt looks like a goon running around there. funny stuff. I love that. real world meets hayley mills.
            "As usual he's taken over the coolest spot in the house"- Father re: Orville 1963

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              He seems so happy!!

              I barley rememeber it. I saw it once way back in 1990. 12 years later Tarzan Tree house. Why did they take it out? Tarzan didn't even live in a treehouse that long.
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                Someone at WDI wanted to use the maintenence money (leaf replacement) and some marketing capital to redo the Treehouse as Tarzan instead of the traditional theme, thinking that it would be better synergy and more fun for the guests.
                "As usual he's taken over the coolest spot in the house"- Father re: Orville 1963

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                  ooooh Tarzan lives there in the short lived cartoon series, running at a good 30something episodes that cartoon gets repetitive fast (but since most Disney cartoons only reach 65episodes before cancelation thanks to that awsome rule that makes all Disney cartoons very repetitive very quickly, Power Rangers is exempt from the rule thanks to it using mostly footage from a japanese show and the fact that it has a different name every season)

                  anywho, what annoys me the most about the Tarzan treehouse is those dumb plastic characters, makes it seem to cheep and cartoony especialy for the amount of realisum that Adventureland displays

                  I also really miss that cool water system that you could watch move around the treehouse that was awsome

                  I already posted my fix solution for this on the what would you add to a land thread but I'll post the basic outline again

                  Remove all the plastic characters from the ride, replace the jaguar with a real animatronic one that's sleeping and occasionaly wakes up and growls or yawns at the guests, maybe even sometimes startling them with a roar

                  Add back that neat watering system

                  Add some animatronic birds to the tree that hum songs from the different adventureland attractions, basicaly brief intervals of stuff like the tiki room song, whistling Indy, or even a few songs from Alladin and maybe even a bird that's a bit further out looking towads New Orleans that occasionaly breaks the trend and says "a pirates life for me" and "dead men tell no tales"

                  Leave a tarzan meet and greet at the bottum and perserve all of the interactive elements (which are mostly all down there) basicaly the whole base camp can stay if Disney must have characters around (and the interactive stuff is neat for kids)

                  at this point the theme is pretty neutral between the former and the present attractions so I'd give it the name "Adventureland Treehouse" and leave it at that
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                    We still have ours at WDW so I am happy!
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                      Tarzan's treelump

                      Good God, yes. Tarzan's Treehouse is a perfect example of, if it aint broke don't fix it! Everytime I went to DL pre Tarzan's messhouse, I had to go to the Swissfamily it...It feels like one of those crappy Imaginarium exhibits that the first day it was open was kinda cool...but now feels and smells cheap. In another words* I hate it!

                      (in another words , is a phrase from that other great Cartoon hero Strongbad.) :monkey:
                      Oh Brother!


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                        My dad always said that the Swiss Family Treehouse was his favorite attraction in the park (I doubt that, of course, but it's what he always said) Needless to say, he was not too happy to see it go. Nor was I.


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                          I agree about the plastic Disney Store characters they have in the treehouse. Would it have killed them to put in one first class AA of the jaguar, Tarzan or Jane? At least that would be one reason to climb the tree. They should consider that, it would get a lot of people to go see it. (They did it for the Mark Twain/Columbia with the storytelling Native American.)


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                              I was very disappointed when they changed it.. Its a good example of how money hungry corporate can be, changing it just so they could tie it in with that horribly made cartoon. It really is to bad because that was a great walk through ride that had a good view and nice music that went along with it! I wish they would just return it back.. why did they have to change ours and leave the WDW and all the others the same???
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                                Swiss Faily tree House was filled with ingenuity and was always fun to see the adaptions for tree top living.

                                Tarzan's Tree House was worthy of ONE initial visit and a large ho-hum.

                                Unfortunately it IS too much to ask Matt to give us back our beloved attraction...but if I had a last wish...

                                I see the 'old' treehouse every Wife bought me the limited edition (framed with an actual Leaf) design print. 150 were sold of this wonderful design concept.

                                Yeah...I miss it.

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                                  WOW.... once again I'm in the minority here. But maybe that's because I love Tarzan as a movie!
                                  I'm a fan of the re-vamped Treehouse and I go up there everytime I'm in the park. (5-10 times a year)
                                  Sorry to all you die-hard Swiss Familiers. No offense meant, I just like the Tarzan version better!
                                  I only hope we never lose sight of one thing... that it was all started by a mouse!

                                  the world of disneyking


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                                    I remember seeing the Swiss Family Robinson House being rebuilt...I was in complete shock when I found out that Tarzan would be replacing it. How could they take a tried and true family classic and switch it to an animated movie that had moderate success and felt more like a 90 minute Phil Collins music video?!? :monkey: Perhaps we should file a lawsuit against Eisner, Pressler and Harris for so much emotional distress!


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                                      I'm still terribly upset about this. Swiss Family Robinson has always been one of my favorite films, and the attraction was one of my very favorites - - I loved to go up and do a few polka steps to Swisskapolka and look at the ingenious touches - - the water delivery system, the sunroof, all of the cool ideas of that most brilliant swiss family (and Walt himself). I was transported to the tropics. Now its a bunch of stale DisneyStore dummys.

                                      It was painful to lose this - and Tahitain Terrace - and Skyway - - all among my most cherished Dl rituals - - all in a few years time.

                                      Please restore this attraction, Cast Member Matt!
                                      “I love the nostalgic myself. I hope we never lose some of the things of the past.” -- Walt Disney


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                                        Well, I guess the fact that I NEVER go up into the Treehouse anymore is testament enough to how horrible the transformation was to me. As was mentioned before, the water system removal and the plastic animals are terrible changes. No one has mentioned though, that you cannot simply reverse the guest travel direction and have things be all honky dory ... as if the Imagineers didn't do any designing as to how the damn thing should be seen.

                                        (Same is true of the guest-travel direction reversal for Injun Joe's Cave on Tom Sawyer Island. It's like walking through an attraction backwards and seeing all the lights and support structure for the sets. Stupid. Dumb. Unforgivable.)


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