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My 3rd Gate Proposal


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  • My 3rd Gate Proposal

    Here it is:

    Has anybody looked at the hotels and businesses across Harbor. That is prime real estate for Disney to look at a 3rd gate. I think a version of WESTCOT can still be done on the property. Think about it:

    Welcome to Disney's Discovery Bay (a combination between WDW's Epcot {Future World and World Showcase} and TDL's DisneySea)

    Harbor will be run underground. And a new parking garage will be built (maybe on the Strawberry Fields). The plaza will be expanded over Harbor, to connect to the new park. A new entertainment complex (named Disney's Piaza {which will be ) will be added, to connect the two new hotels.

    Two new hotels will be added, connected by the Piaza and connected to the plaza by the Piaza.

    Disney's Mediterranean Coast will be themed after the Italian/Mediterranean Coast, and will be connected to Disney's Discovery Bay, through the Italy Pavillion, by boat service. This hotel will drastically resemble TDS's Hotel MiraCoast.

    Disney's Bungalow Resort, themed after the studio backlot bungalows. This resort will be themed 2 different ways, as a tropical getaway and in another section, a Southwest decor. The bungalows will be housed in multiple building ala WDW's Poly Resort's longhouses. These buildings will be named after Disney Film Stars. This resort will connect to DCA's Hollywood Backlot.

    This would be a welcome addition to the resort and wouldn't be kitty-corner from everything else, it will just be REALLY EXPENSIVE.
    $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

    What do you think?
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    Re: My 3rd Gate Proposal

    Nobody has anything to say?


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      Re: My 3rd Gate Proposal

      so what would happen to all of those businesses and Good Neighbor hotels in the Anaheim Resort? I think this park idea is great, with all of the different themes and intense details you gave, but not necessarially in the proposed location. Instead of thinking of 3rd gates, let's just enjoy the 1st and 2nd and only hope that DCA is improved.

      ^clicky clicky^


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        Re: My 3rd Gate Proposal

        Yeah, but how many more ideas can we keep putting into DCA, maybe a few more rides, and that should do it. Also, Disney should be looking toward the future.

        This new park, will be built with two section,

        Discovey Isle will contain three lands- Discovery Isle (similar to Main Street, with an Observatorium (originally planned as an idea for DLP's castle-idea) as the hub of the wheel.

        Unknown Island- will contain the future world rides (including a roller coaster which will take the riders to the past, utilizing the forward-backward LIM technology available), there will also be a mission space-ride in this area. Other rides will be developed.

        Mysterious Delta- this section will contain the JTTOTE ride and a Raging Spirits roller coaster.

        World Showcase- will pretty much be a duplicate of its Epcot counterpart. However, some countries will be added and some taken away.

        Just a few more details....


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