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What do you remember from July 17th, 2005?


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  • [Chat] What do you remember from July 17th, 2005?

    If you were there when Disneyland turned 50, please share! Even if you weren't, don't be left out! What did you do to celebrate Disneyland's 50th birthday?

    I'll go first:

    The Dawn

    It was the afternoon of July 16th, 2 days before I headed to the Philippines. My parents allowed me to go to Disneyland on the 17th. I learned that day that they were allowing people into DCA to wait inside before DL opened. So me and my sister agreed to leave the house around 2AM. Arriving there, we parked at the Pumbaa Lot at no cost! Heading into the transportation plaza, we find a huge line to get into DCA. I remembered how the line went too. It started at the area where the ART and Hotel Shuttles are usually are. After some switchbacks in that area, we crossed over to where the Lion King Trams would come and go. After switchbacks there, we proceeded to DCA. Anyone that needed a park ticket were able to buy them at the ticket booth that was opened. Luckily me and my sis had AP's so we went in. As I was going in, I could see the work being prepped at DL.

    Disney's California Adventure: The wait

    Inside, we found that only a few dining places were open to provide breakfast items, We never bought any breakfast since the food wasn't what we wanted (I would've settled on some churros!). And no rides were open to keep us entertained . We were waiting with the people that lined up across from the former Golden Dreams theater and from where we were, we could hear and see GRR being tested. Around 6:30-7AM the line was moving since we were allowed into the park an hour early (so it was actually 7AM-12AM for us! ). It was amazing going from DCA to DL using the exit gates in both parks! (the ticket scanners at DCA were programmed that night to allow admission into DL so we weren't directed to DL's turnstyles.) Me and my sister split off (we prefer doing our own things) and my day began!


    Unlike most of the people, I headed into DLRR on Main Street. I learned that I was the first guest to board DLRR ! Even though I didn't do a round trip (I got off at NOS) that time, I was still honored to be the first guest to board the DLRR on it's 50th birthday! I then proceded to IJA where I saw Indy with a wait of only 5 Minutes!

    I'll continue this later. In the meantime....What was your memory of July 17th,2005?

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    Re: What do you remember from July 17th, 2005?

    Don't have a story myself, but I liked yours. I guess eventually I celebrated by snagging 4 of the 50th "Hidden Mickey's".


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      Re: What do you remember from July 17th, 2005?

      Big crowds.

      was a fun day though
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        Re: What do you remember from July 17th, 2005?

        I remember nasty cupcakes

        and a lot of gold ear hats.

        Huge crowds on main street and the rest of the park being pretty empty. Walked on to splash

        and dca was very empty. Obviously walked on this ride too:


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          Re: What do you remember from July 17th, 2005?

          lol... got there at 7am saw them bring Arnold's gold motorcycle towards the castle. Then people started arriving, so then I stood around telling people where they could watch things go down. Then helped lead everyone in front of IASW in singing happy birthday to disneyland cuz it was delayed, watched the cermony and I went home at 10:30am.
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            Re: What do you remember from July 17th, 2005?

            I wasn't there on the 17th, but I was there a few days after. I really can't remember the details of that year very much. I wish I was a tad older so I could have understood the importance of that year and enjoyed, but that's okay. I remember being amazed by the pics that were made out of pics and I remember gold being on lots of things such as the castle, but other than that I don't remember much. I was young at the time and didn't understand that it was a HUGE year for Disneyland. Oh well. I still went and my parents have pics from through out the year. :]
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              Re: What do you remember from July 17th, 2005?

              was there on 5/5/05
              and July 17, 2005

              Both days crazy
              as stated, cup cake not that great
              I stood in one of the two crazy lines
              Also have the ears that have the date

              I think Disney did pretety well that day for how large the crowds were (then again, we had Matt O.)
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                Re: What do you remember from July 17th, 2005?

                I remember it being a pretty hot day. I didn't get to the hub early enough to have a good view, so I was over around where the former King Triton pond (or whatever it's called) was. I remember seeing Ahnold and listening to Diane Disney speak. I also remember the huge screens set up to show footage of Walt's speech. I still have my golden ears which they were giving out for free that day. :ap:

                My favorite memory of that day though was sitting at Pizza Port for lunch, taking my friend's hand, and smashing one of the cupcakes with it. :lol: Probably doesn't sound very funny and maybe sounds almost a little mean, but it was hilarious at the time. :roll:Of course, I had to let him retaliate against me, just to be fair.


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                  Re: What do you remember from July 17th, 2005?

                  I was working Fantasmic! and we were handing out cupcakes to people as they walk by. It was great.

                  I heard a radio call, "Cupcake 1 from Cupcake 2: WE NEED MORE CUPCAKES!!!" I was busting out laughing! LOL, :lol:


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                    Re: What do you remember from July 17th, 2005?

                    Getting to the park at 6AM. Waiting in line in Downtown Disney, in front of the Jazz Kitchen and then waiting in line between DL and DCA. When the gates finally opened, I got a pair of special golden Mickey ears and map (which I still have in a bag with other Disneyland 50th Anniversary stuff). I bought a few items at the Emporium and then I met up with my friend Erick. We waited in what seemed to be a sardine can (AKA the Hub area) to watch the special ceremony with Art Linkletter, the Govenor, Iger, and Diane Disney Miller. After that, me and my friend just hung out in this area that is now used for the Nemo subs queue underneath the Monorail track. I remember sitting there for a couple of hours just trying to stay in the shade. My friend ended up leaving and I stuck around to watch the special airing of Walt's dedication speech. Actually ended up watching it where Walt made the speech. It was pretty neat. I was exhausted after that so I ended up leaving early.

                    What an awesome, yet hot, and crowded day it was! I'm so glad I went!

                    Oh yeah, just like DLFreak, I went on 05/05/05. What a change in the weather! I went with my mom that time and it was cold and rainy and in July it was soooo hot. Had fun both times though!


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                      Re: What do you remember from July 17th, 2005?

                      Let's see. I was home. I think. I know I was not anywhere near Disneyland.


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                        Re: What do you remember from July 17th, 2005?

                        I Was home I had a cake to celibrate. Earlyer or later that year my cousin graduated HS and I got to go with him
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                          Re: What do you remember from July 17th, 2005?

                          I too was there at both 5/5/05 and 7/17/05...but my best 50th memory was actually 5/4/05, the day the park was closed to the general public. I was actually one of the few aloud in that day and it was amazing! I got to see Steve Martin and Donald Duck dedicate the "Disneyland: The First 50 Magical Years" film. I got to see the Goo Goo Dolls perform live on Tom Sawyer's Island while Gina Davis passed by and gave me a wink (Aw yeah...Gina Davis wants me) I got to ride Indiana Jones just after Pierce Brosnan. I wished Kelsey Grammar well (he was still limping from having fallen of the stage in DCA the previous day). I saw Lenard Maltin and told him how great I thought his work on the Disney Treasures DVDs was. I met and INTERVIEWED Bill Farmer and got to tell the voice of my favorite character that he was my favorite.

                          But hands down the best part of the night was when we entered the park that evening...there was gold carpet all the way down main street and cast members were lined up "behind the ropes" of the carpet to cheer you on as you walked down Main you were a superstar. I can not describe how amazing that moment was. I slapped high 5 to about every single cast member from the Magic Shop to the Kodak Photo store. If they did that as a a ride I'd do it over and over again.

                          ...ahhhhhh...thanks for giving me an excuse to re-live that. Even if nobody read any of that, I at least got to replay those events in my noodle for a bit


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                            Re: What do you remember from July 17th, 2005?


                            The above thread is one that I started to commemorate my visit to Disneyland for the 50th. It's all there. When someone says, what do you you remember? These thoughts come into my head.

                            Getting up early, walking in the dark, thousands of people, DCA, golden ears, entering Disneyland at 8 a.m., Main Street lined with castmembers waving, the pin line, 50th cupcakes, I was there on July 17th, 2005 souvenirs, walking past the carousel as the MiceChatters were riding it, Blue Bayou, Jungle Cruise, Snow White's Grotto, Spinning on the Tea Cups, Listening to the broadcast on the Large Screen near the hub, Dapper Dans, the parade, and most of all the wonderful feeling that I was there. I still get goose bumps.
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                              Re: What do you remember from July 17th, 2005?

                              I remember the 4 hour wait from DtD to get inside, and the Governator being there, as well as Eisner.... that's all I can remember... Oh and I found all the 50 hidden Mickeys.

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