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Virtualizing the Disneyland Trains


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  • [Fun] Virtualizing the Disneyland Trains

    Greetings Micechat! This is my first post and might as well make it a good one hehe.

    I am a HUGE train lover and adore the Disneyland trains. I have a simulator called "Auran Trainz 2006" and have searched high and low for them, but all I can find are the old MKVI Monorails. SO, I have decided to take things into my own hands using gmax to do so; Make the Disneylands trains as they are now, and what they were. Thanks to Steve's 2D side view of a couple engines placed in the articles I can make an accurate model.
    For starts I'll do Disneyland Train #3, the Fred Gurley.
    Since I have just started this immense project this is all I have to offer thus far.

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