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Space Mtn. Halloween overlay. what to expect?


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  • [Question] Space Mtn. Halloween overlay. what to expect?

    Does anybody have any inside info on what to expect for the overlay for space mtn. they're doing something with it im just not sure what.???

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    Re: Space Mtn. Halloween overlay. what to expect?

    Its all sort of a mystery until this Friday when the attraction is supposed to open again. Supposedly our rocketships will travel thru a ghost galaxy where a specter will be chasing you around space. Its supposed to be exactly like the overlay HKDL had last year but alot of us dont even know what that had.

    The real toss up is if it will be scary (and if so how scary) or not. My cousin, who works at the park near the attraction, mentioned that she heard alot of screaming comming out of SM but she wasnt sure if it was the attraction itself or if some lucky people that are not CM's were allowed to test ride it. I cant wait to ride it this Friday!
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