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  • [Idea] What would you do?

    So if you could make some attraction changes or other changes what would you like to see?

    1. People Mover - I put this first because I enjoyed it but also because it seems pretty do-able. The tracks are still there, launch/lode etc...and I believe its something that would be very positively received.

    2. Do something with the area I now know is the former home of Festival of the petting zoo. Just seems like such wasted space in a park where attraction space is precious. New version of the Country Bears?

    3. Dont know where it goes, but I would really love to see an ampitheatre for Fantasmic and the Fireworks. As much as I love them, it brings the park to a screeching halt. Areas are either closed off with people watching these or the people that arent seem to be packed into the area near jungle boat or tommorowland.

    4. Lots of "wasted space" that seems calling for some additions, the boat launch area, the old mine train tracks, all of the areas in tommorow land, Shrunk the Audience, innoventions, so on and so forth could just be romodeled.

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