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Capturing the Elusive Space Mountain Starfield


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  • [Question] Capturing the Elusive Space Mountain Starfield

    I've been curious about this ever since the ride reopened. People have tried to capture the Space Mountain stars in videos, but I've seen not one success. Never have I seen the starfield except in person. However, it's such a beautiful effect and I admit I obsess over seeing a good pic.

    So, I wonder, have any of you MiceChatters attempted to take a photo of the starscape effect? I'm just so curious ever since I've seen the amazing Disneyland photography that has popped up on this site, and wondered if it was possible to take a good photo of the inside of Space Mountain's dome.

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    Re: Capturing the Elusive Space Mountain Starfield

    That's a tough thing to do. The trains are moving so fast, the stars are moving quick too, and to top it all off, it's pitch black! I think the only way to really capture it would be to not be moving, perhaps on a catwalk and have the projections stop moving, then do a long exposure. But most people can't do that, so I wouldn't know how to do it; Unless you have really high end camera that can capture such a thing!


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      Re: Capturing the Elusive Space Mountain Starfield

      The third lift hill would probably be the ideal place to take a pic. The vehicles are moving very slow, and if you've ever looked behind you at the moment, it's spectacular. Seems doable to me, but then again, I'm not a photographer.


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