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  • [Question] Extra Magic Hours question

    I have a question about Extra Magic Hours....

    Do the rides and attractions offered change for different days of the week, or do you typically see the same rides open?

    I have a colleague who's preparing a trip, and asked me this question, and I wasn't sure what the answer was. He's trying to decide between a Thursday and Saturday Magic Hour Morning, and didn't know if there was a big difference.

    Thanks for any help you can provide!

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    Re: Extra Magic Hours question

    In my experience, the rides and lands open for Magic Morning are the same each morning. I've heard that sometimes Nemo and Space Mtn are open and sometimes they aren't. They were not the last time we were there.

    I'm sure the more frequent visitors will have better info though.

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      Re: Extra Magic Hours question

      I've personally never seen Nemo open for Magic morning. Likewise Autopia needs something like a minimum of 20-30 riders to keep at least one lane open, so it's usually not running until the park is officially open. I'm not sure about Space mountain though...
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        Re: Extra Magic Hours question

        First off, Extra Magic Hours is specific to WDW, and it does rotate, both in the time of day and which park is offered.

        Magic Mornings is the Anaheim offering, and it is ALWAYS in the morning (usually Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday, except for special events, like this upcoming Sunday, October 18th, when it will be moved to a Friday).

        Magic Mornings is always most of the attractions in Fantasyland and Tomorrowland. It never changes.

        Don't try and compare WDW to DLR in this offering, they are a lot different.
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