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  • [Question] Relatives of Walt Disney

    I was reading another book about Walt Disney, and was thinking about his relatives. I saw some credits for Christopher Disney working on some films I believe from the early 80's. Does anyone know how many or what these people are doing now? Do they still hold shares in the company? I would think that any descendants of Walt or Roy would be pretty well off. I heard Roy E. still holds massive shares...3rd highest?? Anyone have any info?
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    Re: Relatives of Walt Disney

    Find the Disney in this brief History of Portland, Oregon Organs(please note, the following article was written back in the 1970's)


    The Moreland Theatre in Portland had a 2/8 Morton which went to church in Salem - "purified, of course" - and then it was purchased by a hobbyist in Eugene. Upon his death the widow sold it to Bert Braecher of Golden, Colorado. Ed Maas and I went down and helped him pack it into a U-Haul trailer.

    The Oriental 3/13 Wurlitzer was sold to Dennis Hedberg and became the nucleus for the Organ Grinder organ. [To read more about this organ click here]
    The Broadway's 4/18 Wurlitzer surplanted a 4/14 William Wood in the Oaks Rink which is now in Mary Pitt's home in Newport.

    The Orpheum 3/10 Morton was bought and installed in a skating rink in Tacoma Washington. This organ is now owned by Dick Schrum of Seattle.

    The Blue Mouse Theatre "originally on Washington St." had a 2/6 Wurlitzer which was sold to a Tabernacle on 20th and Hawthorne. Ed Maas of Eugene bought the organ and installed a third manual which came from my Baltimore organ and had gone to Seattle where Ed bought it to "Balcomize" this organ.
    The Egyptian Theatre's 2/6 Wurlitzer was sold to the Scottish Rite Temple and installed by Balcom and Vaughn with a "Balcomized" console.

    The Rivoli's 2/9 Wurlitzer was sold to Paul Turchan and is still in his widow's home.

    The 2/8 Wurlitzer in the Multnomah Theatre in St. Johns was installed in the KEX - KGW studios at the old Oregonian Building. This was a very good broadcasting organ and was played by Glen Shelley. After a fire, the organ was sold by the insurance company to Jerry Gilmore. The pipes were not damaged. I have two of the regulators in my organ.

    The Benson High School's 3/10 Kimball came from a theatre in Longview, Washington. It was purchased by the student body and installed by Balcom and Vaughn in the late 30s and also added to by them.

    There was a 2/4 Kilgen installed with my help in the Central Theatre (later the Blue Mouse). This became Ted Marks' first organ, installed by Cleo DeAutrey. The Organ is now in storage at Leonard Vernon's home in Astoria.

    The Howard Vollum 4/49 Wurlitzer was originally a 4/33 removed from the San Francisco Paramount by Dennis Hedberg and was installed and added to by him with my help.

    The 2/4 Wurlitzer from the Alhambra Theatre (now the Mt. Tabor) went to the Lincoln Theatre and was added to that organ. The organ was purchased by Don Ingram and is now installed in his home.

    The 3/10 Morton from the Orpheum Theatre in Tacoma was in the home of Bill Morrison, who added three ranks to it. I bought this organ and went to Mukeltio with my wife. We crated it and brought it to Portland in three twenty foot rented trucks and put it in storage. This organ is now being stored by Ted and Ruth Beecher prior to building a studio to house it.

    The Bagdad Theatre of Ballard, Washington had a 3/10 Wurlitzer that went to the Rollerdome in Portland. However, a fire broke out in the middle of the night and the organ was destroyed. The organ was played by Jerry Gilmore who also played at the Imperial Rink. Jerry played for the silents in the Chicago area and he has dedicated quite a number of Barton Organs.

    The Circle, Rex (now the Roundup), Ames and Arleta Theatres had photoplayers to cue the silents with. Photoplayers consisted of a double tracker bar and a player piano with a large box on either side. One roll could be playing while the next was being loaded. They were built by American Photoplayer Corp. and by the Robert Morton Co. both of Van Nuys, California.
    Good luck
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      Re: Relatives of Walt Disney

      The internet, it is your research friend. :-)

      Disney genealogy:

      The family of Elias Disney (son of Kepple Disney and Mary Richardson Disney ):

      Distant relatives active in entertainment or media include singer/voice-actress Melissa Disney and TV Guide executive Anthea Disney.
      The family name, originally d'Isigny ("from Isigny") is of Norman French derivation, coming from the canton of Isigny-sur-Mer. The Disneys among others descended from Normans who settled in Normandy around the 11th century C.E.

      Largest individual shareholders of the Disney company:

      IGER ROBERT A 576,442 10-Jan-09
      STAGGS THOMAS O 203,614 18-Sep-09
      BRAVERMAN ALAN N 140,024 20-Jan-09
      PEPPER JOHN E 65,510 9-Sep-09
      MATSCHULLAT ROBERT W 43,410 30-Jun-09
      I don't see Steve Jobs on that list and he is supposedly the single largest shareholder with something like 7% of the total.


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        Re: Relatives of Walt Disney

        As of 01/09/09, Steve Jobs held 138,000,000 (!) shares of DIS, 7.4% of the total shares outstanding, and was by far the largest single shareholder.

        I don't see Roy E. listed anywhere on the top shareholders list. My suspicion, especially noting the divorce in his bio, is that a once-massive position has been split up over the years. This often happens with large shareholders, through a combination of charitable contributions, estate planning, diversification, etc.


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