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  • [Question] Frontierland Opening Day

    This is quite a long shot, I was hoping if anybody had any pictures for the opening day of frontierland.

    My girlfriend's father and i were talking about Disney quite a while ago and he said that he met Walt Disney on the opening day of Frontierland. When i asked how, he said that he was actually the one who cut the rope back when he was a child because he's the closest descendant to the real Davy Crockett. Apparently, Disney did some research and went a long way to find the closest descendant to Davy Crockett to open Frontierland. It was a long process and people were actually pretending to be real descendants, while in fact, they weren't. I guess they wanted to make it as legit as possible and found it appropriate to have someone someone in the same bloodline as Davy Crockett actually open the land dedicated to his time.

    He used to have pictures in really nice frames, but while he was in the Vietnam War, his sisters had a garage sale and sold those frames, along with the pictures.

    If anybody could help me out or know anybody that can help me, please let me know.

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    Re: Frontierland Opening Day

    Your best bet would be to contact Disney Archives.
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      Re: Frontierland Opening Day

      These are copyrighted, so you can't use them without Dave's permission, but take a look here:

      Daveland Disneyland Frontierland Photo Page


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