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  • [Idea] Halloween Screamin Coaster!!!

    Hey its been a very long time since I have posted an threads about one of my ride idea’s, but this one I would really like to see happen.

    California Screamin becomes Halloween Screamin Coaster

    Why is this such a good idea? Because it takes one of the most popular rides at DCA and makes it (kind of) scary and gives it a story.

    The Story: Four Teenagers enter an abandoned amusement park next to a beach. They soon find out your not alone. A retired freak (named Sideshow) lives at the park and thinks it would be good fun to scary these intruders. As the teenagers enter the loading area for the rollercoaster they hear a noise and hide in one of the coasters cars.

    Sideshow has tricked them into a trap and turns on the old coaster. The teen’s survive just and Sideshow confronts them and tells them next year to bring more people to scare. The teens run off and now you are going to find out if this story is true.

    The Line Area: The sign out in front of screaming will have the a Wooden Board over the word California and in Neon Graffiti will have “Halloween” and then under it will be the Screamin part, and then under that another Wood Board the has “Coaster” (once again Neon Graffiti) on it.
    The main line area will have poster (all Neon colors) each Poster will be advertisement for old rides and shows at the abandoned park.

    The Neon posters and signs will all have Black lights on them to give them a colorful and creepy look to them.
    As you walk up the stairs you start to hear creepy carnival music and every once in a while you hear old wood falling off the coaster track. The lights flicker and some even go out for a couple of seconds.

    Finally you get ready to load the coaster and a final keep out sign is the only thing in your way from loading the empty coaster in front of you.

    The ride: You are now on the coaster, the wheels make a Screeching noise and you’re off. Sideshow first thanks you for joining him (on the speakers). As you stop (at the place where you get shot off) Sideshow warns you that the ride may get bumpy then 3…2..1, the ride jerks forwards but stops…”once again” he says….Go. The coaster races off into the night.
    As you fly up the first lift you hear the creepy carnival music again with Sideshow laughing. The lights in the tunnel going up are all flicking and as you go down the first drop one of the lights blows out and flashes you.

    You go down the drop eyes dazed from the flash and you go around a turn or two and head back up another hill. As you almost reach the top of the hill you feel the coaster star to shake (using the speakers) Sideshow laughs and says “looks like some of the wood if falling apart, guess I didn’t use enough glue” he starts laughing again as you go down your second drop.

    After you go down your second big drop you go around on a huge turn and until you start heading towards some mist. The mist covers the loop, which you are about to go on. Sideshow laughs and say’s “guess a pipe must have burst, don’t worry that’s the least of your problems” as you head into the mist you loop around, unable to see anything but mist and darkness.

    You then head down another tunnel, this tunnel has a strobe light effects. Then you go around a few more turns until… Sideshow comes back on the speakers and says it looks like the coaster is collapsing, but that just means you guys will have to go a little faster” he laughs as the coaster car beginning to shake (once again using the speakers).

    You then go down a small hill (smoke blasts at you from the side of the track) up a little hill back down again (smoke hits you from the other side of the track this time) and finally up again then back down (this time both sides of the tracks hit you with smoke)

    Your now at the Climate you head down a hill (while turning to the left) as you go down you see the track falling apart and as you keep heading down small explosions (just flashes of light that look like something is explosions) are all around you.

    But then you finally stop when (the car begins to shake) Boom!!! Fire Bursts around you Sideshow says, “wow what a finish, it had fire and everything, we’ll thank you for riding my coaster and I hope you come back…ohhh and bring some friends…. Sideshow then laughs until his feed to the speakers cuts out and all you hear is static.
    You enter the loading station; the ride is over…for now.


    The first tunnel just needs the lights programmed to flash and a new light needs to be added on the drop for the Flash.

    The shaking coaster effect has also been used on Space Mountain where the speakers produce a low bass sounds that makes the cars feel like their shaking.

    The loop will need many mist machines put around it so that the entire loop is hidden.

    The Strobe light effect will also need to be added into the tunnel after the loop.

    The smoke effect is just mist being shot at you from one side of the track or the other (or at the same time)

    The track falling apart is just wood put over the real track and the fake wood (which is connected to the real track) just moves and swings off the real track but never really falls

    And finally the fire will just be a couple of gas powered flame machines on the sides of the track at the end of the ride.

    The main problem is this really needs to only happen at night, but the decorations can be up all day just not the effects (or at least not all of them)

    The ride would need to be down for a month or tow (maybe more) for the first year to add all of the new effects and put new speakers into the Coaster cars.

    The things that make this idea good:
    More reason for people to attend Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween at DCA

    Give DCA an excusive Halloween Ride

    Bring more people to DCA

    And finally the best reason…Sideshow. This would be a new character to the Disney Villains Family meaning merchandise, promotions and a new character to walk the park. He would also be unique as one of the only characters walking around that is not from a Disney Movie.

    So what do you guys think? I hope you guys liked some of my idea’s at the very least and would love to see Disney do something so original and fun.

    Edit: Thank You everyone for your comments
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    Happy Halloween!!!

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    Re: Halloween Screamin Coaster!!!

    I like it! :thumbup:
    Originally posted by dogtherock
    I read the definition of "theme park" and I found something interesting. All of the definitions I have come across have stated that a theme park is an amusement park with a central theme. The definitions imply that the entire park has only one central theme. So is Disneyland not a theme park? It certainly has amazing theming but there is no central theme. Would it instead be a themes park? Should "Magic Kingdom" style parks be given an exception? What are your thoughts?
    Originally posted by Bob Weaver
    To me Disneyland is a multifaceted entertainment complex consisting of several theme parks linked together by one man's dream, and appealing to all ages and a wide range of tastes in entertainment.
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      Re: Halloween Screamin Coaster!!!

      wow, it seems you put loads of thought into that very nice idea!!


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        Re: Halloween Screamin Coaster!!!

        Love it. And it parallels GG nicely like the Rockin' promotion from 07.


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          Re: Halloween Screamin Coaster!!!

          Aren't the Simpsons on a roller coaster that they barely survive due to a character named Sideshow (Bob)?
          As nice as the other parks are, we must always remember that it all began at Disneyland. Disneyland should be the crown jewel in the Disney crown.


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            Re: Halloween Screamin Coaster!!!

            ^wow that's funny. They usually call him Bob on the show. But I think my idea has a WAY different story and my Sideshow is not trying to kill you, just scary you...its his obsession.
            Happy Halloween!!!


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              Re: Halloween Screamin Coaster!!!

              it kind of sounds a little like the Terminator coaster at six flags, w/ the mist and... well Terminator has fire.


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                Re: Halloween Screamin Coaster!!!

                to be honest, that sounds like i really good overlay!
                the only downside is the fact most of the ride would really have to take place in the dark, but other than that it's really good! (= nice thought
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                  Re: Halloween Screamin Coaster!!!

                  Interesting idea you have there!

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                    Re: Halloween Screamin Coaster!!!

                    Originally posted by scotchtape View Post
                    to be honest, that sounds like i really good overlay!
                    the only downside is the fact most of the ride would really have to take place in the dark, but other than that it's really good! (= nice thought
                    Yes and after going to day I realized the ride would only be up on Weekends and during Mickey's Trick or Treat party. But that would get more people to come to the Mickey Event.
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                    Happy Halloween!!!


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                      Re: Halloween Screamin Coaster!!!

                      love the story behind it, it sounds like a really awesome idea! I'd totally ride on Screamin' if it had an overlay like that.


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                        Re: Halloween Screamin Coaster!!!

                        Wow. Very detailed It sounds like A LOT of fun! The only things that I would change are to lessen Sideshow's narrations. I think if you heard his periodic laughter mostly when you experience the effects, that would be cool. He could talk in the beginning and the end of the ride. I feel that if he narrates every time an effect happens, people would grow tired of him, especially if they had all of those effects.

                        Of course, that's just what I would do, but job well done! I would so ride that!

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                          Re: Halloween Screamin Coaster!!!

                          ^well I did that as a sort of way for him to be more in the ride than just in the beginning and at the end, but most likely if got a chance to do this I would take away one of his narrations to make people feel more secluded.

                          Thanks Everyone for their comments:-)
                          Happy Halloween!!!


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                            Re: Halloween Screamin Coaster!!!

                            I like it! I don't think DCA has any Halloween overlays, and this one seems like a natural fit. It would help the park better get into the seasonal spirit.

                            How about... Mickey's Runaway Brain Wheel?


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                              Re: Halloween Screamin Coaster!!!

                              Sounds pretty good to me.


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                                Re: Halloween Screamin Coaster!!!

                                Me like. I love sideshow. I think it would be a great overlay.
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                                  Re: Halloween Screamin Coaster!!!

                                  Imagineer much?

                                  That would boost DCA numbers like crazy, of course after World of Color DECIMATES the area. It's a great idea man. You defnitely have a Disney-approved imagination.
                                  -"Disneyland will never be completed. It will continue to grow as long as there is imagination left in the world."


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                                    Re: Halloween Screamin Coaster!!!

                                    Cool idea. I think it would be neat if they decorated the trusses (is that the right term?) underneath the track to appear old and broken so it looks like the ride'll collapse. Isn't the current amount of support material overkill since it's all metal? They could even take some out and replace it with real broken pieces.

                                    About the mist on the loop: Are you talking about droplet-type mist that sprays and gets you slightly wet? Or foggy-type mist? Because if it's meant to get you wet, wouldn't the excess mist collect within the loop's enclosure and waterfall onto the track and get people noticeably wetter?


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                                      Re: Halloween Screamin Coaster!!!

                                      ^Fog like Mist to conceal the loop so you can't see going into it or during it.
                                      Happy Halloween!!!


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