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Quick Trip Report - 10-6-09


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  • Trip Report Quick Trip Report - 10-6-09

    Today, October 6, 2009, was my mom's birthday, and my mom and I were sick. We had doctor's notes, and she couldn't go to work and I couldn't go to school today, so she decided to drive to Disneyland really quick to pick up her gift card for her birthday, and we went in the park really quick, too, so I took some pictures. My youngest brother, who's a few years old, doesn't go to school yet, so he came, too.

    We decided to park in Downtown Disney, because we don't have parking with our Deluxe APs, and we were just going really quick. I was looking out for the giant Mickey in front of the Disneyland hotel, because I've seen pictures of it here, but my mom had never heard of it, either, but I was sure I had seen big yellow shoes through the trees when entering the DTD parking lot. We walked over there, and I found the giant Mickey and took a picture with it.

    Then we went to get my mom's gift card and entered the park.

    Chip and Dale were out in front of the gallery. I'd never seen the costumes they were in before, I'm not sure if they're new or not, but they matched the bank/gallery well, since they're costumes were blue.

    We decided to go to the Candy Palace, and I took some Main Street pictures on the way.

    My mom got some caramel apples to take home, and I wanted to go to the bakery. My little brother got a Mickey bat cookie, I got a demitasse dessert, and my mom got a caramel apple cupcake! Mine was good, and I got a piece of my mom's, which was good, too, with big pieces of apples in it!
    Then we went to the emporium, and got some Mickey's Trick-or-Treat party Halloween buckets for when we go this year. Then we stopped at Wetzel's Pretzels and got something to eat for lunch before going home to eat some of our desserts! =)

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    Re: Quick Trip Report - 10-6-09

    Short but sweet (pun intended). Good stuff.


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      Re: Quick Trip Report - 10-6-09

      I love the Giant Mickey! I'm gonna have to seek him out when I go! Nice pics!
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