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  • Best Overall Area of DCA:

    What do you think is the best overall area (theme and attractions) in DCA.

    OK, OK, I know Many of you are already thinking "Best" and "DCA" are contradicting terms, an enigma, something like Jumbo Shrimp, but then think of it this way, "What is the least awful area of DCA?" :devil:

    Here are the areas and how they are divided
    (Please note that I have divided Golden State and
    Paradise Pier because of the large sections they cover
    and have kept the various attractions within close proximity.
    I would have divided Hollywood Backlot too, except
    half of that is already closed):

    Sunshine Plaza

    Hollywood Pictures Backlot

    A Bug's Land: Includes the 3d movie and previous farm area

    Pacific Warf Area: Includes the 2 factory tours, stage and food area, Golden Dreams, Seasons of the Vine

    Condor Flats/GRR: includes Soarin' over California, Redwood Creek Challenge Trail, and Grizzly River Run

    Route 66: Mulholland Madness, Orange Stinger, Golden Zephyr, Jumpin Jellyfish, SS Rustworthy

    Paradise Pier: California Screamin, Maliboomer, Sun Wheel, King Tritons Carousel, Games of the Boardwalk
    Sunshine Plaza
    Hollywood Backlot
    A Bug's Land
    Pacific Warf
    Condor Flats/GRR
    Route 66
    Paradise Pier

    The poll is expired.

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    Oh, have fun, AND you can vote for more than one section if you
    can's decide between a couple!
    Critter Country's a mess ev'r since the Country Bears were kicked out. Ya can't cover pooh with honey and 'spect people ta like it.
    An Adventurers It's Time to Put the Spotlight Back on Bring Back the REAL Disney Gallery
    Life for Me! ~ ~ ~ Melvin, Buff, and Max!!! ~~~~ Dump the Dream Suite!
    Meese-ka Moose-ka Mice-Chatter!


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      I guess HB. It has the Animation Bldg, ToT, the Hyperion and Muppetvision...


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        I would definitely have to say Condor Flats/GRR because it has Soarin' and GRR which are my two favorite rides at DCA
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          If it had more attractions, or should I say GOOD attractions (except Season of the Vine) then I would have to say Pacific Wharf. But, until they build something good there, I have to go with PP.


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            I'll really have to say this was difficult. I don't think any single area really stands out. Each has something I like but none really has a lot I like. The coaster is great but the rest of the Pier is a snooze. Rt 66 is too "kiddy-land" for me (though the corndogs are awesome!) I love the Hollywood area but there's really not a lot to do. I love Soarin' & the rest of GRR/Condor Flats. It all seems the most "Disney" of DCA to me.
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              The best section of DCA is the part that is what is left of the old parking lot


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                The Exit.


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                  I love Cailfornia Screamin and the Maliboomer but my favorite land is Condor Flats.


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                    Originally posted by Evil Minion
                    The Exit.

                    you beat me to it lol


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                      Hey, there is also the Cove Bar, the Pacific Wharf Beer Truck, and the area in front of Condor Flats where the kitties hang out....

                      By the way...

                      Wharf is the seaside area...

                      Warf is a Klingon :lol:
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                        I'd have to say the Hollywood Pictures Backlot. With the Animation Building, Tower of Terror and Muppets 3D it's a great section of the park. Now if they only brought back the Superstar Limo it would be perfect. :lol:
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                          I have to grudgingly say GRR. I'm really not voting for Condor Flats, because what is it, three ugly hangars that house a restaurant and a bathroom, and one decent ride that even on a good day feels like it takes painfully long to get on. I'm not one of those queue junkies -- I'd rather the money went to improving the actual ride, and the land went to more attraction space -- but if you KNOW your line is going to stand still for quite some time, put up a couple TVs and remind us why flight and California go together beyond already having the basic ride design and having a Cali-themed park it needed to go into.

                          And again, GRR basically has one family attraction, but at least it's well-done and fairly immersive. The only other area worth a vote is HPB, for the concept and the potential it has, but for its current state? Fuggedaboutit.
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                            Originally posted by Evil Minion
                            The Exit.

                            :lol: :lol:

                            I voted for PP =Cove Bar


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                              I picked Hollywood Backlot

                              I like the Animation Building and Off the Page (I think thats the name)
                              Oh I also like the smoking section in the old queue from Superstar limo


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                                I'd say the bar and beer truck too grab a beer and get a free tortilla.
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                                  The only part of DCA that I would keep is the Condor Flats/GRR/Golden Vine area. That's the are that to me has the most complete theme and strikes a chord similar to Disneyland while still being true to California.

                                  Everything else could be torn out.


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                                    Have to agree with Huck...

                                    Huck nails it, Condor Flats and GRR are the only parts that truly feel Disney. TTBAB is pretty good, and there's a lot of untapped potential in what they set up everywhere, but they just went too cheap.

                                    Scrapping most of DCA wouldn't make anyone cry(except maybe those we'd chastise for setting up the thing in the first place).


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                                      Well I didn't vote based on which esction had the best rides only the atmosphere of that area. Using those criteria I chose the Sunshine plaza. It's the one place in the park that I can sit in and enjoy watching people and soaking up atmosphere. The other areas are either too unattractive to stay in for long or feel too much like to real world and don't have enough fantasy.
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                                        Hollywood Backlot- lots of theming, excellent attractions, and oodles of potential for more great stuff


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