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  • [Question] Best Disneyland iphone app

    This subject has probably been discussed before but looking over all of the current and latest disneyland apps for the iphone is a little confusing as to which to try out and use regularly.

    Which app(s) do you use the most and are the happiest with? Which has the best and most accurate ride wait times listed? I understand that most apps are user-driven, meaning the more visitors using the apps in the park lead to the most accurate ride times, etc. Is there an app out there updated by the park itself?

    I've read some of the reviews too but I'd rather check in with MiceChatters first!

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    Re: Best Disneyland iphone app

    I haven't bought any Disneyland apps, although I was interested in this one where the program used your GPS location to unlock things (kind of like a scavenger hunt) but the name escapes me.


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      Re: Best Disneyland iphone app

      I love me iPhone and have a ton of apps, but for some reason I just have no desire for a Disneyland iPhone app. I guess it is just because I know Disneyland so well and don't really need any help.

      A friend had one of the apps the other day. All of the wait times were wrong and some of the park info. It was frustrating.
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        Re: Best Disneyland iphone app

        There is this one app for the iphone called Wait Watchers, they have it for many different theme parks. It is a community type of app, the more people who are using it the more information it will have. You basically put in the wait time for the ride and the iphone will verify that you are at disneyland using the location services. The more people who are in the park using the app, the more accurate the wait times will be. The app also shows when the wait time for the ride was last updated. For example it will show "Peter Pan - 15min wait time, updated "x amount of hours/minutes" ago.


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          Re: Best Disneyland iphone app

          i tried the Wait Watchers (which is free) app and the GotPlanS Disneyland, also called Disney Plan (.99c) app. from my experience, as far as the user-driven wait times, the paid program seemed to have more users updating more frequently than the free one.

          plus for that 99cents, the Disney Plan app also features park hours, event times, and ride closures for any given day near the current day, as well as a blockout date calendar, a map that follows you as you walk around the park (and tells you where the nearest [insert food here] is), wait times for both DL and DCA (user driven), in-app features to help you remember where you parked or stored your items in a locker (that keeps track of your locker combination), an alert system that rings your iPhone when a user updates a ride wait time to be at your desired wait, and a nifty Chat feature where you can chat with other users of the app, which the developer frequents taking in any comments/questions/suggestions for the app.

          for a measly dollar, it's a pretty useful app.

          semi off-topic: has anyone noticed that iPhone 3G reception is REALLY bad at Disneyland, namely at the Space Mountain area? i have to turn off 3G and use EDGE () while i'm at the parks...
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            Re: Best Disneyland iphone app

            I sadly have EVERY DL iphone app. I'll give a description of each later today when I have more time, but I would day Disney PLan and DLR Times as a combo give you a lot of info you are looking for. If you are looking for just one app get Disney Plan. I'll have full reviews later.


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