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  • [Game] Perfect Disneyland Resort Plans

    Hey All,

    I have been searching through the threads and I came up with an Idea. Lets share all of our versions of a perfect Disneyland Day Plan. I am asked to for plans by friends and I always find it fun. Also, I think this will end up being a good thread to give to people who want advice to how to plan their day at disneyland.

    Some simple rules to make this organized:

    Please Name your Thread, and give a bref description of what type of person/day at the parks it is for. For example, large family with small kids. Also, describe what your experience with the parks are. Update your posts so that this will be a updating list of great plans. Also update your plans when new rides or attractions come in or are removed. Also feel free to add new plans posts. Also, lets review each other plans, and if you try one out, give a review as well.


    Plan Title:
    Single Rider Full Day at Disneyland Park

    This is a plan for a Person who is visiting the Park and is not a regular. Maybe a free Saturday on a business trip. This trip if for a person who is going to Disneyland park solo, and is able to arrive at sun up and leave at sun down. Also, this user is not planning on visiting California adventure. This person is physically able and willing to ride any ride at the parks and is willing to walk a LOT!! This is ideal for a very busy day when the park is open from 8am to Midnight

    My Experience: I have been visiting the parks at least one a month for the past year or so and have given out a variation of these plans for different friends and groups, and they all LOVED it.

    -Start Day at the gates 30 minutes before the park opens with one day ticket prepurchased
    -Head to Space mountain and get a fastpass, do not ride.
    -Ride nemo Sub ride
    - Go to Fantasy Land and ride Peter Pan
    - Do everything in Fantasy land
    - Finish Fantasy land with small world, matterhorn, then castle walkthrough.
    - Get fast pass for Roger rabbit and explore toon town for an hour.
    - Single rider line for splash mountain
    -Ride haunted mansion
    Get quick lunch and eat at saloon comedy show
    -Ride pirates
    - fast pass for Big Thunder
    - Single ride Indianna jones
    - Spend an hour or so on tom sawyer island
    - Go ride Rogger rabbit
    - go ride star tours and get fast pass for buzz light year
    - ride space mountain
    - Tiki room (Eat your quick dinner here)
    -Ride Jungle Cruise
    - Ride Big thunder
    - Ride Train around the WHOLE park get off at Main street so...
    - Watch Fireworks
    - Ride Buzz Light year
    - Ride Matterhorn
    - If time Fantasmic at 10:30
    - If time ride autopia (Grab a fast pass earlier if one was still available for you)
    - If time go on Honey I shrunk the audience
    - If time Innovention....... just skip it

    What do you all think. I have done this with some small changes for none single rider and it almost always works even on the busiest days.
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