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Fantasmic Reserved Seating


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  • Fantasmic Reserved Seating


    To introduce myself, I am a 5 year AP holder at the DLR. I love photography and love Disneyland. Its just something I cannot get enough of! I will be here in the forums as much as I can giving light to those who want whatever I can offer. I live 30 minutes from DLR so I go roughly 3 times or more a month.


    I am getting my girlfriend a delux ap, and for a special event, I want to do the priority seating for Fantasmic. However, I know nothing about it at all. I know you can get seating for it, but I dont know how much it is, and how it works...So if you would be so kind, share what you know.


    PS: You can call me Jeremy if you prefer names.
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    Re: Fantasmic Reserved Seating


    You can find many a thread about this very topic, but if searching around isn't your cup of tea here is the skinny.

    You are able to purchase tickets 30 days in advance for either the balcony seating which is very limited or the riverfront seating which has more availability. All tickets are $56 per person and include beverage and dessert. Make sure to show up about half an hour before your scheduled show time in order to grab the best desserts and settle in on good seats before the show starts.

    Call (714) 781-DINE (3463) to make your reservations. You need to call exactly 30 days before your intended date otherwise you'll probably be out of luck. I had to be a little flexible when I made reservations for my trip this past week, and that was for mid-October in the off season.

    Good luck trying to get the balcony seating, it holds roughly 8 people or so per show, so call the Disney dine line a few minutes before 8am (pacific time) and just keep dialing until you get through.

    It is a fun thing to do once or twice, and the balcony is clearly the better option if you get the chance. Best of luck and happy viewing.

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      Re: Fantasmic Reserved Seating

      oh and FYI If they still have seating available you are seated on first come first served based on reservations not when you check in at The Disney Gallery. So try and ask if you were the first to reserve for that day. Usually the first reserved seats is the front row which is about 5 or 6. When we went on May 5 2005 there was about 12 people squeezed in there. But all the seats are great you feel very VIP up there. Enjoy and good luck.
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        Re: Fantasmic Reserved Seating

        I took my girlfriend there for her bday this september and she loved it. True it was a bit crammed in there, but in either case it was a very nice experience. Especially considering it was the first time she had ever seen the show fully. the seats were 112 for the both of us, and well worth the money, i must say. Just show up a little early before the show to guarantee yourself the best seating possible.
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          Re: Fantasmic Reserved Seating

          Grump, I had just forgotten about my bad experience.....

          Call early in the morning on the 30th day out, and immediately say "2 for fantasmic viewing, late show. etc." I tried to get seating for this trip, and was told at 8:02 (after being on hold since 7:55 - they open at 8:00) that they were already sold out

          Good luck!
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            Re: Fantasmic Reserved Seating

            They had fifteen people three out of the four times I've done it, and 18 the the last time.
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              Re: Fantasmic Reserved Seating

              Yes, exactly what jurgenb52 & NemoZorro said about the 30th day. I didn't know about this when I tried to make reservations for my anniversary and called like three weeks out. I know I was imagining it, but I swear I could hear the reservation CM laughing when I asked if they had any available. She told me exactly what NemoZorro said that they fill up in the first few minutes of when they become available.
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                Re: Fantasmic Reserved Seating

                Thanks for the info guys, great help. I have seen Fantasmic many a time, but from what I gather you enjoyed it more from up there eh? Sounds like good fun! The view sounds great!
                "Disneyland is a work of love. We didn't go into Disneyland just with the idea of making money." ~ Walt Disney


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                    Re: Fantasmic Reserved Seating

                    FYI, from what I understand there is no balcony seating available until the end of this month, it's just not being offered.
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                      Re: Fantasmic Reserved Seating

                      Vacation Planning called today to let me know I have reservations for Riverside Seating on November 12! I'm so excited. We tried to see Fantasmic at WDW, but DS vomited on me as we sat in our seats. Hopefully we have better luck this time! If you have a room at one of the resort hotels Vacation Planning will do the leg work for you. I probably would have overslept or forgotten to call.


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