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Quick December Trip Advice Needed Please


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  • [Question] Quick December Trip Advice Needed Please

    I'm trying to finalize my Christmastime trip and I was hoping to get a little advice.

    For my Christmas trip, I visit every December, usually about 2 weeks before Christmas, say around the 15th, and I know what the crowds are like, etc.

    However, this year, due to the fact that my new Grad school gets out a little later than college used to, I am forced to go the week of Christmas for a much shorter trip than usual.

    My question is, would you suggest arriving Sunday afternoon, 12/20, spending the afternoon/evening and then the following Monday 12/21 in the parks, or would you suggest that I move it over one day, arrive Monday 12/21, spend the afternoon/evening and the following Tuesday 12/22 in the parks.

    I doubt it will make much of a difference, but I don't have any experience going this close to Christmas and was wondering if you think the crowds will differ much from a Sunday afternoon/evening and a Monday afternoon/evening.

    Since it is such a short trip, I want to get the most out of it as I can. Thanks for your help!

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    Re: Quick December Trip Advice Needed Please

    That close to Christmas the park is going to be busy no matter what day. But if it was me, I think I'd go for the Mon/Tues. I'm not sure what the park hours are then, Sunday might be open later but I still think the weekdays might be slightly less busy than the Sunday.

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      Re: Quick December Trip Advice Needed Please

      Yah either way kids will be out for the holiday. Good luck


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        Re: Quick December Trip Advice Needed Please

        Just go, relax, and have a blast!!
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