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Zany Zonies during Gay Days 2009


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  • Trip Report Zany Zonies during Gay Days 2009

    Five days days after returning from the Micechat Haunt 2009 event, it was time to load up the van and head back to the Happiest Place on Earth with Dr. Earkid and Goofy Golfer (Kevin). Unfortunately I had been one of the people to catch the "Dreaded Aashee's Pickle Disease" so this is where I had to sit in the back all by myself.

    Luckily Dr. Earkid continued to check on me and gave me blankies, cush-cushes and airborne.

    Hey, Hay

    Earkid and Kevin had been telling us for a long time about the best orange chicken in Palm Desert, CA so of course a stop had to be made. Part of growing older and wiser means that some of your favorite places are taken over by new management which is what happened to their favorite orange chicken place. The food was good but is was sad to have our friends disappointed to lose a favorite.

    Under new management with new recipes.

    Thanks to the Vegetable and Fruit Growers Priceline had an extremely limited choice of lodgings.

    Fortunately we did not have to stay at the Starlite.

    We arrived at the Staybridge Suites where it was decided that naps were in order. After napping we met up with a great group of MC'ers for dinner at Fire and Ice over at the Gardenwalk. I began to release the mango in me. We wanted to see the new firework show so we cut dinner short in order to make it to the park in time.

    Happiness is seeing the pumpkins

    Dr. Earkid, Goofy Golfer and Me!

    Timmy55 went to get us lattes for the fireworks and came back to find us curb hogging.

    After the fireworks we were going to hop on the train but every other person at the park seemed to have the same idea so after a 30 to 40 minute wait we decided to have Timmy get his new AP and Earkid could do some shopping :yea:. It was time to put the sick one to bed.

    Saturday morning I woke up feeling like crudola, but fortunately my sidekick Lola was more than ready to get the day going.

    Lola and half of the koolaid gang.

    Timmy always enjoys himself when Lola is around.

    3/4 of the koolaid gang

    Lola had begged to get to volunteer at the MC Booth so 3/4 of the Koolaid gang dropped her off at the Gay Days Center.

    Dr. Earkid and Dusty Sage at the booth

    A few pictures from the Welcome Center. If you missed stopping by you missed out on a lot of cool booths plus cake, candy, lip balm, movies and best of all really yummy eye candy.

    Dusty Sage was hoping someone would win Lola in the raffle and he would be done with her forever and ever.

    Don't they make a sexy pair?

    Coming up next, 3/4 of the koolaid gang visit the park.

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    Re: Zany Zonies during Gay Days 2009

    Nice trip Report. Any orange chicken left over?:P And I bet there was room on the roof of your van for me. It looks like you guys had a blast, I love all the genuine Happy Faces


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      Re: Zany Zonies during Gay Days 2009

      A new trip report?


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        Re: Zany Zonies during Gay Days 2009

        Originally posted by Joshnyah View Post
        Nice trip Report So was the orange chicken worth getting? And I bet there was room on the roof of your van for me.
        The orange chicken was OK but not as great as it had been under the former owners. I would have made room for Maria inside the van while we strapped you on the roof, and I would have even opened the moon roof occasionally to give you water.

        While Lola was having fun at the Welcome Center, Timmy55, Goofy Golfer and Dr. Earkid went into the park.

        First stop Blue Ribbon Bakery:

        Breakfast time at the park.

        Then it was time for Haunted Mansion with the makeover.

        Kuzcochik Sally

        GoofyGolfer and Dr. Earkid

        This is how I was feeling when I realized it was time to get moving for the day.

        Pretty picture of Big Thunder

        A wild bunch approaches.

        Monorail Man, Villains Fan, Olympic Nut, and Dr. Earkid

        Belle with Sir Clinksalot staying the mandatory 10 feet away from her beauty.

        Grumpy4 and Villains Fan

        Warming the bench but definitely not the Anaheim Angel's

        I made it to the park just in time for the noon meet Saturday. Some MC'ers were already present

        Skywaygirl, Mary Read and MCow1, Dusty Sage, MickeyMaxx:love:, and Captain Phoebus.

        I love these two, Mary Read and MCow1.

        Villains Fan and Dusty.

        I was beginning to smell Mango when I saw IndianaJenn.

        Belle, Grumpy4 and Dusty

        Olympicnut and Rixter looking away.

        Dr. Earkid telling my alterna-hubby all about me.

        Fishbulb looking absolutely fabulous.

        Villains Fan and Dusty talking to SirMouse at his first MC meet

        Dr. Earkid, Captain Phoebus and Indiana Jenn discussing the merits of Mango.

        I think I have to quit going to meets considering I can name almost everyone in this picture even from the back of their heads.

        From left to right, Captain Phoebus, MickeyMaxx, Indiana Jenn, Rixter, Dusty, Quiltmaker, Really funny and nice new guy, Olympicnut and MattHamand.

        Quiltmaker and Timmy55

        Sir Clinksalot, O-nut, I-mangojenn

        All kinds of hotness

        Captain Phoebus, Rixter, New funny guy, Dusty

        Me and my alterna-hubby

        MickeyMousePal, Rocker and MMP's sister (I know I got Rocker right at least)

        Somehow after having matching shirts we never ended up taking a pictures of ourselves with our super cool "Oh Yeah Kool-aid Shirts" . But I think my alterna-hubby MickeyMaxx took one and I hope he will post it.

        Some pretty flowers to put in place until I get back to posting with pictures from lunch, best Tiki Room show ever and cocktail hour.



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          Re: Zany Zonies during Gay Days 2009

          Hooray for Pratt tr! Would that I could have been there! Looks like you guys had a ton of fun Can't wait for more


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            Re: Zany Zonies during Gay Days 2009

            I love a Pratt trip report almost as much as I love a Pratt visit.


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              Re: Zany Zonies during Gay Days 2009

              Yeah for beautiful pictures of beautiful people and things!!! (But I met SirMouse this summer... only it was a really small meet that time )

              Help me get more security in Pingvinivlle! Click here!

              Originally posted by AGhostFromThePast
              all you need to know about the mommy stick is.. out of all the bad things that could happen to you... it's right between wetting yourself and death.


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                Re: Zany Zonies during Gay Days 2009

                $2.79 for one cookie?


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                  Re: Zany Zonies during Gay Days 2009

                  Thanks for sharing those photos.
                  "You are watching FOX"


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                    Re: Zany Zonies during Gay Days 2009

                    Fun group shots.
                    Home away from Home.


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                      Re: Zany Zonies during Gay Days 2009

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                        Re: Zany Zonies during Gay Days 2009

                        Looking forward to the rest....I sure do miss the Gay Days get togethers!

                        Thanks for sharing!
                        Mom, remember, it's not what a person is like on the outside that counts,
                        it's what they are like in their HEART!

                        - Wolfette


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                          Re: Zany Zonies during Gay Days 2009

                          Originally posted by Mary Read View Post
                          I love a Pratt trip report almost as much as I love a Pratt visit.
                          Thank goodness you included "almost". Don't forget we have the parent/kid swap plan to do.

                          Originally posted by penguinsoda View Post
                          Yeah for beautiful pictures of beautiful people and things!!! (But I met SirMouse this summer... only it was a really small meet that time )
                          Oops Pengy, my mistake can I use my 'get out of a mommy beating stick card"

                          Originally posted by wolfy View Post
                          Looking forward to the rest....I sure do miss the Gay Days get togethers!
                          We were looking for you Wolfy.

                          On with the report:

                          Lunch time we decided to go to Whitewater Snacks, where I was sad to find out they no longer have the french dip.

                          I was lusting over Grumpy4's food so Master Susie P separated us.

                          Sirclinks, O-nut and Villian's Fan

                          Mary Read and MCow1

                          JJ61 joined us for the fun and food

                          Dr. Earkid, her precious and her hubby

                          Quiltmaker with Timmy55 (again)

                          Me and Master Susie P.

                          After lunch we decided to ride TSMM

                          Quiltmaker with another woman's husband, while her hubby turns his back.

                          My box buddy and I

                          These 3 are dangerously funny, especially around chip and dip hats.

                          O-nut, Grumpy4 and Master Susie P.

                          Be one of us, the Kool-aid Club in action

                          Anders and I in a picture with our eyes open

                          Time to go to see Zombieland (look what you did to me Fishy) so I'll have more up later.


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                            Re: Zany Zonies during Gay Days 2009

                            I love our Pratt55 trip reports :love:. Sorry I missed Lola, but very glad I got to spend time with her alter-ego! I love our Kool-aid gang :love:.


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                              Re: Zany Zonies during Gay Days 2009

                              YAY the gay days trip reports are filtering in! It was great meeting you Pratt55, but I do wish I spent more time with you.
                              Oh and let's just say this was my official MC meet.


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                                Re: Zany Zonies during Gay Days 2009

                                What a great report!!

                                Sorry about my contagious pickle.


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                                  Re: Zany Zonies during Gay Days 2009

                                  Great report, as always!
                                  It's a Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah...Tip for Today!


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                                    Re: Zany Zonies during Gay Days 2009

                                    Lola scares me! I want my mommy! haha!


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                                      Re: Zany Zonies during Gay Days 2009

                                      Originally posted by aashee View Post
                                      Sorry about my contagious pickle.
                                      I forgive you, but only because of the yummy funnel cake.

                                      Back to pictures, after a ride on TSMM we decided to take in some AC in the lobby of the GC and just relax a bit while some of our group went to the Hearthstone to relax a lot. After a while some of the group went off to ride Soarin. While some of us decided we wanted a little bit more fun so we headed to the Tiki Room to catch Momma's choreographed sing a long show.

                                      We showed up just as they had let the first group in and waited while the wonderful Fishbulb got the mandatory Dole Whips.

                                      Let the eating begin

                                      The lovely Paige, Anders and Sunnygirl

                                      A sea of red

                                      I had to pay for my dole whip one way or another

                                      So what CM did we get for the best Tiki Room experience ever?

                                      Maynard :bow:

                                      Front row seats not too shabby

                                      More MC front row seaters

                                      3/4 of the Kool-Aid Gang

                                      This person is responsible for causing me to have the best experience ever in the Tiki Room. It will never be the same. Thank you so much you ROCK!

                                      After the show it was time for Cocktail hour. I was once again not quite feeling myself so I went off to rest.

                                      I love these three men.

                                      Matt Hamand, Sir Clinksalot and MickeyMaxx:love:

                                      The MC crowd table got bigger and bigger

                                      Then a cougar appeared being escorted by her cubs.

                                      Monorail Man, Lola and Captain Phoebus

                                      Lola loves MC

                                      I love how her cubs always have her back

                                      Smiling Lola

                                      Lola sent her cubs off to play but reminded them that she always has an eye on them.

                                      5 of these people are Zonies, can you spot the one who is not?

                                      IndianaJenn, Sir Clinks, SkywayGirl and DoomBGI

                                      Sir Clinks, Lola and Rixter

                                      Lola had these men under her spell in a minute.

                                      Mary Read showing off her camera skills

                                      Get your fire extenguisher out now, this picture is generating all kinds of heat.

                                      Dusty and Lola

                                      Timmy55 decided to propose to Lola on the spot!

                                      Lola accepted.

                                      Fishbulb wanted just a pinch of Lola

                                      Jeremy and Lola

                                      Timmy55 and Jeremy discussing who loves Lola more.

                                      JJ61 fell head over heals in lust with Lola.

                                      Micechat table shot

                                      Dusty and Fishy

                                      Monorail Man, MCow1, Dusty, an unyet met friend, Mary Read

                                      When the Doctor speaks we listen! Dr. Earkid said it was time to put Lola away somewhere, not to be heard from again for a long, long, long time.

                                      Coming up soon, Sunday, Sunday, Sunday.


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                                        Re: Zany Zonies during Gay Days 2009

                                        Woke up feeling fine Sunday morning.

                                        First stop Pumpkin Pictures

                                        What a bunch of .... Friends

                                        Dr. Earkid and Goofy Golfer

                                        Minnie was all dressed up for Halloween

                                        After a quick pit stop to pick up FP for SM Ghost Galaxy and a quick ride on Buzz where I got my best score ever by shooting at Goofy Golfer the entire ride, we decided to get our hearts pounding on the Matterhorn.

                                        Dr. Earkid and Goofy Golfer in the back

                                        After doing all of Fantasyland, running into Aashee and his favorite daughter, we decided breakfast at River Belle sounded about right. I still hate how you order then pay and if you have slow people in front of you your food gets cold.

                                        We then got a call from Luv's Lilo and Hollywood1939 so we decided to meet at Haunted Mansion.

                                        Sophie and Hailey were so excited to see me again:lol:

                                        Waiting for the elevator

                                        Sophie got excited when she found out she was going to ride in the doom buggy with Timmy and me.

                                        Best Haunted Mansion ride ever, Sophie was holding on to the seat bars and laughing and giggling through the whole thing.

                                        This is us getting out of our doom buggy

                                        Poor Hailey had to ride with mom and dad. But she loved it too, so it must be in their DNA.

                                        We attended the meet but do not have a lot of pictures to share sorry . Dr. Earkid wanted to do some shopping so Timmy and I headed to the newly opened gallery, but one more pumpkin picture.

                                        Luckily the Hamand's spotted us just as we were taking the picture so we made them jump in with us. Although I kept Quiltmaker away from my hubby this time.

                                        Some pictures from the gallery

                                        Timmy has a thing for red heads.

                                        Walt walking the castle

                                        Back side of Walt walking the castle

                                        For Skywaygrl

                                        The Vault

                                        Hmm should we lock them in the vault? nah they are keepers

                                        It was time to return back to Phoenix, sadly we do not have a flying car yet.

                                        Until next time I leave you with.


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