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  • [Idea] Stroller Parking

    Is anyone else here annoyed by the amount of strollers in some lands, especially fantasyland? I was at Disneyland last week, and Fantasyland was jammed pack with strollers. I know that Disneyland can't just ban strollers... or the electric scooters which bug me more... but I think that Disneyland can find a more appealing way for people to park the strollers. I think there should be certain themed stroller parking areas around the land. For example, instead of just parking strollers right in front of all the Dark Ride Facades, they could instead put them in the overflow lines, depending on the length of the line. I know that for Peter Pan the outdoor line, squished between the small garden on the side of the path and the facade is always full, but there is room in snow white (you know, between the facade, by the little flower garden...) & Pinnocio as well. For the Carousel, usually it is surrounded by a ring of strollers, ruining the harmony, but instead, strollers could be parked in the que area under the tent, to the left. The que usually only stays on the right of the control booth where you enter. For the rest of the strollers, I think they could of parking areas for single lands, for fantasyland, it could be by the area with a bunch of layers of trees between the matterhorn station and the edylwise snacks, or in the smoking area. This way, the strollers wouldn't interfere with the flow of the lands and open up the walkways. In the future, I think Disney should think out where they could put stroller parking, and theme it even to the ride without obstructing the theming.

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    Re: Stroller Parking

    I did notice alot of stroller congestion in front of Space Mountain. Also in front of Astro Blasters. Man I wish I was playing astro Blasters right now.


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      Re: Stroller Parking

      IMO, putting strollers in extended queues is not a good idea. Lines tend to increase and decrease throughout the day. So if an attraction needs that space back, then someone is going to have to move them elsewhere. Then guests will complain someone stole their stuff...

      DCA's ITTBAB's Fastpass shelter was transitioned into a Stroller Parking. But according to MICEAGE, that may be reused for Show Pass.

      At least in Tomorrowland:

      Between Star Tours and Star Trader, strollers tend to be moved there instead of directly infront of the Star Tours entrance. With the exception of ropes being set-up for extended queue on extremely busy days.

      At the entrance of FNSV and Monorail, there is stroller parking but tends to get backed up on extremely busy days and creates a pinch point in the walkway.

      I would option HISTA's extended queue for limited stroller parking area. Take the chains and stanchions out.

      The walkway by the off-road section for Autopia is usually pretty clear and out of the way.

      And for goodness sake, have common sense and don't leave valuables in the strollers or ECVs when you're not looking after it.

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