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Costume questions regarding the halloween trick or treat party


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  • [Question] Costume questions regarding the halloween trick or treat party

    I'm new to this site, and the main reason I just joyed is because well one, i used to be a cast member part of disneys photopass, but two I have an important question for anyone that can answer it:

    I'm going to Mickey's Trick or Treat Party on Wed, and I wanna know if I can wear my costume. I don't think its too offensive, but i'm not sure.

    My outfit is basically a cowboy outfit, consisting of boots, jeans, vest, flannel button up, hankercheif around the neck, and a bowler hat.

    But the mask I have is a custom made white rat face mask, eyes completely visible. The front teeth show, and theres a TINY bit of blood coming from the mouth. And I also have a cane.

    Any tips please!!! Thank you

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    Re: Costume questions regarding the halloween trick or treat party

    They may or may not let you in with the mask. It depends if the CM's decide that it is too scary for the little ones. I have seen full masks in the park during the party. In fact I know someone who wears their TIE pilot outfit every year (and I may be wearing mine as well this year), and have seen numerous Stormtroopers during the party as well. So, I would say bring it and see what the CM's say. (It sounds like a neat mask, especially being custom made...any pics?)

    EDIT: Quick question... is it a pull-on mask or an appliance? I don't think they allow appliances as your supposed to be able to remove the piece.
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      Re: Costume questions regarding the halloween trick or treat party

      Thanks so much for the tips AlohaStitch!

      Unfortunately, I had a bust made of my face and thats how they created the mask, so I won't have any pictures until it comes in the mail tomorrow.

      I was thinking about hiding it somewhere on my body, since they don't frisk you at Disneyland. But I've seen Freddy Crougar masks and I don't think mine is nearly as bad.

      Ill say I'm from Ratatouille. Haha.

      My mask is a face mask with a latex strap that I tie around the back of my head, so it comes off easily.
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        Re: Costume questions regarding the halloween trick or treat party

        This is actually the ONLY time Disney lets adults into the park with costumes. If you wear a mask, you must have total visability or they could ask you to remove it for safety reasons.
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