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Thank You Mr. Tony Baxter


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  • Trip Report Thank You Mr. Tony Baxter

    Although I havent been on these boards for too long I have gathered information that people inside WDI do frequent these forums from time to time to either read up on what the public is thinking or to possibly secretly get feedback. As such its been said that Tony Baxter on occassion checks these forums from time to time and if he just so happens to check up on these boards and see's this thread then hopefully he will stop and check it out.

    I was at DL on Sunday and I had a particular moment while waiting in line for BTM that made me have the utmost joy of being there to hear this and I totally wish that Tony was there to hear it aswell.

    As we were waiting in line, we were at the part of the line where you walk under the huge boulder that's supported by the beams. When from behind me I hear a man say "Look at how they had to support the rock with the beams and how they they have to add shims to make it stay put." "It must've taken alot of calculation to figure out what could support that rock." The man was in about his mid to late thirties talking to his wife about said rock we were walking under. I couldn't help but have a smile on my face upon hearing this because clearly the man was from out of town and hasn't been to the park as often; but also what got to me was the fact that I know that its not a real rock; but purely plaster and wire mesh, yet right behind me was a man who in his mind thought that, that rock we were walking right under that looked like the beams could barely support it was real. And that's why I wanted to give Tony Baxter Kudos for work on said ride and overall for being one of the very few working in the company that actually GETS the park just like Walt did when he was alive.

    You made a older man believe that a man-made rock was actually made by mother nature and moved to the park by man Tony. And I applaud you for that because that is after all the effect you and your co-workers were going for and strive for working as an Imagineer. I have not had the opportunity or luck to see you about the park; but hopefully someday that will change and I will have a chance to meet a great Imagineer!
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    Re: Thank You Mr. Tony Baxter

    Haha very nice. This reminds me of the comment one lady made about how Walt Disney was able to build a theme park around a snow capped mountain and how amazing that was.

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      Re: Thank You Mr. Tony Baxter

      One more reason to add him to my list of favorite imagineers!
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        Re: Thank You Mr. Tony Baxter

        I agree! Thank you Tony!

        We all love what you do!


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          Re: Thank You Mr. Tony Baxter

          ^Seconded! Now that Hench died and Sklar retired we need Tony more than ever. Old school Imagineers FTW!


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